I just wanted to extend a very warm thank you for all of your help this summer in getting my knee back to health! I was definitely feeling a bit discouraged and frustrated when I first came to the office with how long the rehab had been to that point. You – along with Rachel and all the other PTs and PT students who worked with me – really helped me get back on track and were super helpful the entire time. 
Aside from just getting my knee back in shape, I honestly enjoyed coming in for therapy and getting to know you, Rachel, and the rest of the team! I’m very thankful that I was pointed in the direction of the UD PT clinic and the awesome people there. 
I’m definitely feeling much better about things now and am really happy with the progress that we made this summer. If you could, please share this message with Rachel too, cause she put in a lot of time and energy into helping me get back to health too. Thanks again for all your help!!

There was practically no pain, certainly less when walking, I was amazed then I was grateful. The work you did on/for me seems to have had a permanent change in the range of motion (and I will be doing more of the exercises to make sure it stays permanent).  I really do not know how to express my gratitude for the work you have done, but I thought you should know about how your effort has affected me and allows me to do more than I thought possible.

I wanted to thank you for setting me up for TMD physical therapy with Michael Ekrich and his students.  In particular, “Wes” was very good.  Wes is courteous, professional, considerate, and well informed.
I am now done with my physical therapy and I am amazed at the results!  It is rare for me to say my level of pain was a “10”, but it was that just before I came to the UD Clinic.  My pain is almost nil and I am eating more solid foods once again.  The home exercise plan I was given is helping greatly.  Thanks for providing the best care.

Thank you for your informative guidance this evening regarding physical therapy options for my current neck condition.  The UD physical therapist who provided knowledgeable therapy in treating my neck pain during May of 2017 was Mike Palmer.
Mike’s treatment plan was well organized and customized in response to my progress and pain tolerance.  His credible communication style was transparent, clear, positive and supportive.
Professionalism was always demonstrated during our therapy sessions.
In today’s challenging health care environment of cost containment, measured quality outcomes, and decreasing provider reimbursement, the UD Physical Therapy Clinic somehow manages to  provide a patient centered, high quality level of outpatient rehabilitation.
Congratulations and thank you!

I want to thank you again for all you have done for me in the PT clinic.  I know we have made measurable progress!  You obviously have the technical skills to be successful.  Even more important, however, is your treatment style.  Your ability to provide the perfect balance of motivation and compassion will ensure your success.   Rather than going through the motions of treatment, you took the time to form a relationship.  Your investment in my progress increased my motivation.  I wish you all the best with your studies and in your career.  If you find yourself in need of a reference, I would be happy to help.

“I wanted to let you know what an excellent physical therapist Jeff Miller is. I came to UD PT after having spinal fusion surgery and was initially timid of doing any type of exercise that would damage the healing of my spinal fusion (which I was told takes 3 months to heal).

Jeff was wonderful to work with. He listened to what my concerns were, he encouraged and showed me the proper exercises that I could start doing after surgery. He always had a knowledgeable answer to my questions about what muscle groups were being used and how this would help me to improve my strength and flexibility. He seems to be a walking text book of knowledge.

Jeff was always prepared and had a plan of exercises for me to complete during my sessions with him. I was busy the entire session and never waited around for direction for my next exercise.

He is a quiet and dependable leader that multi-tasks amazingly well. He was sometimes given multiple patients and students to work with at the same time and he was able to manage working with them all very well. I always felt that he had a plan for each person that he worked with and packed quality into each interaction he had with them whether they be a patient or a student.He was always professional and friendly in his demeanor and I believe represents your organization very well.

I wanted to let you know that I found him to be an excellent physical therapist and an exemplary employee of UD PT. I greatly appreciate the help that Jeff and UD PT has given to me post surgery. Thank you all very much for such a great PT experience!! :)”

“I wanted to take an opportunity to share a note about my recent experience at UD’s PT Clinic on the STAR Campus.  When I first came to physical therapy at UD’s Star Campus, after being thrown from a horse, I was in poor shape.  There is nothing like an injury to show us just how much we take for granted.  Walking, sitting, getting in and out of a car; so many everyday things were suddenly difficult and painful.  I reminded myself every day how lucky I was that no bones were broken, yet I was somewhat surprised at the extent of my pain and discomfort.

Just like a horse and rider are a team so are a physical therapist and their patient. I sincerely appreciate the communication and the cooperation of my therapist, Jeff Miller.  My  most noticeable difficulty was simply walking. I had adopted a stance with my feet too far apart.  I leaned slightly forward, barely lifting my legs and taking only small steps. Jeff would ask how I was doing, paying close attention to my response.  Pushing a door open hurt my back.  I couldn’t lift my leg into the car, I was afraid to carry the groceries.  I could see immediately that Jeff was already coming up with a new set of exercises to offset my weaknesses.  Each week he listened and each week he introduced different, more challenging exercises. Of course, I had to do my part; exercising at home.

