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Spring 2021 Lab Presentation Schedule

3/3/2021 Jojo Hu Statistical Learning and Language Development in Children with ASD QLab PhD Student 3/10/2021 Katherine Trice Word Learning and Theory of Mind Qlab PhD Student 3/17/2021 Brady Robinson fMRI: Statistical Learning Neural Activation in the Language and Phonological Working Memory Networks QLab PhD Student 3/24/2021 Dr. Ashley B. de Marchena Psycholinguistics and Autism Spectrum Disorder Assistant Professor at…

Protocol Release

We are proudly releasing the local versions of our visual and auditory statistical learning tasks for school-aged children written in JsPsych. Stay tuned for our remote version: provided on Find our published protocol on JoVE.

Recent Conference Presentations – Fall 2020

QLab PhD students Yi-Lun Weng and Dionysia Saratsli recently presented their work at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL) conference and the Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD). Learn more about their projects below. Yi-Lun Weng SNL conference poster presentation Poster – Neural Representation of Syntactic Prediction – SNL BUCLD conference presentation   Poster slides – Neural…