Genus Ugyops Guerin-Meneville, 1834

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Asiracinae Motschulsky, 1863: 108.

Tribe Ugyopini Fennah, 1979

Genus Ugyops Guerin-Meneville, 1834: 477.

Type species (in original combination): Ugyops percheronii Guerin-Meneville, 1834.


Widespread, but patchy in tropical regions. As noted in Fennah (1964: 119)  concerning Ugyops

“Its members are impressively widespread among oceanic islands of the Pacific, are found in the Mascarene Islands, and range through tropical South America into the Greater Antilles. In the continental areas of the Old World… the genus is not represented in Africa and in continental Asia has been found only on the south-eastern seaboard, in “Cochin-China”. It is known that species of the genus occur in northern Australia, New Guinea, the Moluccas, Borneo and Sumatra and in some of the smaller islands of Indonesia, but the only evidence of its presence on the continent immediately north of Java and Sumatra is provided by specimens from Thailand in the present collection, and of its presence in the eastern part of the Indian Ocean by a specimen from Narcondam Island.”

Distribution of Ugyops from FLOW

Distribution of Ugyops from FLOW (30 June 2017)

Generic synonymy

Bidis Walker, 1857: 88 (Type species Bidis notivena Walker, 1857); synonymy by Fowler, 1905: 131, 137.
Cona White, 1879: 218 (Type species Cona caelata White, 1879: 526); unavailable, replaced by Micromasoria Kirkaldy, 1904.
Consualia Distant, 1917: 304 (Type species Consualia robusta Distant, 1917); synonymy by Asche, 1985: 283).
Eucanyra Crawford, 1914: 568 (Type species Eucanyra stigmata Crawford, 1914: 569); synonymy by Fennah, 1959: 247.
Epibidis Fowler, 1905: 131 (Type species Epibidis godmani Fowler, 1905); synonymy by Fennah, 1959: 247.
Hygiops Amyot and Serville, 1843: 511 (Type species Hygiops percheronii Amyot and Serville, 1843); synonymy by Muir, 1915: 212, 267-269.
Jugodina Schumacher, 1915: 140 (Type species Jugodina dictyophoroides Schumacher, 1915); synonymy by Ishihara, 1949: 9.
Livatis Stål, 1859: 274 (Type species Delphax annulipes Stål, 1854); synonymy by Fennah, 1964: 120; Asche, 1985: 283.
Micromasoria Kirkaldy, 1904: 279 (Type species Cona caelata White, 1879: 526); new name for unavailable Cona White, 1879; Synonymy with Ugyops by Fennah 1965: 7 (see also Asche, 1985: 283).


Several subgenera have been defined (such as Paracona Fennah, 1965: 11), but they have been inconsistently used and few species are clearly and explicitly placed within subgenera.  Fennah, 1964, divided Ugyops into two functional groups – long-winged forms that are Ugyops s.s. (noting U. kinbergi as an example in addition to the type species), and short-winged forms (the Livatis group), noting only U. annulipes. I will specify subgenera here once I have determined their species composition.

Paracona Fennah, 1965:11 (Type species Ugyops pelorus Fennah, 1965) includes Ugyops raouli.
Livatis Stal, 1859: 274 (Type species Delphax annulipes Stal. 1859) includes (at least) Ugyops annulipes, U. brevifrons and U. longifrons.
Ugyops Guerin-Meneville, 1834 – this subgenus contains all species not explicitly placed in the other subgenera.

Recognized species

There are 101 species and 12 subspecies currently placed in this genus (distribution information incomplete, I’m working on updating the Old World species; the “?” in the distributions are data I need to check with the original source).

(Fennah, 1971 indicates that the ICZN considers the –ops termination as masculine.  ICZN 1999 article (viz. ” A compound genus-group name ending in -ops is to be treated as masculine, regardless of its derivation or of its treatment by its author”) specifically indicates that ‘-ops‘ is male; below, where I have emended names to be masculine, I indicate this with a “*” to indicate that the emendation may not be published; I will remove this indication where I subsequently find the emended termination has been published).

