Joseph A. Zeni, Jr., PT, PhD

Joseph A. Zeni, Jr, PT, PhD
Delaware Osteoarthritis Studies

Research Goal: To improve physical function and societal participation in individuals with hip and knee osteoarthritis.

Ongoing projects:
  • We are currently performing a longitudinal study evaluating how strength, physical function and biomechanics change after total hip and knee replacement.
  • Our lab is exploring  methods to combat weight gain after hip and knee replacement. We work with behavioral scientists, dietitians and exercise physiologist to create engaging exercise programs that will combat cardiovascular- and orthopaedic-related disability.
  • We are also evaluating low-cost strategies to provide biofeedback to patients with hip and knee disorders. We have developed software programs that work like the Wii Balance Board to help patients re-learn how to move normally after joint replacement.
  • We are currently evaluating whether bracing can help reduce pain and improve movement patterns for patients with knee arthritis.

To learn more about Dr. Zeni’s current research studies and projects, please contact:

Joseph Zeni, Jr.