An amazing team amid quarantine (May 2020)


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Curriculum vitae

Zhenghan Qi

Dr. Qi’s research goal is to understand the neurobiological organization of language in the human brain, how that organization changes from childhood through adulthood, how it is disrupted in major neurodevelopmental language disorders, and how knowledge of that organization may enhance language learning and language intervention. She uses behavioral and neuroimaging techniques to study the relationship between language learning, cognitive skills, and brain development in both children and adults.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

juschnei at udel dot edu

Curriculum vitae

Julie Schneider

Dr. Schneider holds a PhD in Psychological Sciences from the University of Texas at Dallas focusing on how children learn and use language, two essential abilities for social and academic success in children of all ages. She takes a comprehensive approach to research by investigating how both biological and environmental factors influence language development. She was awarded an NSF Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship and is currently combining measures of parent-child conversations, implicit language learning, and MRI in an effort to identify protective factors against the well-established vocabulary gap during the school years.

jlegault at udel dot edu

Curriculum vitae

Jennifer Legault

Dr. Legault received her PhD in Neuroscience from Pennsylvania State University, where she focused on brain structure changes in response to second language experience, specifically learning context. She takes a multimodal neuroimaging approach to examine relationships between brain and behavior, focusing on the relationships between linguistic and non-linguistic learning and brain changes for individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as typically developing populations.

Graduate Students

anqihu at udel dot edu

Anqi Hu

Anqi graduated from University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in May 2018 with a BA degree in Linguistics. She is interested in child language acquisition, atypical language development, and second language acquisition. She is especially interested in using neuroimaging and other techniques to understand typical and atypical language acquisition.

ylweng at udel dot edu

Yi-Lun Weng

Yi-Lun is a PhD student in Linguistics and Cognitive Science. She holds an MA in Linguistics and worked as a research assistant at National Taiwan University. She uses EEG/ERP, eye tracking, and fMRI techniques to investigate the neural mechanisms of language acquisition and language processing. She is especially interested in mechanisms of predictions in language comprehension.

dsaratsl at udel dot edu

Dionysia Saratsli

Dionysia is a PhD student in the Linguistics and Cognitive Science department at University of Delaware. She is interested in exploring the pragmatic factors involved in language using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. She also has a special interest in the neural characteristics of developmental language disorders. She is currently exploring the role of perspective taking in word learning.

sbartell at udel dot edu

Stefan Bartell

Stefan Bartell is a PhD student in Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Delaware. His main research interests are in theoretical and experimental semantics. He is also interested in the linguistic manifestations of disorders including autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.

qingxu at udel dot edu

Qing Xu

Qing is a MA student in the Department of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. She’s interested in a diverse array of topics in exploring the workings of the brain and mind in language development and processing by using experimental techniques and modeling strategies, including sentence processing, the representation and organization of conceptual components of meaning, the relation between language and other cognitive and biological processes, bilingualism and second language acquisition.


probbins at udel dot edu

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Parker Robbins — Lab Manager 

Parker graduated from Northeastern University in 2019 with a BS in Linguistics and a minor in French. His interests include native language acquisition, bilingualism, and language attrition (when language is forgotten), as well as sentence processing and word learning. 

Research Assistants

dzrios at udel dot edu

Diana Rios 

Diana is a junior at the University of Delaware. She is currently pursuing a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Medical Diagnostics. Her interests within neuroscience include the relationship between brain structure and function, such as with language development, and neurological and psychiatric disorders. Diana hopes to attend medical school after graduation and subsequently pursue a career in neurology. Diana is a 2019 University of Delaware Summer Scholar.

adejohn at udel dot edu

Abby DeJohn 

Abby, Class of 2021, is currently completing a BS in Neuroscience and a minor in Disability Studies while pursuing a pre-med track. Always curious about how others think, her research interests include cognition, language development, neurological disorders, and speech rehabilitation.

klmendez at udel dot edu

Krystal Mendez

Krystal, Class of 2020, is currently completing a BS in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology and a minor in Spanish for Healthcare. She hopes to pursue an MA in Speech-Language Pathology. Her interests include language acquisition and development, specifically involving individuals with autism spectrum disorder, language disorders, and bilingualism. Krystal is a 2018 and 2019 INBRE scholar.

bnbautis at udel dot edu

Nicolo Bautista 

Nicolo, Class of 2020, is completing majors in Honors Biological Sciences B.A., Honors Philosophy B.A., and Honors Neuroscience B.S., with a minor in Biochemistry. He is following the pre-medical track and is currently applying to medical school, hoping to obtain a M.D. in Neurology or Neurosurgery in conjunction with an M.B.A. He has an interest in neurological development, especially in regards to autism.