At first, the exercises seemed so simple. I thought, I can do that. But I was wrong, very wrong. I didn’t understand why I no longer had any muscle strength, It was another reality check; another opportunity to count my blessings. I can stand. I can walk. And I can get better. I eventually learned that when Jeff demonstrated a simple exercise, it most definitely would not be as east as it looked. I had to focus. And I would often be corrected and reminded; pull my stomach tight, don’t turn my hips, concentrate on getting my feet closer together. I soon noticed that some of the exercises were getting easier to do, and with less pain. Progress. It didn’t take quite so long long to walk in to the clinic from the parking lot. And instead of feeling sore after exercising, I actually felt better. I had less pain after I exercised. I could do more of the everyday things, without even thinking about it. Soon after Jeff added the leg press machine, I had improved to the point that I would only need PT once a week. So I supplemented my PT appointments with a couple of visits to the employee fitness center. I wanted to continue to gain strength, using the leg press and a few of the other machines available.

Now, after only three weeks since I first made the long, painful walk from the parking lot to the building at the STAR Campus, I have progressed to just exercising on my own. My PT appointments have ended. But  my gratitude and appreciation for the STAR Campus PT remains. I am especially thankful for the expertise and professionalism of therapist, Jeff Miller.”

“Thank you!!  It helps me to see these measurements.  I have been able to play basketball 3 times and volleyball twice since my last PT and it went well.  I am able to walk about an hour every day with no real pain, thanks to you.  I will note that unfortunately PT did not help my jump shot at all :)”

“I wanted to follow up with you from my Dr. Axe visit last week.  He said everything looks good to go and I can return to normal sports activity.  I am cleared and good for discharge from U of D.  Thank you so much for your hard work and please pass the message along to your colleagues I have worked with.  The treatment I received at U of D was second to none and it allowed me the confidence and peace of mind I needed to get back on the field so quickly.  I am happy to report, I played in my first full-court basketball game over the weekend at full speed and it went off without a hitch!  Please let me know if you need anything else from me and take care!”

Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my experience at the University of Delaware Physical Therapy clinic. The staff was all around incredible. I cannot say enough good things about you guys and Chris, who was extremely caring, generous, and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with him. You guys made it a welcoming environment and helped me progress quicker than I could have expected. Thank you guys so much!

“I have had PT at other facilities in the past, but one of my doctors recommended going to UD because she claimed it is significantly better.  She was right.  From the moment I asked for an appointment I noticed a difference.  Everyone was very professional.  They sent me information by e mail so that I could fill out all of the questionnaires before my first visit.  They followed up with calls to make sure I scheduled a visit in a reasonable timeframe.  They were very aware of my teaching schedule and worked with me to find the best times. The therapists were very methodical in evaluating what was wrong, checking the medical history and the test results.  They took many measurements and did a lot of evaluation.  During these procedures they always explained everything they were doing and asked if certain things were okay.  Every person I met was extremely professional, caring and very kind.   The exercises were very different from what I had experienced before.  In addition they gave me information, (the Back Book), that was extremely helpful overall.  Within one week I started to feel much better.  I could see how these exercises were making a significant difference.  In addition they taught me stretches that immediately relieved some of my pain.   By the third week I felt great!  This was an amazing experience, working with amazing, talented, and knowledgeable people.  I am continuing to do the movements that I learned and I am continuing to get stronger.  I highly recommend this PT experience.”

“I want to thank you and your entire team for not only the outstanding assessment and thoughtful collaboration yesterday, but for giving me renewed hope in addressing my physical recovery.  As a “seasoned” consumer, I must say I’ve never had such a comprehensive think tank ready to address my goals in such a thorough fashion.  I know that recovery from a neurological incident such as mine is a lifelong process.  I am very determined and continue to maintain only an optimistic attitude while putting in the continued effort to achieve my goals.  i have experienced the power of neuroplasticity having accomplished some of my goals long after many had written me off in terms of progress; I strongly believe that I can make further progress.  I am truly looking forward to working with your department in the very near future.   Again, thank you for your outstanding service.”

