Fall 2020 Lab Presentation Schedule

QLAB meets at 10:30 am EST on Fridays during the fall semester. We will be hosting a series of talks from lab members and collaborators.


  Presenter Topic Organization
9/11/2020 Stefan Bartell Dissertation Presentation Practice – Anaphora (Experimental and Cross-Linguistic Studies) UDel – Syntax/Semantics
9/18/2020 Amanda O’Brien Phonological Working Memory in children with ASD MIT – Gablab
9/25/2020 Grace Mcilvain MRE in Children UDel – Johnson Lab
10/2/2020 Brady Robinson Structural and Functional Neural Characterization of Auditory Statistical Learning in Adults UDel – QLAB
10/9/2020 Jojo Hu Statistical Learning in ASD UDel – QLAB
10/16/2020 Julie Schneider Reading as a protective factor (AMPL Conference Practice Talk) UDel – QLAB
10/23/2020 SNL conference
10/30/2020 Pumpki Lei Su Language Learning in Children with ASD CSCD
11/6/2020 BUCLD conference
11/13/2020 Victoria Verdun Language and Autism TBA Emory U. – Marcus Autism Center
11/20/2020 Jennifer Legault sMRI analyses in adult SL learners UDel – QLAB
12/4/2020 Carlos Mendoza Cardenas Decoding Analysis in PLAY UDel – Brockmeier Lab
12/11/2020 Hassan Baker fMRI Analysis in BLAST UDel – Brockmeier Lab