Partner-in-Practice Fellows

Dustin Craighton


Dustin Craighton (UD ’08) has been a dedicated educator with a passion for teaching and a track record of success. With 16 years of experience in teaching in the New Castle County Votech School District, Dustin has made a significant impact on the education of countless students. In recognition of his exceptional teaching skills and commitment to student development, Dustin was named the District Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 academic year.

What sets Dustin apart as an educator is his unwavering dedication to helping students acquire essential problem-solving skills. He takes immense pride in witnessing his students apply these skills and achieve remarkable success beyond the confines of the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, Dustin has demonstrated leadership and coaching prowess as an assistant coach of the St. Georges Technical High School wrestling team foran impressive 12 years. Under his guidance, the team achieved six conference titles and one state championship.His dedication to the sport has earned him the distinction of being honored as Assistant Coach of the Year twice.

In his recent career transition to an instructional specialist role, Dustin now shares his expertise with fellow teachers, supporting them in their journey to enhance their teaching practices. This shift allows Dustin to have an even broader impact on the education community.

Dustin is also a passionate advocate for student well-being. He has spearheaded the implementation of a drug and alcohol awareness course within his district, providing students with crucial insights into how their decisions can impact their lives beyond high school.

Additionally, Dustin has been instrumental in the promotion of the “Postsecondary Future Selves” program, a transformative initiative aimed at inspiring students to reflect on their aspirations and what they need to achieve the futures they envision for themselves.

Dustin is not only a remarkable educator but also a passionate mentor and instructional coach, dedicated to fostering excellence in both students and fellow educators alike. His commitment to education and coaching continues to leave an indelible mark on those he serves.