“I was a patient at the UD PT Clinic with complaints of a lack of coordination, imbalance and a history of falls following the removal of a cerebellar (brain) lesion in 2006. After eight weeks of treatment I can highly recommend The UD PT Clinic for the following reasons:


  • The UD PT Clinic utilizes the latest technological advances and techniques. For example, to improve my gait and balance, I was “hooked up” to a harness attached to a track on the ceiling. I could then practice navigating various obstacle courses set up by my therapists without the fear of falling!
  • My physical therapy treatment worked! My student therapists knew exactly what exercises and therapies would work for me to achieve my goals. I now have more confidence, energy, and strength. My balance has improved so much that I can now walk longer distances and can safely navigate stairs and curbs without the constant fear of losing my balance and falling. I am also volunteering as an assistant in a kindergarten classroom, something that would have been difficult when I was “balance challenged”. I feel that I have been given a new lease on life! 
  • My therapists were friendly, supportive and were there 100% of the time during my therapy sessions to offer verbal cues when I needed help with performing some of the exercises. 
  • The exercises and techniques used were fun and never boring. I actually looked forward to my therapy sessions anticipating what “surprises” my therapists had planned for me each day!


I have recommended the UD PT Clinic to all of my friends. I feel fortunate and grateful to have been a patient at The UD PT Clinic!”

“I came to the UDPT due to a shoulder injury but with an underlying rare neurological condition that would make treatment more difficult. Within a day of learning about the condition, the lead physical therapist had researched how to perform physical therapy on a patient such as myself including what should not be done which turned out to be key. Throughout the sessions I worked with several students under the supervision of the lead physical therapist to help reduce the limitations caused by the shoulder injury.”

“The staff treat each patient as an individual and create treatment plans specific to that person rather than use generalized plans for standard injuries including giving the patient input into what treatments might be most beneficial. They show genuine interest in helping the patient recover and even follow up afterwards to make sure the patient is still making progress.”

“Overall my experience was excellent. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. And it worked because I achieved my rehab goals and two years after ACL surgery I’m running 16miles per week and I’m training for my first 10k.”

“I have had therapy on several different occasions at UDPT and was treated by different therapists. My experience, in general, was very positive and I have recommended the facility to others.”

“My most recent experience at UDPT was by far the best – Teonette Velasco was my therapist and her warm and caring personality coupled with her exceptional ability to evaluate my condition and come up with a program of therapy, made the 7 weeks of PT very successful. When I completed the therapy, Teonette provided me with a set of at-home exercises that I do on a regular basis. Great job Teonette!”

“Three knee surgeries (two arthroscopic / 1 partial replacement) in as many years gave me an intimate relationship with UDPT. From start to finish the support and guidance of my therapists were what kept me on track to full recovery each time!”

“My recommendation of UDPT to others comes with zero reservation and total enthusiasm. There is no question in my mind that UDPT is the only choice.”

“My positive experiences were due to a variety of reasons. All of the reasons and circumstances were dependent upon each other. 1) Doctors who LISTENED and worked side by side with my therapists to GUIDE my progress. 2) Caring therapists who LISTENED and adjusted my program to meet my individual needs and requirements BASED upon progress. 3) My own trust in both parties enabled me to WANT to heal because they believed I could and would. In short, a team approach with the patient as part of the team!”

“My heartfelt thanks go to the Physical Therapy Clinic at the University of Delaware. Since I seem to injure myself more than most people, I have gone there several times. No matter what my injury, they have “fixed me up” and allowed me to leave in a greatly improved state. From my complicated rehab from a torn ACL reconstruction 20 years ago to my latest problem with my back and neck, the care I have received from the students and their cooperating professors has been absolutely fabulous. They listen carefully to the patient and the resulting treatment has, thankfully, always been successful. I would not go anywhere else because of the top-notch care that I receive at UDPT.”

“‘When we can’t figure out what is wrong with you, we send you to the University of Delaware’s Physical Therapy Department. They will figure out what is causing the problem and they will then fix you.’ That was said to me about 15 years ago by two of the most prominent orthopedic doctors in Delaware. And they were right. Since that time I have gone to that wonderful UDPT department to ‘get fixed’ probably half a dozen times. From the small concerns like leg pain to keep me going as a non-competitive daily runner to diagnosing me with osteoarthritis in both hips which resulted in my having both of them replaced. That solved my back pain issues which doctors had also been unable to ‘fix’. And their secret is — people. Wonderful people. I always know that I am going to have a ‘team’ of excellent therapists consulting and working on me. The greatest testimonial that I give to UDPT is the large number of my family, friends, and acquaintances that I have sent to them who are successfully treated.”

“I want to thank and commend you for your efforts with helping me with my leg.  I truly appreciate your patience, thoroughness and most importantly I appreciate the time you took to carefully listen to my complaints to diagnose my problem.  Thanks to your direction and guidance, I was able to run the race on Sunday without feeling pain in my leg.  I will definitely recommend you and the UD Physical Therapy Clinic to my family, friends and co-workers.”