Managing Water Quality & Litter on the Farm Sept. 26, 2017

Poultry Growers Discussion Group Meeting
When: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30pm
Where: Caroline-Dorchester County Fairground’s 4-H Park
Address: 8230 Detour Rd., Denton, MD 21629
Event Type: Poultry Growers Farm Management Meeting

Educational opportunity for poultry growers to learn more about “Managing Water Quality on the Farm,” by Mary Katherine Foy and “Litter Management,” by Dr Casey Ritz, from University of Georgia. Water is a nutrient we take for granted on our farms- birds drink twice as much water as feed they will eat. Find out more about how to better manage water quality on your farm. Managing litter between flocks and during flock impacts the performance and health of future flocks. Find out more about litter best management practices.

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Registration is free, and nutrient management credits are available from both Maryland and Delaware. Please register early!! Register by Monday, September 24, on the Eventbrite link.

Contacts: Jon Moyle, Poultry Specialist, 410-742-1178 x309,

Jenny Rhodes, Extension Educator, 410-758-0166,

Georgie Cartanza, Poultry Extension Agent, 302-856-7303,

This workshop is open to all. **If you need special assistance, please register and let us know two weeks before the date.

Responsible manure practices

Environmentally responsible manure pile

Many poultry farms across the Delmarva are now cleaning out their poultry barns and staging these nutrients for use as an organic fertilizer. All farmers on the shore operate their farms under state approved science-based nutrient management plans. These plans ( many of which are now P based) allow farmers to use poultry litter at a  phosphorus crop removal rate. Many farmers also use a p site index which factors in soil and land characteristics to determine if manure can be used on site specific fields . This picture shows a properly environmentally responsible manure pile. Its conical shape and height  maximizes nutrient retention while its location away from ditching and the use of crop residues eliminate the possibility to soluble surface transport.

Delaware Poultry Extension conducts Nurtrient Management Sessions during Ag Week 2012

We were pleased to play a significant role during Delaware Ag Week 2012, by presenting a variety of sessions at the Carvel REC and Harrington sites last week. The events were part of Extension’s ongoing mission to present unbiased research to the agricultural community and poultry growers in Delmarva.

Brown moderated well-attended Nutrient Management sessions at Carvel on Jan. 18, 2012

At the Carvel Georgetown location, more than 130 people attended sessions on Composting Revisited and Adding  Value to Compost and Litter (Bill Brown), What Poultry Farmers Need to Know About the Farm Bill, (Jayme Arthurs and Timothy Garrahan), CAFO Inspections: What’s Good and What Can Be Improved (W. Larry Towle), Future of Poultry Bedding on Delmarva (Tommy Johnson) and Soil Phosphorous: What Goes Up, Must Come Down, But When? (Dr. Frank Coale).  Please visit Delaware Ag Week 2012 website and gallery of images for additional information.