Research Assistant Awards

Summer research assistants, left to right: Diana Rios, Hannah Stetson, Krystal Mendez

Congratulations to research assistants Diana Rios, Hannah Stetson, and Krystal Mendez for receiving awards to work with the QLAB this summer!

Diana was chosen for the Summer Scholars program through the Undergraduate Research Program. The Summer Scholars program supports students, particularly sophomores and juniors, conducting research at the University of Delaware.

Hannah was selected for the INBRE award. INBRE, or the Delaware Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence, supports academic and healthcare research in Delaware.

Krystal received her second INBRE award in a row and will be returning this summer as a full-time research assistant.

These three students have made excellent contributions to the QLAB and we look forward to working with them throughout the summer!