Genus Picumna Stål, 1864

[Note: The family-level status of ‘Thionini’ has changed several times, but most recently it has been upgraded to subfamily by Wang et al. 2016]
Genus Picumna Stål, 1864
Type species (in original combination): Picumna varians Stål, 1864.
  • Cyclumna Fowler, 1904 (Type species Cyclumna subrotunda Fowler, 1904); syn. by Metcalf 1938: 415.
  • Issomorphus Melichar, 1906 (Type species Issomorphus maculatus Melichar, 1906); syn. by Metcalf 1938: 414. .

Southwestern US and Central America.

Distribution of Picumna from FLOW (14 Jan 2019)

Recognized species

There are 10 species currently assigned to this genus (2 in the US), as follows (see Doering 1938, Metcalf 1958: 458).

Picumna chinai Doering, 1938: 473 – USA: AZ, CA, NM, TX; Mexico (Guerrero, Veracruz); Guatemala, Panama
Picumna ovatipennis Fowler 1905: 128 (nec. Walker 1858) 
= Picumna chinae var. __ (Fowler 1905: 128) (as Picumna ovatipennis) – Guatemala
Picumna maculata (Melichar, 1906: 293) – USA: AZ, NM, TX
Picumna mexicana Stål 1864:53 – Mexico
Picumna ovatipennis (Walker, 1858)- Mexico (Guerrero, Veracruz) (reported in error: USA: AZ)
Picumna ovatipennis Fowler [nec Walker] see Picumna chinae Doering
Picumna procidua (Melichar 1906: 293) – Costa Rica
Picumna subovata Caldwell 1945: 119 – Mexico (Guerrero, Morelos)
Picumna subrotundata (Fowler 1904: 116) – Mexico (Guerrero, Michoacán, Morelos), Panama
Picumna testacea Metcalf 1938:415 – Panama
Picumna varians Stål 1864: 52 – Mexico (Tabasco, Veracruz), Panama, Guatemala
Picumna varians var. a, var. b Stal 1864:52 – Mexico
Picumna venosa Fowler 1905:128 – Mexico (Guerrero, Morelos)

Economic Importance:


Plant associations:
  • Picumna maculata – Pinus sp. (Pine, Pinaceae)

Hosts from Wilson et al. 1994; plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Hind wings well-developed (evident by peering beneath the forewings in ventral view), bearing large notch in hindwing at claval fold, body stout (broader thanThionia), hind tibiae with 4 lateral spines (fewer in Thionia)

Key to species North of Mexico, modified from Doering 1938

1 – Dark brown, mottled with yellow; costal margins of tegmina as viewed from above not parallel, somewhat expanded at base so that greatest width of tegmen is in line with apex of scutellum … Picumna chinai Doering

1’ – Dark brown, mottled with yellow; costal margins parallel or slightly rounding, not expanded at base, greatest width of tegmina through middle … Picumna maculata (Melichar)

Hind tibia and tarsus of Picumna chinae showing 4 lateral spines.

Hind tibia and tarsus of Picumna chinae showing 4 lateral spines.

PicumnachinaiDV0059 Picumnachinaifrons-0063

Picumna chinai (photographs by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)

Picumna chinai (photographs by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)

Picumna chinai

Picumna chinai from Barcode of Life (cnc#hem406086+1345045552)

Picumna maculata

Picumna maculata from Barcode of Life (cnc#hem406087+1345045600)

Picumna from Doering 1938

Picumna from Doering 1938

Online resources
Picumna on Bugguide
Picumna from EOL


Adults are taken beating woody vegetation.

Molecular resources:

There are no data for this genus on Genbank; Barcode of Life has data for 3 taxa (Picumna chinai, P. maculata and P. sp.).

Selected references:
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