Stroke –

DPT 2nd year students spent the fall semester working closely with members of our community who have suffered a stroke. They were tasked with helping these members reach goals centralized around activities that they had hoped to return to but were currently unable to complete due to their stroke. Here are reflections from some of the students who worked hand in hand with these community members:

“During our first full treatment session with our participant, he wrote his name with his affected upper extremity for the first time since his stroke 2 years ago. He cried, we cried, it was a beautiful moment. And from then on I knew that this was the power of rehab for patients with stroke and that real progress is possible. Thanks to this class, I was able to witness and be a part of so many momentous milestones.” – Victoria Mitchell

“Working with our participants was a great experience. He was open to every idea we had and willing to try any treatment interventions. He came with jokes and puns to make our sessions filled with laughter.” Kruti Shah

“Working with our participants was a great experience not only for hands-on learning but for working on participant interaction and pushing us to come up with the best, most dynamic treatment interventions possible. We all learned so much about how to push ourselves to be better clinicians and team members and greatly enjoyed working with our participants while we were at it. Seeing the improvement PT can make in someone’s life, who has had these impairments for many years, in such a short time made me even more excited about the profession I’ve chosen, and helped me remember why I fell in love with PT in the first place.” — Sabrina Hackendorn

“Working with our stroke participant the past 2 months has been an enriching experience. He pushed us every week to come up with exercises that would progress him towards reaching his goals. From telling jokes at the beginning of every session to shooting a bow and arrow at fake deer, we always had a good laugh and a good workout! At the end of our time together, he told Eileen, Kristen, and I that he now thinks about keeping his leg straight when he walks because of the exercises we did with him. It’s moments like these where you can truly appreciate the impact we have on the people we work with as well as the impact they can have on us.” – Zach Higgins

Spinal Cord Injuries – 

2nd year DPT students spent the last few weeks learning about how to evaluate and treat patients with spinal cord injuries. They ended their studies with a trip to the Magee Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia where they had the opportunity to work with SCI patients as well as take an in-depth look into the various adaptive tools and equipment used in this population. The 2nd year greatly valued this unique experience where they got to apply what they learned in lectures to real-life, hands-on scenarios.

“Thank you to the PT and OT staff at Magee that took time out of their schedule to help contribute to our education!” – UDPT Class of 2020