New World delphacid genera in the tribe Delphacini

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815: 125

There are about 80 New World genera, depending on count details (Liburnia might be excluded as invalid).

Recent additions: added the new genera Astatometopon and Neodelphax, and now less-recent genera of  Ampliphax and Pyrophagus; Matutinus was preoccupied and has been replaced by Distantinus. Tragediana Campodonico, 2017, Euryburnia Emeljanov, 2019, and Melaniphax Bartlett 2019 were recently added. Undoubtedly there will be more changes coming.

Each of the genera will be linked to its own page.  Click on links for additional information about that genus.  I have included a couple of genera, significant from an economic standpoint that does not occur in the New World.

Abbrosoga Caldwell, 1951  (in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951)

Abbrosoga errata

Achorotile Fieber, 1866

Achorotile stylata

Aethodelphax Bartlett & Hamilton, 2011

Aethodelphax prairiensis

Akemetopon Weglarz and Bartlett, 2011

Akemetopon inornatum

Ampliphax Bartlett & Kunz, 2015

Ampliphax grandis

Anchidelphax Fennah, 1965

Anchidelphax havanensis

Astatometopon Campodonico, 2017

Astatometopon sakakibarai

Bakerella Crawford, 1914

Bakerella cinerea

Bostaera Ball, 1902

Bostaera spp

Caenodelphax Fennah, 1965

Caenodelphax teapae

Calbodus Spinola, 1852

Calbodus pallidulus

Chionomus Fennah, 1971

Chionomus havanae

Chloriona Fieber, 1866 (one adventive New World species)

Chloriona alaica

Conomelus Fieber, 1866

Conomelus anceps

Criomorphus Curtis, 1833

Criomorphus inconspiuus

Delphacodes Fieber, 1866

Delphacodes audrasi

Delphax Fabricius, 1798

Delphax crassicornis

Dicranotropis Distant, 1906

Dicranitropis hamata

Distantinus Bellis and Donaldson 2015 (replacement name for preoccupied Matutinus Distant 1917)

Distantinus fuscipennis

Elachodelphax Vilbaste, 1965

Elachodelphax pediforma

Euidelloides Muir, 1926

Euidelloides montanus

Euides Fieber, 1866

Euides speciosa

Eumetopina Breddin, 1896 (not New World; the island sugarcane planthopper)

Eumetipina flavipes

Eurybregma Scott, 1875 (Old World as now defined)

Eurybregma nigrolineata

Euryburnia Emeljanov, 2019 (replacement name for Nearctic Eurybregma)

Euryburnia montana

Eurysa Fieber, 1866

Eurysa kormusi

Falcotoya Fennah, 1969

Falcotoya crawfordi

Flavoclypeus Kennedy and Bartlett, 2014

Flavoclypeus andromedus

Hadropygos Gonzon and Bartlett, 2008

Hadropygos rhombos

Harmalia Fennah, 1969 (now a jr. syn of Opiconsiva Distant 1917) (Adventive to New World)

Harmalia anacharsis

Isodelphax Fennah, 1963

Isodelphax basivitta

Javesella Fennah, 1963

Javesella pellucida

Kelisoidea Beamer, 1950

Kelisiodea versa

Keyflana Beamer, 1950

Keyflana hasta

Kormus Fieber, 1866

Kormus californicus

Kosswigianella Wagner, 1963

Kosswigianella lutulenta

Kusnezoviella Vilbaste, 1965

Kusnezoviella macleani

Laccocera Van Duzee, 1897

Laccocera obesa

Laodelphax Fennah, 1963 (not New World, small brown planthopper)

Laodelphax striatellus

Lepidelphax Remes Lenicov and Walsh, 2013

Lepidelphax Remes Lenicov and Walsh, 2013

Liburnia Stål, 1866 (junior syn. of Embolophora)

Embolophora britmusei

Liburniella Crawford, 1914

Liburniella ornata

Macrotomella Van Duzee, 1907

Macrotomella carinata

Matutinus Distant, 1917 (replaced by Distantinus Bellis and Donaldson 2015)

Megadelphax Wagner, 1963

Megadelphax sordidulus

Megamelanus Ball, 1902

Megamelanus bicolor

Megamelus Fieber, 1866

Megamelus distinctus

Melaniphax Bartlett, 2019

Melaniphax suffusculus

Meristopsis Kennedy et al. 2012

Meristopsis rhamphis

Metadelphax Wagner, 1963

Metadelphax propinqua

Muellerianella Wagner, 1963

Muellerianella laminalis

Muirodelphax Wagner, 1963

Muirodelphax arvensis

Neodelphax De Remes Lenicov and Brentassi 2017

Neodelphax sakakibarai

Neomegamelanus McDermott, 1952

Neomegamelanus elongatus

Neoperkinsiella Muir, 1926

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Nesosydne Kirkaldy, 1907 (Hawaii)

Nesosydne Kirkaldy, 1907

Nicetor Fennah, 1963

Nicetor cf pallidinervis

Nilaparvata Distant, 1906

Nilaparvata serrata

Nothodelphax Fennah, 1963

Nothodelphax consimilis

Opiconsiva Distant, 1917 (Adventive to New World)

Opiconsiva tangira

Paradelphacodes Wagner, 1963

Paradelphacodes paludosus

Paraliburnia Jensen-Haarup, 1917

Paraliburnia kilmani

Pareuidella Beamer, 1951

Pareuidella weedi

Parkana Beamer, 1950

Parkana alata

Penepissonotus Beamer, 1950

Penepissonotus bicolor

Peregrinus Kirkaldy, 1904

Peregrinus maidis

Perkinsiella Kirkaldy, 1903 (adventive to New World)

Perkinsiella saccharicida

Phrictopyga Caldwell, 1951 (in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951)

Phrictopyga occidentalis

Phyllodinus Van Duzee, 1897

Phyllodinus nervatus

Pissonotus Van Duzee, 1897

Pissonotus delicatus

Prokelisia Osborn, 1902

Prokelisia marginata

Pygospina Caldwell, 1951 (in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951)

Pygospina spinata

Pyrophagus Remes Lenicov & Varela, 2014

Pyrophagus tigrinus

Ribautodelphax Wagner, 1963

Ribautodelphax albostriata

Rotundifronta Beamer, 1950

Rotundifronta lutea

Salinesia Campodonico & Coccia, 2019

Salinesia atacamensis


Scolopygos Bartlett, 2002

Scolopygos pallida

Sogatella Fennah, 1956

Sogatella kolophon

Sparnia Stål, 1862

Sparnia praecellens

Spartidelphax Bartlett and Webb, 2014

Spartidelphax detectus

Stobaera Stål, 1859

Stobaera concinna

Syndelphax Fennah, 1963

Syndelphax fulvidorsum

Synpteron Muir, 1926

Synpteron brazilensis

Tagosodes Asche and Wilson, 1990

Tagosodes dorsolineatus

Tarophagus Zimmerman 1948 (adventive to New World)

Tarophagus colocasiae

Toya Distant, 1906

Toya attenuata

Tragediana Campodonico, 2017

Tragediana chusqueae

Tumidagena McDermott, 1952

Tumidagena minuta

Unkanodes Fennah, 1956

Unkanodes sapporonus

Yukonodelphax Wilson, 1992

Yukonodelphax stramineosa

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