Saturday Evening Satire

Joe Randazzo, Editor-in-Chief of the satirical news network, The Onion, headlined Breaking Boundaries’ first public event, Saturday Evening Satire, Saturday April 9 at 4 pm at Clayton Hall Auditorium.  His dry and ironic presentation of the history of the Onion and the nature of the Onion’s content was a rich source of laughter for all in attendance. Opening for Randazzo were political comedians Don Montrey and Tony Braithwaite, who held a mock press conference with presidents Nixon, Clinton, Roosevelt, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Carter and Kennedy (all of whom where played by Braithwaite).

The Onion

Saturday Evening Satire was a great way to connect the topic of the academic symposium to the larger university community. Participants in the 2011 Academic Symposium had the opportunity to engage with the Mr. Randazzo and the 1812 performers in a smaller setting after the show, so the event reached its goal of bridging the gap between the ‘thinkers’ and the ‘doers’ in the field of political entertainment.

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