Genus Ticrania Emeljanov 2006

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Family Dictyopharidae Spinola, 1839

Subfamily Orgeriinae Fieber, 1872

Tribe Orgeriini Fieber, 1872

Genus Ticrania Emeljanov 2006
Type species (in original combination): Ticida chamberlini Van Duzee, 1923: 187.



Southern (probably coastal) California and Mexico (Baja California and Gulf of California).

Distribution of Ticrania from FLOW (8 Oct 2018)

Recognized species

There is a single species currently in the genus:
Ticrania chamberlini (Van Duzee, 1923) – USA: CA; Mexico (Baja California, Ángel de la Guarda Island)
= Ticida chamberlini Van Duzee, 1923: 187.
= Ticrania chamberlini (Van Duzee, 1923); comb. by Emeljanov 2006: 73.

Economic Importance:


Known host plants:



Brachypterous, leaving several terga visible from above, tegulae hidden (all Orgeriinae); no callosity behind eye; head rounded or angulate, produced in front of eyes for distance less than 2/3 width of eyes. Vertex broad and short; apical cell of vertex (areolet) absent; front without horizontal black band above frontoclypeal suture; fore and middle tibiae not foliaceous; pronotum with lateral carinae, posterior margin deeply U-shaped; forewing with uniform net of veins (Most similar to Ticida, which has a black band above the frontoclypeal suture).

Keys to genus of US Orgeriinae in Doering & Darby 1943 and Doering (1955).

Ticrania chamberlini (Holotype; photos courtesy Norm PennyCalifornia Academy of Sciences, Dept. Entomology)

Ticrania1 Ticrania2 Ticrania3 Ticrania4


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Found by inspecting (or beating) putative hosts.

Molecular resources: 

As of this writing, data for this genus is not available on Genbank or on Barcode of life.

Selected references:

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