Stuart Binder-Macleod, PhD, PT


Stuart Binder-Macleod,
Delaware Stroke Studies

Research Goal: To improve walking function in individuals with impaired central nervous systems. The current focus relates to stroke rehabilitation.

Ongoing projects:
  • PI of the NIH funded DE-CTR Accel Program.
  • My laboratory has been continuously funded for the past 20 years by the NIH. This work began with the investigation of the basic neurophysiological mechanisms underlying the control of muscle forces by the brain stem and spinal cord and include both experimental work and the development of mathematical models.
  • Currently, the lab is a multi-investigator collaborative effort that attempts to translate the findings from my lab into innovative treatment approaches that attack challenging clinical problems, the improvement of walking function post-stroke.
To learn more about Dr. Binder-Macleod’s current research studies and projects, please contact:

Stuart Binder-Macleod