About the Partnership for Public Education


The Partnership for Public Education (PPE) is inspired by a vision of excellence and equity in public education for all Delaware children and families.

Its work is grounded in the belief that research, practice, family, and community should all be invested in systematic improvement of educational opportunities and outcomes and that this goal can only be achieved through meaningful collaboration and cooperation.


The mission of PPE is to bring together members of the University of Delaware and the broader Delaware educational community—including educators, families, and leaders of community organizations—to identify shared needs and opportunities and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources for the betterment of Delaware public education.

  • PPE’s initial work will prioritize schools serving high poverty communities and with high concentrations of students with special needs.
  • PPE seeks to improve student opportunities and outcomes, including access to higher education at the University of Delaware and beyond.

Who We Are

PPE is a University-wide initiative stemming from the commitment of the College of Education and Human Development and the College of Arts and Sciences to public education in Delaware and affirming the goals of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission to improve the quality and availability of education for all students.

Read our Year 1 Annual Report to learn more about what we do.