Laura Schmitt

Laura Schmitt, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, ATC

Physical Therapist
Assistant Professor
Clinical Education Team

Department of Physical Therapy
University of Delaware
160 STAR Health Sciences Complex
540 S. College Avenue
Newark, DE 19713

Phone: (302) 831-8893
Fax: (302) 831-4234

Laura Schmitt, Physical Therapy.

LICENSURE: Delaware Physical Therapist #J1-0000985



  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy (OCS), American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists (2003-2013)
  • Emergency Response Instructor Trainer, American Red Cross (2009 – present)
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy (SCS), American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (1999 – 2009)
    • Recertification (2009 – 2019)
  • APTA Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor (2008 – present)
  • Emergency Response Instructor, American Red Cross (2002 – present)
  • APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor (2000 – present)
  • Athletic Training Certification, National Athletic Trainers ’ Association (1988 – present)
West Chester University
Beaver College
Temple University
Health & Physical Eduction: concentration in Athletic Training
Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy


University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Department of Physical Therapy

  • Assistant Professor

University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic 

  • Physical Therapist


2005-2007 University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, Newark DE

  • Physical Therapist
  • CCCE
2001-2005 University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, Newark DE

  • Associate Director
  • CCCE
1997-2001 University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, Newark DE

  • Physical Therapist
  • CCCE
1995-1997 University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic, Newark DE

  • Part-time Clinical Instructor
1995-1997 Union Hospital of Cecil County, Elkton MD

  • Physical Therapist
1991-1995 Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore MD

  • Physical Therapist


  • Lynn Wallace Clinical Education Award (Sports Physical Therapy Section) (2005)


  • American Physical Therapy Association
      • Secretary 2010-2011
      • Chairperson 2011-present



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    • University of Delaware Department of Physical Therapy
      • Generic Abilities Committee


    1. National Conferences 
      • APTA Annual Conference (2002-2010, 1998-2000)
      • APTA Combined Sections Meeting (1998-2010)
      • NATA Annual Conference(1999)
      • ACSM Annual Conference (2003, 2001)
      • ASPE (Association for Standardized Patient Educators)(2010)
    2. Lower Extremity
      • Advanced Techniques for Evaluation and Treatment of the Knee, CEN, Inc (1998)
      • Athletic Injuries of the Adolescent Knee and Cadaver Dissection, AI duPont Hospital (1997)
      • Diagnosis and Treatment of Muscular Imbalances and Associated Movement Impairment Syndromes, Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PhD, FAPTA (1995)
      • Union Memorial Hospital (UMH) Spring Sports Symposium A Meniscal Injuries (1995)
      • UMH Spring Sports Symposium A New Concepts and Techniques in Management of Foot and Ankle Problems in the Athlete (1994)
      • Evaluation, UMH (1993)
      • Kin Com Basic Training, Chattanooga (1993)
      • McConnell Patellofemoral Treatment Plan (1993)
      • Chain Reaction (1993)
      • UMH Spring Sports Symposium A Advances in ACL Surgery, UMH (1992)
      • Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Home Study 92-1 (1992)
      • When the Feet Hit the Ground … Take the Next Step (1992)
      • When the Feet Hit the Ground Everything Changes (1992)
    3. Upper Extremity
      • Latest Concepts in Shoulder Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy Seminars (1998)
      • Orthopaedic Therapy of the Shoulder, Kelley and Clark (1996)
      • Musculoskeletal Evaluation of the Shoulder Girdle, Kendall and Sahrmann (1995)
      • ASMI – Injuries in Baseball (1995)
      • A Comprehensive Approach to the Orthopaedic Shoulder (1994)
      • Shoulder and Elbow Treatment and Testing Utilizing the Kin-Com, Good Samaritan Hospital (1994)
      • UMH Spring Sports Symposium A New Concepts and Techniques in Management of Shoulder Disorders (1993)
    4. Spine
      • Evidence-Based Examination and Management of Neck Pain. Joshua Cleland, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS (2009)
      • Teaching Grade 5 Mobilizations: An Evidence Based Approach; A Clinical Instructor and Faculty Workshop (2005)
      • S-3 Advanced Evaluation and Manipulation of the Cranio-facial Region, Cervical and Upper Thoracic Spine (1995)
      • S-1 Introduction to Spinal Evaluation and Manipulation (1993)
    5. Clinical Education 
      • Education Leadership Conference (2008, 2010)
      • Association for Standardized Patient Educators (2010)
      • Embracing Clinical Education Standards: A Work in Progress. Harcum College. (2009)
      • APTA Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor (2008)
      • APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor, University of Delaware (2000)
      • Evaluation of Clinical Competencies: Strategies for Clinical Educators, University of Delaware (1997)
    6. Other
      • Emergency Response Instructor Training, Jacksonville, FL (2009)
      • Human Simulation: Effecting a New Paradigm for Acute Care Education, CSM (2009)
      • Dance Medicine, CSM (2004)
      • Emergency Response, CSM (2001)


    • HESC 481: Postural Assessment Lab/Lecture: Lower Extremity and Spine Evaluation, University of Delaware Athletic Training (2010)
    • HESC 467 Special Topics: Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries II – Lecturer, “Evaluation and Treatment of the Sacroiliac Joint” (2008)
    • PHYT 830 Introduction to Clinical Education (2007-present)
    • PHYT 631 Physical Therapy in the Acute Care Environment (2004-present)
    • PHYT 807 Emergency Response (2002-present)
    • PHYT 805 Rehabilitation – Lecturer, “Orthotic Management” (2007)
    • PHYT 614 Sports and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Elective – Lecturer, “Management of the Stiff Knee” (2004-present)
    • PHYT 602 Acute Care – Lecturer, “Emergency Procedures” (2001-2003); “Prescriptive Therapeutic Exercise” and “Traction” (2001)
    • HESC 449 Advanced Topics in Sports Medicine (University of Delaware Athletic Training) – Lecturer, “SI Dysfunction” (1997-2004)
    • PHYT 608 Musculoskeletal Evaluation – Lab Instructor (1998-2000)
    • Prosthetics (BKA & AKA) and Patient Managment (1998)
    • Physical Agents – Lab Instructor (1995-1996)