PPE Fellows

Lauren Bailes, Ph.D.


Lauren Bailes is an assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of Delaware. Her scholarship focuses on the ways in which organizational, social-cognitive, and leadership theory unite to promote the success of school leaders and K12 students. Specifically, she addresses social cognitive theory and the efficacy beliefs of school stakeholders; school leader preparation, placement, and evaluation; and shared influences of leaders and organizations on favorable conditions for student success.

About the project

As an inaugural PPE fellow, Dr. Bailes worked with the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission’s Parent, Educator and Community Engagement Committee to assess parental involvement in their children’s schools and whether they believe the educational system is responsive to their input. Bailes focused on parents who may not attend traditional school activities — like back-to-school nights or parent-teacher conferences — by visiting community events that happen outside of school, such as neighborhood block parties.