New World
1 Ugyops bifurcatus (Metcalf, 1945)* – Guyana
= Eucanyra bufurcata Metcalf, 1945.
= Ugyops bifurcata (Metcalf, 1945); comb. by Fennah, 1959: 247 (by implication).
2 Ugyops brunneus (Fowler, 1905) – Panama
= Epibidis brunnea Fowler, 1905: 132.
= Ugyops brunneus (Fowler, 1905); comb. by Fennah, 1964: 123-124.
3 Ugyops flagellatus (Fennah, 1945)* – Trinidad
= Eucanyra flagellata Fennah, 1945: 426.
= Ugyops flagellata (Fennah, 1945); comb. by Fennah, 1959: 247.
4 Ugyops godmani (Fowler, 1905) – Panama, Costa Rica
= Epibidis godmani Fowler, 1905: 131.
= Ugyops godmani (Fowler, 1905); comb. by Fennah, 1964: 122-123.
5 Ugyops isolatus Caldwell, 1951* – Vieques Island (Puerto Rico)
=  Ugyops isolata Caldwell, 1951 (in Caldwell & Martotell 1951)
6 Ugyops occidentalis Muir, 1918 – Puerto Rico
7 Ugyops osborni Metcalf, 1943: 45 – Puerto Rico
= Ugyops granulata Osborn, 1935 [nec. Ugyops granulatus Melichar 1914: 175]; unavailable name replaced by Metcalf, 1943: 45.
8 Ugyops palliatus Fennah, 1964: 121 – Panama
= Epibidis godmani Fowler, 1905 (auctt. in part); syn. by Fennah, 1964: 121-122.
= Epibidis brunnea Fowler, 1905 (auctt. in part); syn. by Fennah, 1964: 121-122.
9 Ugyops romani (Muir, 1930: 207) – Brazil (Amazons)
= Eucanyra romani Muir, 1930: 207.
= Ugyops romani (Muir, 1930); comb. by Fennah, 1959: 247 (by implication).
10 Ugyops stigmatus (Crawford, 1914: 569)* – Belize, Panama (Canal Zone)
= Eucanyra stigmata Crawford, 1914: 569.
= Ugyops stigmata (Crawford, 1914); comb. by Fennah, 1959: 247 (by implication).
11 Ugyops tamu Fennah, 1964: 123 – Brazil
12 Ugyops taracuae (Muir, 1930) – Brazil (Amazons).
= Eucanyra taracuae Muir, 1930: 207.
= Ugyops taracuae (Muir, 1930); comb. by Fennah, 1959: 247 (by implication).

