Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ATC, ScD, SCS, FAPTA


Lynn Snyder-Mackler, PT, ATC, ScD, SCS, FAPTA
Delaware Knee Studies

Research Goal: To improve rehabilitation outcomes for patients with knee/ACL injuries.

Ongoing projects:
The Delaware-Oslo ACL Cohort (NIH R37 HD037985)

  • A long-term study following athletic individuals with ACL injury who have surgery or go without surgery — We use rehabilitation to restore dynamic stability to the ACL injured knee

EMG based modeling and knee (OA NIH R01 AR048212)

  • We cannot directly measure joint contact forces in vivo. So we use muscle signals and the forces we measure in the lab to accurately estimate joint forces. We have recently shown a direct relationship between loading early after injury and the development of OA five years later

ACL-Sports — safe return to sports (NIH R01 AR048212)

  • RCT three to nine months after ACLR employing contemporary strategies to reduce secondary injuries

Simbex SBIR device development (NIH R44 HD068054)

  • Built a device that automates our perturbation training. We are testing out in a Fast Track SBIR
Lynn Snyder-Mackler; ACL Injury; Knee Injury
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