Genus Synpteron Muir, 1926

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Synpteron Muir, 1926: 7.

Type species: Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926: 7.


Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

Recognized Species

This genus is recorded only from a single species.

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 – Known from a single, parasitized, specimen (Rio de Janeiro, March 1924).  This species has not been reported since it was originally described.

Economic importance


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Essentially nothing is known of the only species in this genus, which is only known from the parasitized holotype of the type species.   Muir (1926) placed the genus in the Alohini Muir 1915: 269, a placement it retained in Metcalf 1943: 108, but the concept of Alohini was deemed polyphyletic and subsumed within Asche’s (1985) concept of Delphacini, where it as since been placed.

Muir, 1926 described the genus as follows (any errors in the text are my mistyping)

“Width of vertex about four times the length, apex slightly broader than base, base very slightly emarginated, the median carinae of frons projecting in middle of apex, no carina in middle; base of frons about twice the width of apex, sides slightly arcuate, median carina simple; no median carina on clypeus. Lateral carinae obscure; antennae reaching slightly beyond base of clypeus, first segment a little longer than wide, second segment considerably longer than first.  Pronotum short, hind margin arcuately emarginated no median carina, the lateral carinae joining together in middle. Parallel to hind margin of vertex and eyes, not reaching hind margin.  Mesonotum tricarinate. Abdomen considerably compressed, not reaching to middle of tegmina. Legs fairly short; hind basitarsus shorter than other two [segments] together, spur longer than basitarsus, fairly wide, thick cultrate, very slightly concave on inner surface, with distinct teeth on hind margin. Tegmina compressed, apical cells long, nodal line about middle, costa sinuate, the tegmina beyond the nodal line compressed together when at rest; Sc and R forking fairly near to base.”

As noted in Asche and Emeljanov (2016), some authors have suggested that the calcar of Synpteron hrazilensis is “alohinoid” (described in that same paper (p. 1211) as “post-tibial spur slender, terete in cross-section, posterior margin with separated coneshaped teeth”; however, they later (P. 1230)  remark that “The examination of the (parasitized) male holotype of Synpteron brazilensis Muir (Bishop Museum, type number 4969) has revealed the presence of a “normally” dentate (not “alohinoid”) post-tibial spur”.

These comments on Synpteron are essentially the only remarks on the genus since before the Metcalf catalog (Metcalf 1943: 108), excepting the key in Fennah, 1959: 250.

From Muir, 1926.

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 (From Muir 1926)

Thanks to James Boon from the Bishop Museum for the following photos

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 (Holotype)

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 (Holotype) Thanks to James Boon from the Bishop Museum.

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 (Holotype)

Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 (Holotype) Thanks to James Boon from the Bishop Museum.

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