Physical Therapy Practicum (PHYT400)

The University of Delaware Physical Therapy Department has started new practicum conducted every semester (PHYT400).

This course is targeting highly motivated and driven University of Delaware undergraduates with an interest in the field of physical therapy.

The course involves working in our Neurologic & Older Adult and Sport & Orthopedic Clinics located at STAR campus. We are currently offering 1-2 credits per semester, requiring 52 hours per semester for 1 credit and 104 hours per semester for 2 credits.

Students will be expected to keep a journal of their experiences and complete projects to help with their understanding of the profession. A work schedule will be available for student sign up 2-4 weeks before the start of each semester on a first come, first serve basis. If available times are in conflict with other aspects of your academic schedule, you will be asked to provide verification with a printed course schedule for consideration of alternate times.

Register for the course through the registration process as you would any other University of Delaware undergraduate course. (Drop/add is only after the semester starts)

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