Author: vkozloff

How Does the English-Speaking Brain Learn Sounds in Mandarin?

Dr. Qi’s research was highlighted on the University of Delaware’s UDaily website! This work focuses on how the brain’s hemispheres act when English-speakers learn Mandarin. While the left-hemisphere has long been believed to serve a primary role in language acquisition, Dr. Qi found that the right hemisphere is also quite important, especially at the beginning of learning. The right hemisphere…

Anqi’s Graduate Student Travel Grant

Congratulations to Anqi Hu, who received a College of Arts and Sciences Competitive Graduate Student Travel Grant! This summer, she will join Chunming Lu, an expert in neural synchronization and communication, at State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University. There, Anqi will learn analytical skills for her work on neural synchronization with the QLAB. We…

Neuroscience Symposium

Our graduate student Yi-Lun Weng presented a poster on neural responses to global and local probabilities in statistical learning at the University of Delaware Neuroscience Symposium. This was a day-long symposium dedicated to neuroscience and brain sciences research across campus, focusing on brain and behavior through theoretical and experimental approaches. Great job, Yi-Lun!

Happy Holidays!

Lab members, left to right: (Back row) Nicolo Bautista, Anqi Hu, Diana Rios, Abigail DeJohn, Dr. Julie Schneider (Front row) Dr. Zhenghan Qi, Hannah Stetson, Dionysia Saratsli, Violet Kozloff Happy holidays from the QLAB! We are so grateful to the many children and families who joined us in 2018. Here’s to a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year!