Capacity Building

PPE has invested in building capacity for partnership work among members of the UD community through our Education Partnership Academy, which provides information for faculty and professionals to participate in school partnerships and helps hone their skills for such on-the-ground work.

We also operate the PPE Fellows program, curate online resources for getting involved in education partnerships, and facilitate partnership grants to support Delaware teachers and schools.

Partnership Academy

Our first Education Partnership Academy took place in May 2017. UD faculty, staff, and students came together for a day of learning and collaborating about partnership work in Delaware public schools. The UDaily reported:

More than 60 faculty, staff and professionals attended the University of Delaware Partnership for Public Education (PPE)’s first Education Partnership Academy on Monday, May 22, for a daylong conference on building partnerships to strengthen public education.

In welcoming the participants, Elizabeth Farley-Ripple, director of PPE and associate director of UD’s School of Education, highlighted three goals and the purpose of the academy.

“PPE first aims to build relationships with the goal of serving as a hub for connecting schools and districts with folks on campus,” said Farley-Ripple. “Second, through academies like this one, we hope to build capacity among the students, faculty and staff for engaging in public education partnerships, whether through service projects, teaching or research. Third, PPE will invest in strategic projects that serve our most challenged schools and communities.” Read the full article.

  • Panelist talk while audience takes notes and asks questions.

    Panel: What’s Happening in Delaware Schools?

  • Faculty and staff stand during break and share ideas.

    Faculty and staff sharing ideas during a break.

  • Partner shares work displayed on poster.

    Partnerships were highlighted at a lunchtime poster session.

  • Student Stephanie Becker asks a question of the panelists.

    Student Stephanie Becker asks a question of the panelists.

  • Panel 1: What's Happening in Delaware Schools?

    An illustration of the conversation on "What's Happening in Delaware Schools?"

  • Nuts and Bolts of Working in Delaware Schools

    Panel 2: Nuts and Bolts of Working in Delaware Schools

  • Panel 3: Opportunities in Delaware Schools

    Panel 3: Opportunities in Delaware Schools

  • Panel 4: Center-based Partnerships from the classroom to the state

    Panel 4: Center-based Partnerships From the Classroom to the State

  • Panel 5: Making engagement part of your research agenda

    Panel 5: Making Engagement Part of Your Research agenda



PPE gathers publications and tools for use by researchers and practitioners on how to define research-practice partnerships, examples of successful collaborations, and more. Visit our Resources page to explore the collection.

PPE Fellows Program

The University of Delaware Partnership for Public Education (PPE) invites members of the UD community to become a PPE Fellow and join a committed team of leaders seeking to strengthen public education in Delaware.  Learn more.