Old World
1 Ugyops alecto Fennah, 1969 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
2 Ugyops almo (Fennah, 1958) – Austral Is., Raivavae Is., Rimatara Is
3 Ugyops amboinensis Muir, 1913: 251 – Amboyna (Malaysia)
4 Ugyops anatahani Fennah, 1956: 101 – Mariana Is.
5 Ugyops annulipes annulipes (Stål, 1859) – Guam, Saipan (South Mariana Is.)
Ugyops annulipes pisanus Fennah, 1956: 98* – East Caroline Islands (Nama, Truk)
6 Ugyops apollo Fennah, 1956: 100 – Caroline Is.
7 Ugyops arestor Fennah, 1969 – Lifu Is. (Loyalty Islands)
8 Ugyops ariadne Fennah, 1956: 98 – Western Caroline Is. (Yap Is.); also possibly Lamotrek, Ulithi, Woleai, Ifaluk
9 Ugyops arignotus Fennah, 1964: 135 – New Hebrides
10 Ugyops aristellus (Kirby, 1900) – Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
11 Ugyops astrolabei Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
12 Ugyops atreces Fennah, 1964: 139 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
13 Ugyops bianor Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
14 Ugyops bougainvillei Muir, 1921 – Samoa
15 Ugyops brevifrons (Jacobi, 1928) – Australia: Queensland
16 Ugyops brevipennis Muir, 1921 – Samoa
17 Ugyops bryani Muir, 1927 – Samoa
18 Ugyops butleri Muir, 1925: 221 – Loyalty Islands (Melanesia)
19 Ugyops buxtoni Muir, 1931 – New Herbrides
20 Ugyops caelatus (White, 1879) – New Zealand
21 Ugyops cantilenus Fennah, 1964: 126* – Thailand
22 Ugyops cassander Fennah, 1964: 129 – Sarawak (Borneo, Malaysia)
23 Ugyops cercyo Fennah, 1971: 569 – Ocean Islands (Banaba)
24 Ugyops cheesmanae Fennah, 1964: 133 – New Hebrides
25 Ugyops contiguus (Walker, 1857b: 151) – Borneo
26 Ugyops crotopus (Fennah, 1958) – Cook Is.,
27 Ugyops demeter angusticaudus* Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
Ugyops demeter demeter Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
Ugyops demeter laticaudus* Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
28 Ugyops demonice Fennah, 1970 – ? Solomon Islands
29 Ugyops eos Fennah, 1956: 102 – eastern Caroline Islands (Kapingamarangi)
30 Ugyops facialis Distant, 1917: 305 – Seychelles (Indian Ocean)
31 Ugyops flyensis Schmidt, 1930 – New Guinea
Ugyops granulatus Melichar, 1914: 175; to Melanesia Kirkaldy 1907 by Muir 1916: 369.
32 Ugyops hackeri Donaldson, 1983: 283 – Australia: Queensland
33 Ugyops haliacmon (Fennah, 1958) – Society Islands
34 Ugyops houadouensis Distant, 1920 – New Caledonia (Melanesia) (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
35 Ugyops impictus (Stål, 1870) – Philippine Islands
36 Ugyops inermis Distant, 1920 – New Caledonia (Melanesia) (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
37 Ugyops insularis Muir, 1926 – Mentawi Islands (East Indies)
38 Ugyops kellersi Muir, 1921 – Samoa
39 Ugyops kinbergi kinbergi Stål, 1859: 274 – Insula Pouynipet, East Caroline Islands (Ponape, Sonsorol, Nukuoro) (Micronesia), Java
     Ugyops kinbergi civilis Fennah, 1956: 91 – Caroline Is. (Yap, Caroline Atolls [Nomwin, Ulithi], Truk)
     Ugyops kinbergi guahoni Fennah, 1956: 89 – Southern Mariana Is., Guam
     Ugyops kinbergi kusaieanus* Fennah, 1956: 93 – Eastern Caroline is. (Kusaie)
     Ugyops kinbergi magas Fennah, 1956 : 92 – Marshall Is. (Jaluit)
     Ugyops kinbergi palauanus* Fennah, 1956: 90 – Western Caroline Islands (Palau)
40 Ugyops lalokensis Muir, 1913: 252 – Papua New Guinea
= Eucanyra lalokensis (Muir, 1913); comb. by Muir & Giffard 1924: 4.
41 Ugyops lato Fennah, 1969 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
42 Ugyops laui Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
