Gregory E. Hicks, PT, PhD

Gregory E. Hicks, PT, PhD
Delaware Spine Studies

Research Goal: To improve physical function and societal participation in older adults with musculoskeletal conditions, specifically low back pain and hip fracture.

Ongoing projects:

Chronic Low Back Pain in Older Adults: The Role of Co-Existing Hip Impairments (NIH R01AG041202)

  • Currently recruiting a cohort of 250 older adults with low back pain to examine the impact of co-existing clinical hip impairments on spinal pain and functional limitations
  • End goal is to develop an evidence-based treatment approach

Development and implementation of walking-focused intervention for patients following surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis

Exploring the role of trunk muscle function in relation to physical function & societal participation in older adults with mobility disability

To learn more about Dr. Hicks’ current research studies and projects, please contact:

Jenifer Pugliese, PT, DPT