Genus Itzalana Distant, 1905

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Family Fulgoridae Latreille, 1807

Subfamily Poiocerinae Haupt, 1929

Tribe Poiocerini Haupt, 1929

Subtribe Poiocerina Haupt, 1929

Genus Itzalana Distant, 1905

Type species (in original combination): Itzalana formosa Distant, 1905.




Mostly Central America (but reaches Texas).

Distribution of Itzalana

Distribution of Itzalana from FLOW (as of 4 Jan 2021).

Recognized species

This genus has 3 species, 1 of which gets into extreme southern U.S. [see Metcalf 1941, 51]

Itzalana formosa Distant, 1905: 146 – Mexico (Yucatan)
Itzalana rubescens Lallemand, 1956: 2 – Mexico (Oaxaca as Salina Cruz)
Itzalana submaculata Schmidt, 1905: 377 – USA: TX; Mexico (Chiapas, Morelos, San Luis Potosí); Honduras, Nicaragua, Surinam

Economic Importance


Plant associations
  • Itzalana submaculata – Baccharis (Asteraceae) (most collections either Sept.-Oct or late May).

Host from Wilson & O’Brien (1986) and Wilson et al. (1994); plant names from USDA PLANTS or Tropicos.


Body distinctly short and broad; head not strongly produced, with eyes wider than pronotum; frons shorter than the length of the frontoclypeal suture, dorsal margin at least 2x length of the frontoclypeal suture.


Description of the genus Itzalana from Distant 1905: 146.

Head very broad, narrow, the front truncately deflected and profoundly transversely sulcate, not visible from above; vertex with two transverse ridges, between which the surface is moderately sulcate, its anterior margin convex, posterior margin concave; eyes projecting a little beyond the anterior angles of the pronotum; face broad and somewhat short, the lateral and posterior margins concavely sinuate, the lateral margins laminately raised and reflected; clypeus with a central carination ; second joint of antennae subglobose; pronotum transverse, wider than vertex of head, anterior margin convex, base truncate, lateral margins oblique; mesonotum subtriangular; tegmina short, very little longer than the body, anteriorly centrally, moderately, convexly arched, apex obtusely acute, the venation totally reticulate; wings broad at base, apically obtusely acute; legs of moderate length, femora a little thickened and sulcate beneath, posterior tibiae with four spines; rostrum reaching posterior coxae.


Itzalana submaculata

Itzalana submaculata

Itzalana from Hondouras

Itzalana from Hondouras

Itzalana formosa from Distant 1905

Itzalana formosa from Distant 1905

Itzalana rubescens from Porion

 Itzalana rubescens scanned from Porion, 1994.

Itzalana submaculata 5th instar

Itzalana submaculata 5th instar illustrated in Wilson & O’Brien 1986

Itzalana submaculata 5th instar

Itzalana submaculata 5th instar illustrated in Wilson & O’Brien 1986 (see also Bugguide here)

Itzalana rubescens description

Description of Itzalana rubescens from Lallemand, 1956.

Online resources

BOLD. (link to Poiocerinae, genus not present)
GenBank. (no data)
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Inspection of Baccharis in May or Oct-Sept. in Texas or south.

Molecular resources

As of this writing, there is no molecular data for this genus on Genbank or Barcode of Life.

Selected references

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