Pediatric Mobility Lab & Design Studio

cp, cerebral palsey, Sam Lee, pediatric mobility, cycling therapy

Pediatric Mobility Lab &
 Design Studio

Star Health Sciences Complex, Rm 115
Dr. Lee’s Lab Phone: 302-831-7611
Dr. Galloway’s Lab Phone: 302-831-3214

  • Advancing technology to promote independent mobility for all people.
  • Improving physical function of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) through the development of training approaches and technologies to enhance strength, fitness and participation.
  • 2 instrumented computerized force dynamometers (KIN-COMs)
  • Grass S8800 stimulators
  • Customized LabVIEW application software
  • A to D and I/O boards
  • Storage oscilloscopes
  • A digital data recorder
  • ForceFields Harness System