Equity Resources

Get Connected to Equity Work On-Campus:

Office of Equity and Inclusion:

This office provides leadership and support to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive working and learning environment for all in our community. OEI is responsible for managing complaints of harassment and discrimination, affirmative action compliance, protection of minors on campus, and on-going education in all of these areas.

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Public Allies Delaware:

Public Allies Delaware’s mission is to create a just and equitable society and the diverse leadership to sustain it. They are changing the face and practice of leadership in communities across the country by demonstrating our conviction that everyone can lead, and that lasting social change results when citizens of all backgrounds step up, take responsibility, and work together.

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PPE Lunch and Learns: 

The Lunch & Learn Series is a project of the Partnership for Public Education at the
University of Delaware in coordination with Delaware’s P12 community. These lunches serve to promote the sharing of best education practices, discussion, peer-to-peer learning, support, and connection.

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Faculty and Staff:

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Additional Equity-Oriented Resources:


Practitioner Resources:

Center for Restorative Process

The Center for Restorative Process supports the teaching of restorative practices and skills in your classroom. Restorative practices are a framework for building community and for responding to challenging behavior through authentic dialogue, coming to understanding, and making things right.

LSA Inclusive Teaching Initiative, University of Michigan 

In response to student activism and building on efforts within the College of LSA to address climate concerns, the Inclusive Teaching Initiative is committed to providing innovative teaching methods and tools that foster success for students through inclusive teaching practices. 

Equity Literacy Institute

The Equity Literacy Institute works to combat inequality through workshops and professional development, equity visioning, coaching, and planning, as well as through their equity and climate assessment. 

The Multicultural Pavilion

An EdChange project by Paul C. Gorski working to promote equity and social justice in education. The project provides a range of helpful resources from awareness activities to printable handouts and more.


EdChange is a team of passionate, experienced educators dedicated to educational equity and justice. They have joined in collaboration to develop resources, workshops, and projects that contribute to progressive change in ourselves, our schools, and our society.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance provides free resources to educators—teachers, administrators, counselors, and other practitioners—who work with children from kindergarten through high school, with a mission to help teachers and schools educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy.

Building Anti-Racist White Educators 
A reading and inquiry series which provide a monthly set of tools for learning, introspection and having conversations about issues of racism in our schools, classrooms, and communities.


Academic Articles: 

Power, Penalty, and Critical Praxis: Employing Intersectionality in Educator Practices to Achieve School Equity

Carey, R. L., Yee, L., S., DeMathews, D. (2018). Power, penalty, and critical praxis: Employing intersectionality in educator practices to achieve school equity. The Educational Forum, 82(1). 

“Intersectionality describes the ways interlocking systems of oppression, evidenced in various identity facets (e.g., race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, and language), frame individuals’ social worlds. An awareness of intersectionality can ensure PreK–12 school policies and practices meet the needs of a student population diversifying rapidly along multiple lines.”

Breaking Down Equity-Oriented Professional Learning For The Novice

Authors: Lazzell, D., R., Skelton, S., M. (2017). Breaking down equity-oriented professional learning for the novice. Great Lakes Equity Center. 

“What have we learned through research studies on professional development that claim to be focused on equity? Often, these professional learning opportunities don’t really center equity, but often are canned “training” that frequently contains some sort of diffuse and unclear equity concepts, not accomplishing the actual purpose of ALL equity-oriented professional learning, which is a deep understanding of educational equity, better situating you to provide every learner with access to a high-quality education in an inclusive environment.”

A Teacher Educator’s Journey: Reflections on the Challenges of Teaching Culturally Relevant Classroom Management

Garrett, T. (2009). A teacher educator’s journey: Reflections on the challenges of teaching culturally relevant classroom management. Teaching & Learning, 23(3). 

“The purposes of this paper are to share a unique teaching experience, document the particular challenges involved when teaching about culturally responsive classroom management to two different populations of preservice teachers, and reflect upon the lessons learned.”

Equity Literacy For All

Authors: Gorski, P., C., Swalwell, K. (2015) Equity literacy for all.  Educational Leadership. 

Schools can commit to a more robust multiculturalism by putting equity, rather than culture, at the center of the diversity conversation.”


Equitable Education in the News:

It Doesn’t Just Happen at Starbucks. Teachers Need Racial Bias Training Too

Wright, Z. (2018). It doesn’t just happen at starbucks. teachers need racial bias training too. Educational Post. 

“The question is not what is Starbucks doing to learn from this incident, but what about the rest of us? Are we ready to do the work necessary to dismantle our deeply entrenched biases?”