Since March, UDPT has been working diligently to allow our 3rd year physical therapy students attain the most out of their full-time clinical rotations in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Professional Physical Therapy is a prominent provider of outpatient physical and hand therapy in the Northeast region. The clinical excellence team at Professional PT teamed up with our clinical coordinators at UDPT to create a new pilot program that started in May, in order to allow our students to start their full time experience virtually. The program allowed students to interact with clinical instructors, patients, and other educators that are part of the Professional PT team, while remaining in the safety of their own home. UDPT is incredibly grateful for those who worked diligently to create this new and innovative program, as well as grateful for the opportunity that Professional PT has provided for our students. Pictured below is 3rd year DPT student, Nick Gruwell, alongside his clinical instructor after a day of treating patients in the clinic. To read more about Professional PT’s virtual clinical experience, follow the link below.