Genus Exortus Gnezdilov, 2004

Genus Exortus Gnezdilov, 2004
Type species (in original combination):

Hysteropterum punctiferum Walker, 1851 .




Southeastern United States.

Recognized species

There are two species currently assigned to this genus

Exortus fuscomaculosus (Doering, 1938) – USA: FL
= Hysteropterum fuscomaculosum Doering, 1938.
Exortus fuscomaculosus (Doering, 1938); comb. by Gnezdilov 2004: 2.

Exortus punctiferus (Walker, 1851)- USA: FL, GA, TX (reported in error: USA: NJ, CO)
Hysteropterum punctiferum Walker, 1851: 376.
Exortus punctiferus (Walker, 1851); comb. by Gnezdilov 2004: 2.

Economic Importance:


Known host plants:

Apparently none.

Hosts from Wilson et al. 1994; plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Hind wings absent or rudimentary, Body elongate (not rounded in dorsal view, vs Paralixes & Traxus), wings not strongly reticulate; Intermediate carinae of front present, raised; smaller species usually 4.4 mm or less; vertex not as deeply emarginate as Tylanira; intermediate carinae of frons converging dorsally; frons at dorsal margin about as wide as tall at median carina (about 1.05x) with dorsal dorsal margin v-shaped; vertex about 2x wider than long in middle; forewings uniformly speckled with fine dots, otherwise not strongly patterned; dorsoanterior portion of head rounded (not raised) in lateral view; dorsal margin of forewing straight in lateral view; southeastern (not southwestern)

Doering’s (1938: 482) separation of the two species (extracted from the Hysteropterum key):

1. Vertex with lateral margins greatly elevated; its width only twice as great as length; hind tibiae with one lateral spine … fuscomaculosus (Doering)

1′. Vertex over twice as wide as long; lateral margins moderately elevated; hind tibiae with two lateral spines … punctiferus (Walker)


Exortus fuscomaculosus (all photographs by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)

Exortus fuscomaculosus (all photographs by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)


Exortus punctiferus

Exortus punctiferus

This genus is not listed on Bugguide both species are included under Hysteropterum.


Adults are taken by sweeping or beating (I collected a good series at Archbold biological station, near Lake Placid, Florida).

Molecular resources:

There is data for Exortus fuscomaculosus on Barcode of Life; there does not appear to be any data for this genus on Genbank.

Selected references:
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