hstetson at udel dot edu

Hannah Stetson

Hannah, Class of 2020, is currently completing a BS in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology and minors in Neuroscience, Disabilities Studies, and Women Studies. She hopes to pursue an MA in Speech and Language Pathology. Her research interests include language disorders and their effect on language learning, language development, and brain structure and organization. Hannah is a 2019 INBRE scholar.

erosin at udel dot edu

Ellie Rosin

Ellie, Class of 2022, is currently pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. After graduating, she is considering a career in bioelectronics or nanotechnology doing research and development. Her interests in machine learning and neuroimaging are what drew her to QLAB. 

cjrobins at udel dot edu

Christopher Robinson

Christopher, class of 2023, is currently pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering. He intends to apply his developing skill set in the fields of neuroscience and genetics, specifically, researching and treating psychiatric disorders and cell/tissue engineering. His interests in neuroscience and language learning, as he intends to become fluent in multiple languages, are what drew him to QLAB.

karidoux at udel dot edu

Katherine Ridoux

Katherine, class of 2022, is currently pursuing a BS in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology and a minor in Disability Studies. After graduating, she intends to pursue a PhD in Speech and Language Pathology. Her research interests include Cognition, language acquisition, and speech rehabilitation.

elamey at udel dot edu

Elyse Lamey

Elyse, Class of 2022, is pursuing a BS in Biological Sciences with a Medical Diagnostics minor. Elyse is following a pre-medical track at the University of Delaware and is applying to be a part of the Medical Scholars Program at the end of her sophomore year. She is interested in research and neurological development and is excited to be a part of the QLAB family!

asarikon at udel dot edu

Advith Sarikonda

Advith, Class of 2022, is pursuing a BS in Honors Neuroscience and a BA in Honors English. Advith is following a pre-medical track at the University of Delaware. He is interested in the intersection of science and the arts, particularly as it pertains to the representation of mental health and behavior in popular culture. 

Scheduling Assistant

lheisler at udel dot edu


Leah Heisler

Leah, Class of 2021, is pursuing a BS in Cognitive Science with a specialization in Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology and a BA in Spanish Studies. She is also minoring in Disability Studies. Leah hopes to continue her studies in a graduate program for Speech-Language Pathology that has a bilingual emphasis. Her interests include language acquisition and the effect multiple languages has on cognition, especially for children with language disorders.


kristawe at udel dot edu


Krista Webster

Krista is a Visual Communications major in the Class of 2020. Although she works in a variety of art contexts, she mostly specializes in illustration and graphic design. In her free time, she also enjoys writing, running, and photography. Krista has contributed illustrations for our website and studies!


duyan at udel dot edu


An Nguyen — Former Lab Manager

A founding member of the QLAB, An is now pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University, continuing her enthusiasm for language acquisition. She holds BS degrees in Psychology and Cognitive Science from Truman State University, Missouri.

 vkozloff at udel dot edu

Violet Kozloff — Former Lab Manager 

Violet was the QLAB coordinator from 2017 to 2018 and lab manager from 2018 to 2019. She holds a BA in Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences and French from Wellesley College. Violet now works at the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Chicago.

aluu at udel dot edu

Andrew Luu — Former Research Assistant

Andrew graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in May 2019 with an Honors BA degree in Psychology. He is interested in examining the neural mechanisms behind cognition, memory, and foreign language processing to improve learning outcomes. He is a University of Delaware 2019 Undergraduate Research Scholar. In Fall 2019, Andrew will start his Ph.D. program in Cognitive and Behavioral Sciences at Auburn University where he will be using behavioral and brain imaging techniques to further his research interests.

sbasils at udel dot edu

Sharon Basil — Former Research Assistant

Sharon, Class of 2020, is pursuing a BS in Biomedical Engineering. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in industry, specifically in the medical imaging and devices field. Her interests include learning how children develop through neuroimaging, as well as data processing with imaging software.

mstoupa at udel dot edu

Madison Stoupa — Former Research Assistant

Madison, class of 2020, is currently pursuing a BA in Linguistics and an Honors BA in Three Foreign Languages (Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese). She is thrilled to have the opportunity to not only learn how to speak languages, but also to study how human languages work from a scientific standpoint. Her interests include phonetics and phonology, sociolinguistics, and language acquisition.