For Parents

We invite families from the northern Delaware area to participate in our studies. At the QLAB, children do word games, and puzzles while learning about how their brains work. Join us in exploring how children talk and read!

What Do Children Do?

Children participate in three sessions, which are spread across two or three visits. During the behavioral session,  children play word games and do puzzles on pen and paper (no imaging). Children with autism also complete a play-based autism assessment. In the EEG session, children watch movies and play games while wearing the EEG cap.

During the MRI session, children listen to audiobooks, watch movies, and play games. At the end of the study, they can see pictures of their brains and even take them home!

Is MRI Scary?

MRI is a new experience for many children, so we help them become familiar with the MRI before the study. Children and families can practice at home or in our lab to feel comfortable, relaxed, and prepared for their MRI day. A “scan buddy” keeps children company during their activities.

This video by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shows children what getting an MRI is like. Hear what it sounds like to get a MRI here.

We are happy to answer any questions about the MRI experience at or (302) 831-3851

How Do I Use Zoom?

Zoom is a free video conferencing platform that the QLab uses to conduct web-based studies. This familiarization video is designed to help you learn more about Zoom. Click here to download the video.

What is MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a safe way to look at brain structure and function using a magnet. Children lie on the bed of an MRI scanner while watching movies, listening to stories, and playing games.


What Do Parents Say?

“Dr. Qi’s team made our boys and us feel very comfortable… definitely kid friendly. They were all very accommodating and understanding. My boys were so curious learning about their brain! And were so amazed looking at videos/images of their brain! Thank you for this unique experience.

See Scientists in Action!

What is EEG?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a brain imaging tool that measures electrical activity at the millisecond resolution. It fits like a swim cap, using electrodes to record brain activity. We apply a gentle saline gel underneath the electrodes. While wearing the EEG cap, children watch movies and listen to sounds.

How Can My Child Join?

Our study can be scheduled over email or phone. Families are compensated for their time and learn about results.

Want to join? Questions? Contact us at or fill out the contact form