Genus Obtusicranus Bartlett, 2006

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Stenocraninae Wagner, 1963

Tribe Stenocranini Wagner, 1963

Genus Obtusicranus Bartlett, 2006

Type species (in original combination): Obtusicranus bicarinus Bartlett, 2006.


Southwest USA and Mexico.

Distribution of Obtusicranus from FLOW

Distribution of Obtusicranus from FLOW (as of 10 Feb 2020)

Recognized species

There are two species currently placed in this genus.

Obtusicranus bicarinus Bartlett, 2006 – USA: Arizona, Colorado, Utah

Obtusicranus bifidus Bartlett, 2010 – Mexico

Plant associations

Obtusicranus bifidus Bartlett, 2010 – Bromus exaltatus Bernh. (Pooaceae: Pooideae: Bromeae).

Economic Importance

Limited. Both species are uncommonly encountered.


New World Stenocraninae were recently reviewed by Bartlett (2010), including a key to genus.

Obrusicranus has its head projected in front of the eyes to a greater degree than Stenocranus, but less than Frameus or Tanycranus.  The median carina of the frons is paired (single in Kelisicranus and Stenocranus), and the head is blunt in lateral view.

Obtusicranus bifidus is larger (~5.3-5.7mm vs. 4.1-4.8mm) than O. bicarinus and has a pale vitta on the mesothorax; O. bifidus also has two processes from the phallobase instead of one in O. bicarinus.


Obtusicranus bifidus

Obtusicranus bifidus

Obtusicranus bifidus

Molecular resources

There is COI, 18S and 28S data for Obtusicranus bicarinus in Genbank. BOLD has CO1 for the same species.

Selected references

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