43 Ugyops leaenus* (Fennah, 1958) – Danger Is.,
44 Ugyops lifuanus Fennah, 1969 – Lifu Is. (Loyalty Islands)
45 Ugyops liturifrons (Walker, 1870: 119) – Malaysia, Molucca Island, New Guinea, Amboyna, Ceram, Larat (Malaysia)
46 Ugyops longiceps Muir, 1931 – Australia: Queensland
47 Ugyops longifrons (Jacobi, 1928) – Australia: Queensland
48 Ugyops macareis Fennah, 1964: 128 – Thailand
49 Ugyops maculipennis Schmidt, 1926 – ? Molucca Island
50 Ugyops manturnus* Fennah, 1969 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
51 Ugyops medius (Walker, 1870: 121) – Molucca Island
52 Ugyops menelaus Fennah, 1964: 142 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
53 Ugyops musgravei Muir, 1931 – Lord Howe Island (Australia)
54 Ugyops necopinus Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
55 Ugyops nemestrinus Fennah, 1969 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
56 Ugyops nerinus Fennah, 1964: 124 – Narcondam Island
57 Ugyops nesiotes Fennah, 1964: 125 – Krakatau
58 Ugyops notivenus (Walker, 1857: 88) – Malay Peninsula (East Indies), Krakatau, Sumatra, Sebesi (East Indies)
59 Ugyops ocypetes Fennah, 1964: 131 – New Hebrides (Banks Is.)
60 Ugyops odites Fennah, 1964: 130 – New Guinea
61 Ugyops orchamus jugis Fennah, 1964: 139 – New Hebrides
Ugyops orchamus orchamus Fennah, 1964: 138 – New Hebrides
62 Ugyops orestillus Fennah, 1964: 134* – New Hebrides
63 Ugyops oromedon (Fennah, 1958) – Tokelau Is.,
64 Ugyops pelorus Fennah, 1965: 11 – New Zealand (North and South Island)
65 Ugyops percheronii Guerin-Meneville, 1834: 478 (Guerin-Meneville 1829, plate 58, fig. 16 nom nud.) – Indochina
66 Ugyops pictifrons (Stål, 1870) – Philippine Islands, Mindanao (Philippines)
67 Ugyops pictulus (Walker, 1857b: 150) – Borneo
= Bidis punctifrons Walker, 1857b: 150; syn. by Distant 1910: 337.
68 Ugyops plangunculus* Fennah, 1969 – Lifu Is. (Loyalty Islands)
69 Ugyops privatus (Walker, 1870: 120) – Molucca Island
70 Ugyops pygmaeus Fennah, 1964: 137 – New Hebrides
71 Ugyops (Paracona) raouli (Muir, 1923) – Raoul Island (Pacific Ocean near New Zealand)
72 Ugyops rhadamanthus Fennah, 1965: 9 – New Zealand
73 Ugyops robustus (Distant, 1917: 304) – Seychelles
= Consualia robusta Distant 1917; to Ugyops by Asche, 1985: 283 (by implication).
74 Ugyops rotanus* Fennah, 1956: 101 – Southern Mariana Is. (Rota)
75 Ugyops rufus Muir, 1927 – Samoa
76 Ugyops samoaensis ferus Fennah, 1964: 121 – Niue
Ugyops samoaensis samoaensis Muir, 1921 – Samoa, Savage Island (Polynesia)
77 Ugyops sejunctus Donaldson, 1983: 283 – Australia: Queensland
78 Ugyops senescens Distant, 1909 – Seychelles, Amirantes Island (Indian Ocean)
79 Ugyops seychellensis Distant, 1917: 305 – Seychelles (Indian Ocean)
80 Ugyops similis Schmidt, 1926 – Molucca Island
81 Ugyops superciliatus Fennah, 1956: 94* – Caroline Atolls (Mokil, Pingelap), Ponepe, Kusaie; Marshall Is., eastern Caroline Islands
82 Ugyops taranis Fennah, 1964: 141 – New Caledonia (see Gebicki et al. 2021)
83 Ugyops tripunctatus (Kato, 1931) – Japan, Taiwan (Orchard Is.); China
84 Ugyops vitiensis Kirkaldy, 1907 – Fiji
85 Ugyops vittatus (Matsumura, 1906) – Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan (Orchard Is.), Hachijo Is., Bonin Is., Okinawa; China
86 Ugyops walkeri Metcalf, 1943: 47 (new name for Delphax longicornis Walker 1870: 120 nec. Latreille) – Molucca Island
87 Ugyops wilkesi Muir, 1927 – Samoa
88 Ugyops zimmermani Fennah, 1950 – Fiji
89 Ugyops zoe Fennah, 1956: 463 – S. China, Hainan Island, Tsai-Chau Island, Lan-Tau Island

