Genus Nesosydne Kirkaldy, 1907

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Nesosydne Kirkaldy, 1907

Type species (in original combination): Nesosydne koae Kirkaldy 1907.


In this strict sense, this genus is confined to the Hawaiian Islands; however, currently, species are also placed in this genus from the Juan Fernández Archipiélago (off the coast of Chile), and several sets of Islands in the Pacific (Society Islands, Rapa, Marquesas, Galapagos) (the map in FLOW is not very informative).

Nesosydne from discover life

Nesosydne distribution from Discover Life.

Recognized species

There are 121 species and 2 subspecies in this genus (distribution information incomplete):

Juan Fernández

1 Nesosydne calypso Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
2 Nesosydne clio Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
3 Nesosydne minos Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
4 Nesosydne oreas Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
5 Nesosydne philoctetes Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
6 Nesosydne sappho Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago
7 Nesosydne vulcan Fennah, 1955 – Juan Fernández Archipiélago

1 Nesosydne alcmaeon Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
2 Nesosydne augur Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
3 Nesosydne brimo Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
4 Nesosydne iphis Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
5 Nesosydne olipor Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
6 Nesosydne seneca Fennah, 1967 – Galapagos
7 Nesosydne simulans (Walker, 1851) – Charles & James Is (Galapagos)

1 Nesosydne acastus Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
2 Nesosydne agenor Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
3 Nesosydne cheesmanae (Muir, 1927) – Marquesas Islands
4 Nesosydne cleanthes Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
5 Nesosydne clitarchus Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
6 Nesosydne cyane Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
7 Nesosydne dinomache Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
8 Nesosydne elatus Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
9 Nesosydne helicaon Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
10 Nesosydne lanista Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
11 Nesosydne laocoon Fennah, 1958) – Marquesas Islands
12 Nesosydne latona Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
13 Nesosydne linus Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
14 Nesosydne melampus Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
15 Nesosydne oroanda Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
16 Nesosydne orphne Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
17 Nesosydne siderion Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands
18 Nesosydne sorix Fennah, 1958 – Marquesas Islands

Rapa Island
1 Nesosydne otus Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island
2 Nesosydne ozomene Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island
3 Nesosydne panthus Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island
4 Nesosydne satyrion Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island
5 Nesosydne sophonisba Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island
6 Nesosydne soracte Fennah, 1958 – Rapa Island

Society Islands
1 Nesosydne remmius Fennah, 1958 – Society Islands
2 Nesosydne scorpinaca Fennah, 1958 – Society Islands

