Orthopedic Residency Curriculum

Example Weekly Calendar:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Orthopedic Surgeon Surgery Observation
7:30-12pmUDPT Clinic Treatment Time
1-7pm: (Clinical Instructor 5-7pm)

Spine Management Course in DPT Curriculum 9-12pm

Meet with Mentor 2pm

Onsite PT Spine Clinic 3-7:30

Onsite PT Spine Clinic 7-10am

Meet Ortho Residency Director/Chart Reviews 10:30am

UDPT Clinic Treatment Time
1-7pm: (Clinical Instructor 5-7pm)

Spine Management Course in DPT Curriculum 9-12pm

Onsite PT Spine Clinic 1-6pm

Orthopedic Surgeon Office Observation
8-12pmUDPT Clinic Treatment Time
1-7pm: (Clinical Instructor 5-7pm)
The residency includes mentored clinical practice in orthopedic physical therapy. Residents will be exposed to various practice models through a combination of internal and external clinical experiences. There are structured learning opportunities with physicians in office visits and surgical observations in the following areas: shoulder, knee, foot and ankle, wrist and hand, spine, and TMJ. The resident may also have responsibility for supervision of DPT students (2:1 CI model) in the UD PT Clinic and participate in journal club, case rounds, specialty clinic, and a resident’s case study publication. Teaching opportunities in the DPT program include assisting with Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Treatment, Spine, as well as presenting a case during Grand Rounds. Other opportunities exist, e.g. participation in scholarly activities, presentations, publications, etc.

University of Delaware Orthopedic Residency Program
Description of Units

The residency is organized around units related to body parts and other orthopedic content areas. The learning objectives are related to knowledge areas, practice dimensions and procedures. The learning objectives are universal to the entire 13.5 month program while the content area “units” provide the framework to break down the vast areas of expertise into individual focus areas. Units include mentored evaluation and treatment in the physical therapy clinic, didactic curriculum, and physician office and surgical shadowing.

Didactic curriculum modules include:

  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Spine
  • Elbow
  • Foot and Ankle
  • Wrist and Hand
  • TMJ
  • TOS
  • Concussion
  • Research
  • Imaging
  • Limb Amputations, Prosthetics, Orthotics
  • Pharmacology

Annual Activity- Not “Unit” Related

  1. General Orthopedic Physical Therapy at UD PT Clinic with Certified Specialist PTs in Orthopedics and Sports
  2. Scholarly Activity
    • Peer Reviewed Publications
    • National Presentations
    • Physical Therapy Practice Guideline Development
  3. Case Rounds and Sports and Orthopedic Journal Club
  4. Orthopedic Class Teaching Assistant
  5. Spine Class Teaching Assistant
  6. Clinical Instructor for DPT students
  7. Ergonomic workplace evaluations