Genus Rhabdocephala Van Duzee, 1929

Genus Rhabdocephala Van Duzee, 1929

Type species (in original combination):

Rhabdocephala brunnea Van Duzee, 1929.




Southwestern US and adjacent Mexico (Sonoran region).

Distribution of Rhabdocephala from FLOW

Distribution of Rhabdocephala from FLOW (as of 1 Jan 2021).

Recognized species

This genus is monotypic. [see Metcalf 1947: 106]

  • Rhabdocephala brunnea Van Duzee, 1929 – USA: AZ, TX; Mexico (Sonora)
Economic Importance

Limited – this genus is seldom encountered.

Plant associations
  • Rhabdocephala brunnea – Muhlenbergia porteri Scribn. ex Beal (bush muhly, Poaceae) (but this doesn’t look like a grass)

Host from Wilson & Wheeler (1992) and Wilson et al. (1994); plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Head strongly anteriorly produced (one of only 3 fulgorid genera north of Mexico); cephalic process not substantively narrowed apically (vs. Amycle); vertex smooth in lateral view, rounded, pointed anteriorly, carinae not foliaceous; sides of head visible throughout (vs. Scolopsella).

Rhabdocephala brunnea 2

Rhabdocephala brunnea

Online resources

GenBank. (genus not present)
Discover Life.


Here is a photo of a nymph on Flicker


Adults and nymphs are found on the thatch at the base of their host plant (Wilson & Wheeler 1992).

Molecular resources

Genbank has no data for Rhabdocephala brunnea; Barcode of Life has data for Rhabdocephala brunnea.

Selected references

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