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  • Photo of Audre Lorde with quote "Without community there is no liberation."

MISSION Statement

The Pride Caucus is committed to fostering and sustaining a welcoming and affirming climate on campus for LGBTQ+ employees, students, families and visitors in accord with University of Delaware’s strategic plan.


lesbian pride flag

Lesbian Pride

Philadelphia gay pride flag

Gay Pride

bisexual pride flag

Bisexual Pride

transgender pride flag

Trans* Pride

queer pride flag

Queer Pride

intersex pride flag

Intersex Pride

asexual pride flag

Asexual Pride

agender pride flag

Agender Pride

aromantic pride flag

Aromantic Pride

demisexual pride flag

Demisexual Pride

non binary pride flag

Non Binary Pride

gender fluid pride flag

Gender Fluid Pride

pansexual pride flag

Pansexual Pride

polysexual pride flag

Polysexual Pride

genderqueer pride flag

Genderqueer Pride

Flag Suggestion

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