Structure and dynamics of protein assemblies by biomolecular solid-state NMR

HIV-1 protein assemblies

Microtubule associated protein assemblies

Actin associated protein assemblies

Nanocrystalline and microcrystalline proteins

Vanadium haloperoxidases: geometric and electronic structure, chemical reactivity by 51V NMR and Density Functional Theory

Intervertebral disc tissues: magnetic resonance spectroscopy as a probe of early disc degeneration

Inorganic and bioninorganic materials

Magnetic resonance methods development

Integrated methods for structure and dynamics characterization of biological molecules and assemblies

Dipolar and CSA recoupling by RN-symmetry sequences

Fast MAS NMR methods

Nonuniform sampling for sensitivity enhanced multidimensional MAS NMR

51V NMR crystallography by integrated MAS NMR and DFT approach

23Na and 2H multiple quantum spectroscopy and imaging for probing intervertebral disc degeneration




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