Plant Associations

Reported plant associations are highly varied and those reported often need confirmation. Possibly, they are primitively associated with ferns or some other non-angiosperm.  I have seen adults resting on tree-trunks in Central America, but have swept nymphs from understory forest vegetation (in Costa Rica, at least).

Ugyops ariadneMelanthera biflora (L.) Wild (as Wedelia biflora (L) DC) (Asteraceae)
Ugyops caelatusLeptospermum sp. (teatree, Myrtaceae), Muehlenbeckia sp., Muehlenbeckia australis (G.Forst.) Meissn. (and Muehlenbeckia  sp.) (Pohuehue, Polygonaceae), Coprosma rhamnoides A.Cunn. (Rubiaceae), Knightia excelsa R. Br. (New Zealand honeysuckle, Rewarewa);  Kunzea ericoides J. Thompson (Myrtales, Myrtaceae); Metrosideros sp. (Myrtales, Myrtaceae). (see Larivière et al. 2010).
Ugyops eosNephrolepis sp. (Dryopteridaceae, swordfern, Pteridophyta), Stenotaphrum sp. (St. Augustine grass, Poaceae), Asplenium sp. (spleenwort Aspleniaceae, Pteridophyta), Vigna sp. (cowpea, Fabaceae), Ipomoea sp. (Convolvulaceae, morning-glory), grasses
Ugyops haliacmonAsplenium nidus L. (Hawai’I birdnest fern, Aspleniaceae)
Ugyops kinbergiIntsia bijuga (Colebr.) Kuntze (ifil, Fabaceae)
Ugyops oromedonMorinda citrifolia L. (Indian mulberry) (Rubiaceae), Scaevola sericea Vahl var. sericea (beach naupaka; as Scaevola taccada (Gaertn.) Roxb.) (Goodeniaceae)(Hinckley 1969)
Ugyops osborniPrestoea acuminata (Willd.) H.E. Moore (as Euterpe globosa, Sierran palm, Arecaceae), trees
Ugyops (Paracona)  pelorusMuehlenbeckia australis (G.Forst.) Meissn. (Pohuehue, Polygonaceae); Cotula sp. (waterbuttons, Asterales, Asteraceae); Hebe bollonsii ? (Lamiales, Scrophulariaceae); Metrosideros kermadecensis W.R.B. Oliv. (Myrtales, Myrtaceae);  Phormium tenax J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. (Asparagales, Xanthorrhoeaceae) (see Larivière et al. 2010); Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce (African asparagus fern, bridled creeper) (Harman et al 2008)
Ugyops rhadamanthus Fennah, 1965 – Dysoxylum spectabile Hook. f. (Sapindales, Meliaceae)
Ugyops (Paracona) raouli – Rhopalostylis sapida H. Wendl. & Drude (Arecales, Arecaceae) (Larivière et al. 2010)
Ugyops samoaensisPemphis sp. (Lythraceae)
Ugyops superciliatusWedelia sp. (creepingoxeye, Asteraceae), Polypodium sp. (polypody, Polypodiaceae, Pteridophyta), Hibiscus tiliaceus L. (sea hibiscus, Malvaceae)
Ugyops tripunctatus – ferns (Pteridophyta); Pteridium Gleditsch ex Scop. (brackenfern, Dennstaedtiaceae).
Ugyops vittatusPteridium Gleditsch ex Scop. (brackenfern, Dennstaedtiaceae), Crinum asiaticum Linn. var. japonicum baker (poisonbulb, Liliaceae), Gynura bicolor (WILLD.) DC. (Asteraceae, this species reported by Murakami et al. 2000)

Plant names primarily according to The PLANTS Database ( or Tropicos (GRIN when not in PLANTS, internet search when all else fails).

Sources of host information: Fennah (1956), Hinckley (1969), Wilson et al. (1994), Ding (2006); see also FLOW and Larivière et al. (2010).

Economic Importance

Limited.  Most species poorly known, not on economic plants.


Among genera in the New World, Ugyops is very similar to Canyra, but not particularly close to any other genera. Both are large delphacids with both antennal segments long and round in cross-section.  The only feature that might distinguish the genera (if any) is that Canyra bears a longitudinal sulcus on the dorsal side of the first antennal segment that Ugyops should lack.  However, a casual, but incomplete, review of New World Ugyops found that most also have this feature (this is noted in Barringer and Bartlett, 2011).   This suggests either that Canyra is also a synonym of Ugyops, or that most New World Ugyopini belongs in Canyra.

A number of species were described from females and may be difficult to place with certainty

Fennah claimed the color intensity varies greatly within a species, but the general color pattern is consistent. So far it is not clear to me that either is consistent within a species.

Ugyops stigmatus (Photos – except where otherwise indicated – by Kimberley Shropshire, Department of Entomology, University of Delaware)

Ugyops palliatus

Ugyops tamu


Undetermined Ugyops from Ecuador

Ugyops sp. from Costa Rica


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Web Images

Ugyops caelata White, 1879 (as Cona; Lectotype) at the Perth Museum and Art Gallary (other images here)
Ugyops (Paracona) pelorus Fennah 1965 (holotype) at Landcare Research – Manaaki Whenua (New Zealand)
Ugyops (Ugyops) rhadamanthus Fennah 1965 (holotype) at Landcare Research – Manaaki Whenua (New Zealand)
Undet. Ugyops from the Philippines from the California Academy of Sciences Philippine Islands Biodiversity Project.
Flickr (search = Ugyops)

Molecular resources

There is limited data for Ugyops on Genbank; the Genbank data is for two (or 3) undetermined species, plus Ugyops stigmatus, Ugyops tripunctatus and U. vittatus (available here). Data for undetermined Ugyops are available on BOLD (as of this writing, 40(!) sequences, all undet species).   Urban et al. (2010) sequence 4 genetic loci (18S rDNA, 28S rDNA, wingless, and cytochrome oxidase I) for Ugyops stigmatus and a Ugyops sp. (the latter from Papua New Guinea).

Selected references

(Not all references to original species descriptions are included – yet.  Links to Biodiversity Heritage Library are a work in progress)

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