Tribe Idiosystanini Emeljanov, 1995

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Family Delphacidae Leach 1815

Subfamily Asiracinae Motschulsky, 1863: 108.

Tribe Idiosystanini Emeljanov 1995: 780.

The tribe was named by Emeljanov (1996) (first published in 1995 in Russian), although he attributed the name to Asche (1985; possibly referring to ‘idio-systati’ label used in the figure on page 264, as opposed to the ‘Asiracii’ within the Euasiracina).  Asche (1985) defined the characters of this group, but didn’t actually name it.  The name should be attributed to Emeljanov (1995: 780), despite Emeljanov’s attribution to Asche.

I will present the features of the tribe here sometime in the future.

The tribe includes 3 genera, all New World, as follows:

A detailed look at the features of the subfamily Asiracinae is here.

Idiosemus xiphias

New World Species

Idiosemus Berg, 1883
= Stenosystatus Muir, 1930; syn. by Fennah, 1965: 251.

Idiosemus  xiphias (Berg, 1879) – Argentina, Chile, Uruguay
= Liburnia xiphias Berg, 1879.
= Idiosemus xiphias (Berg, 1879); new comb. by Berg, 1883.
= Stenosystatus anonymi Muir, 1930 ; syn. by Fennah, 1965: 251.

Idiosystatus acutiusculus Idiosystatus acutiusculus

Idiosystatus Berg, 1883
Idiosystatus acutiusculus (Spinola, 1852) – Argentina, Chile
= Delphax acutiuscula Spinola, 1852.
= Idiosystatus acutiusculus (Spinola, 1852); new comb. by Berg, 1883: 231.

Idiosystatus australis Fennah, 1969 – Argentina

Idiosystatus fuscoirroratus (Spinola, 1852) – Chile
= Delphax fuscoirrorata Spinola, 1852.
= Liburnia fuscoirrorata (Spinola, 1852); comb. by Berg, 1881.
= Megamelus fuscoirroratus (Spinola, 1852); new comb. by Crawford, 1914: 632.
= Delphacodes fuscoirrorata (Spinola, 1852); new comb. by Muir, 1926: 38.
= Idiosystatus fuscoirroratus (Spinola, 1852) new comb. by Fennah, 1969: 50-51.
= Delphax vittata Spinola, 1852 (nec. Stal, 1862); syn by Fennah, 1969: 50-51.
= Delphacodes vittata (Spinola, 1852); new comb. by Muir, 1926: 38.

Idiosystatus  gubernator Fennah, 1969 – Argentina

Idiosystatus  longifrons Fennah, 1969 – Chile

Pentagramma vittatifrons Pentagramma vittatifrons

Pentagramma Van Duzee, 1897
= Bergia Scott, 1881; syn. by Asche, 1985: 283.
= Bergias Kirkaldy, 1904; nom. nov. for Bergia Scott, 1881; syn. by Asche, 1985: 283.
= Lepticus Crawford, 1914; syn. by Muir, 1926: 3.

Pentagramma bivittata Crawford, 1914 – USA: OH, KS, NE, TX; Nicaragua; Guyana; Netherlands Antilles; Puerto Rico; Trinidad

Pentagramma cosquina Penner, 1947 – Argentina, Uruguay

Pentagramma douglasensis Penner, 1947
= Pentagramma variegata Penner, 1947; syn. by Hedrick-Zeller and Wilson 2010: 234-236.
USA: IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, NM, NY, OR, SD, UT; CAN: SK, MB (also reported BC, ON, NS, possibly in error)

Pentagramma longistylata Penner, 1947 – USA: OK, TX (also reported FL, MT probably in error).

Pentagramma lueri Campodonico, 2017 – Chile (Also Argentina)

Pentagramma nigrifrons Muir, 1934 – Argentina, Brazil

Pentagramma nimbata (Berg, 1879) – Argentina
= Liburnia nimbata Berg 1879.
= Bergia nimbata (Berg, 1879); new comb. by Scott, 1881: 155.
= Bergias nimbata (Berg, 1879); new comb. by Muir, 1926: 36.
= Pentagramma nimbata (Berg, 1879); new comb by Asche, 1985: 283 by implication.

Pentagramma vittatifrons (Uhler, 1876: 351) – USA: CO, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, MA, MD, MI, MS, MT, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NY, OH, SD, TX, UT, VA, WA, WY; CAN: AB, MB, SK
= Liburnia vittatifrons  Uhler 1876: 351.
= Pentagramma vittatifrons (Uhler 1876); comb. by Van Duzee 1897: 260.

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