Steering Committee

PPE’s internal steering committee is comprised of professors, department chairs, center directors, and deans from across the University of Delaware. Our steering committee, along with the external partner coalition, provides guidance, support, and approval for PPE initiatives.

Steering Committee

Doug Doren, Co-Chair
Deputy Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), University of Delaware (UD)

Carol Vukelich, Co-Chair
Dean, College of Education and Human Development (CEHD), UD

Tony Allen*
Chair, Wilmington Education Improvement Commission

Janice Barlow
Policy Scientist, Center for Community Research & Service, School of Public Policy and Administration (SPPA), CAS; Director, KIDS COUNT in Delaware, UD

Ralph Ferretti
Director, School of Education, CEHD, UD

Elizabeth Soslau
Director, Delaware Center for Teacher Education, CEHD, UD

Jerome Lewis*
Director, Institute for Public Administration, and Associate Professor, SPPA, CAS, UD

John Pelesko
Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences, CAS, UD

Joseph Pika*
Former President, Delaware State Board of Education, and Former James R. Soles Professor, Political Science and International Relations, CAS, UD

Lori Pollock
Professor of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Engineering, UD

Daniel Rich*
Director, Community Engagement Initiative, UD

Bahira Trask
Chair, Human Development and Family Studies, CEHD, UD

Jacquelyn Wilson
Director, Delaware Academy for School Leadership, CEHD, UD

*ex officio