On Wednesday July 8th, six panelists, including UDPT’s Dr. Gregory Hicks, discussed the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in Physical Therapy. They reviewed ways to become a better ally, create more inclusive environments, and advocate for change. Along with providing resources to self-educate during the discussion, the APTA plans to create a page on their website as a resource to learn and share ideas to influence positive change. We highly recommend watching both the inaugural Lynda D. Woodruff lecture presented by Dr. Gregory Hicks, as well as the discussion held by  Dr. Hicks, Sharon Dunn, Remi Onifade, Senora Simpson, Robert C. Tillman, and Lisa VanHoose. Follow the link to gain access to both videos: https://www.apta.org/news/2020/07/01/woodruff-lecture-who-responsible-stewardship-of-profession