Genus Tanycranus Bartlett, 2010

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Stenocraninae Wagner, 1963

Tribe Stenocranini Wagner, 1963

Genus Tanycranus Bartlett, 2010: 473.

Type species (in original combination): Tanycranus elongatus Bartlett, 2010.

Synonyms: none


Neotropical (no map on FLOW yet).

Recognized species

There is a single species currently placed in this genus.

Tanycranus elongatus Bartlett, 2010 – Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana, Uruguay.

Plant associations

On “large Carex

Economic Importance

Limited – species poorly known.


This species is the only stenocranine currently known from South America.  The very long head is similar to Frameus from Central America and Embolophora from Africa.  In Tanycranus the apex of the head is truncate, the median carina of the frons is forked near the eyes, and segment 10 has 1 pair of processes.  The form of the aedeagus is also distinctive.  The drawing in Hamilton (2006, Figure 4) appears to be this species.

Tanycranus elongatus pygoferTanycranus elongatus parameres

Molecular resources

There are no data on this genus in Genbank or BOLD.

Selected references

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