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Lisa Rizzo is an entrepreneur and founder of Challenge U. softball, an elite private softball training facility. She developed her own sports mechanic training system called Challenge U. Drill Interval Training. More information about Lisa can be found here:

Student Feedback

What inspired you most from the presentation?

The fact that even though there are a lot of downs in life, you just have to keep pushing and proving people wrong.

What is one coping strategy you learned from this presentation?

When I’m feeling self-destructive to analyze why I’m doing what I’m doing and what I can do instead.

Anything you'd like to share about the presentation?

Loved her and her presentation. I truly did feel inspired to chase my passions and to not let anything get in the way of it, even if that thing is myself.

After creating a documentary about her depression, Elyse Fox found that women across the world connected to her story. Elyse then founded Sad Girls Club in February 2017 to create an online community for young women to talk about their mental health struggles. More information about Elyse can be found here:

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Student Feedback

What inspired you most from the presentation?

It inspired me that she had gone through so much pain but still managed to power through it and make something positive for others

How did this presentation help you understand the step involved in building a support network?

I feel like since attending with my friends, we together have created a space for a more connecting discussion on the way we feel, which I think will be useful in establishing other strong networks.

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Melissa A. Fabello is a feminist writer and speaker on body politics, beauty culture, and eating disorders. Her work focuses making peace in eating disorder recovery, striving toward eliminating size stigma, and bringing a more radical lens to the mainstream body positivity conversation. More information about Melissa can be found here:

Student Feedback

What did you like best about the presentation?

Everything that Melissa talked about was interesting and related exactly to topics covered in my Women and Violence class

What did you learn to support your personal wellness from this presentation?

I think it’s very important to be able to recognize different kinds of abusive behavior. That way you can inform others, and keep yourself from falling into toxic relationships.

How did this presentation help you understand the way you may have internalized messages from the media you consume?

The speaker showed a number of music videos that I’d seen before, but she pointed out abusive aspects that I hadn’t noticed. This emphasized to me the necessity of being a critical consumer.

At the age of 24, he was shot by a complete stranger. As a result, Wesley found himself coping with a new physical disability, being overweight, depressed and trying to be the best father to his young daughter on his own. More information about Wesley can be found here:

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Student Feedback

How did this presentation help you understand the value in having a support system for yourself?

He told us how his support system talks on the phone every morning and it changes the way he looks at each day.

What is one step towards finding your life purpose that you plan to use after seeing this presentation?

I am going to keep working even in the face of challenges and let those challenges push me forward.

What is one way you can demonstrate having control in your life, despite the influence of outside forces?

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t.

Missed Wesley’s presentation? No worries, we’ve got it recorded.

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