Hawaiian Islands (True Nesosydne)
1 Nesosydne acuta (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
2 Nesosydne ahinahina (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
3 Nesosydne aku (Muir, 1921) – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
4 Nesosydne amaumau (Muir, 1921) – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
5 Nesosydne anceps Muir, 1916 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
6 Nesosydne argyroxiphii Kirkaldy, 1908 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
7 Nesosydne asteliae Muir, 1917 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
8 Nesosydne boehmeriae (Muir, 1921) – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
9 Nesosydne bridwelli (Muir, 1919) – Maui, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
10 Nesosydne campylothecae (Muir, 1922) – Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
11 Nesosydne chambersi Kirkaldy, 1908 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
12 Nesosydne chenopodii Zimmerman 1952 – Hawaii
13 Nesosydne coprosmicola (Muir 1919) – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
14 Nesosydne cyathodis Kirkaldy, 1910 – Maui, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
15 Nesosydne cyrtandrae Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
16 Nesosydne cyrtandricola Muir, 1918 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
17 Nesosydne dubautiae (Muir, 1921) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
18 Nesosydne eeke (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
19 Nesosydne fullawayi (Muir, 1916) – Maui, Hawaii, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
20 Nesosydne geranii (Muir, 1921: 515) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
21 Nesosydne giffardi Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
22 Nesosydne gigantea (Muir, 1921) – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
23 Nesosydne gouldiae Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
24 Nesosydne gunnerae Muir, 1917 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
25 Nesosydne haleakala Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
26 Nesosydne halia Kirkaldy, 1908 – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
27 Nesosydne halia fuscovittata Metcalf, 1943 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
28 Nesosydne hamadryas Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
29 Nesosydne hamata Muir, 1917 – Lanai (Hawaiian Islands)
30 Nesosydne imbricola Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
31 Nesosydne incommoda Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
32 Nesosydne ipomoeicola Kirkaldy, 1907 – Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
33 Nesosydne koae Kirkaldy, 1907 – Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
34 Nesosydne koae-phyllodii Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu, Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
35 Nesosydne koebelei Muir, 1917 – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
36 Nesosydne kokolau (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
37 Nesosydne kuschei (Muir, 1922) – Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
38 Nesosydne lanaiensis (Muir, 1917) – Maui, Hawaii, lanai (Hawaiian Islands)
39 Nesosydne leahi Kirkaldy, 1904) – Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
40 Nesosydne lobeliae Kirkaldy, 1916 – Oahu, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
41 Nesosydne longipes (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
42 Nesosydne mamake (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
43 Nesosydne mauiensis (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
44 Nesosydne monticola Kirkaldy, 1910 – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
45 Nesosydne montistantalus Muir, 1916 (as montis-tantalus) – Oahu, Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
46 Nesosydne naenae (Muir, 1922) – Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
47 Nesosydne neocyrtandrae (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
48 Nesosydne neoraillardiae (Muir, 1921) – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
49 Nesosydne neowailupensis Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
50 Nesosydne nephelias Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
51 Nesosydne nephrolepidis Kirkaldy, 1908 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
52 Nesosydne nesogunnerae Muir, 1917 Lanai (Hawaiian Islands)
53 Nesosydne nesopele (Muir, 1921) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
54 Nesosydne nigriceps Muir, 1917 Lanai (Hawaiian Islands)
55 Nesosydne nigrinervis (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
56 Nesosydne nubigena Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
57 Nesosydne oahuensis Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
58 Nesosydne olympica (Muir, 1921) – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
59 Nesosydne osborni Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
60 Nesosydne painiu (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
61 Nesosydne palustris Muir, 1908 – Hawaii, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
62 Nesosydne perkinsi Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
63 Nesosydne phyllostegiae Muir, 1918 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
64 Nesosydne pilo (Muir, 1922) – Kauai, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
65 Nesosydne pipturi Kirkaldy, 1908 – Hawaii, Oahu, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
66 Nesosydne procellaris Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Molokai (Hawaiian Islands)
67 Nesosydne pseudorubescens Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
68 Nesosydne raillardiae Kirkaldy 1908; Hawaii
69 Nesosydne raillardiicola (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
70 Nesosydne rocki Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
71 Nesosydne rubescens Kirkaldy, 1907 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
72 Nesosydne rubescens pele Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
73 Nesosydne sharpi Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
74 Nesosydne sola Muir, 1917 – Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
75 Nesosydne stenogynicola (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
76 Nesosydne sulcata (Muir, 1921) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
77 Nesosydne swezeyi Muir, 1916 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
78 Nesosydne tetramalopii (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
79 Nesosydne timberlakei Muir, 1917 – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
80 Nesosydne ulehihi (Muir, 1919) – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
81 Nesosydne umbratica Kirkaldy, 1910 – Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands)
82 Nesosydne viridis (Muir, 1922) – Kauai (Hawaiian Islands)
83 Nesosydne waikamoiensis (Muir, 1919) – Maui (Hawaiian Islands)
84 Nesosydne wailupensis (Muir, 1916) – Hawaii, Oahu (Hawaiian Islands)
124 total taxa

Plant associations

Varied dicots, monocots and ferns.

Juan Fernández Archipiélago

Nesosydne calypsoDrimys confertifolia Phil. (Winteraceae), Gunnera masafuerae Skottsb. (Gunneraceae).
Nesosydne minosGunnera masafuerae Skottsb. (Gunneraceae), Gaultheria racemulosa (DC.) D.J.Middleton (as Pernettya rigida (Bertero) DC.; Ericaceae).
Nesosydne vulcanDendroseris micrantha Hook. & Arn. (as Rea micrantha Bertero ex Decne.) (Asteraceae).

Rapa Island

Nesosydne otus Fitchia sp. (Asteraceae), Ferns, Veronica sp., (Scrophulariaceae).
Nesosydne satyrionCoprosma sp. (mirrorplant; Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne sophonisbaFitchia sp. (Asteraceae), Lautea sp. (Cornaceae or Escalloniaceae), Asplenium nidus L. (Hawai’I birdnest fern; Aspleniaceae).


Nesosydne acastusCrossostylis biflora J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. (Rhizophoraceae)
Nesosydne agenorPremna tahitensis Schauer (Lamiaceae), Morinda citrifolia L. (Indian mulberry; Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne cheesmanaeWeinmannia sp. (Cunoniaceae).
Nesosydne cleanthesWeinmannia sp. (Cunoniaceae).
Nesosydne clitarchusPiper latifolium L. f. (Piperaceae).
Nesosydne cyaneReynoldsia sp. (Araliaceae), Weinmannia sp. (Cunoniaceae), Glochidion ramiflorum J.R.Forst. & G.Forst. (Phyllanthaceae), Loranthus sp. (mulberry mistletoe; Viscaceae), Cyrtandra sp., (Gesneriaceae).
Nesosydne dinomacheCyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae), Sclerotheca sp. (Campanulaceae), Vaccinium sp. (blueberry), Weinmannia sp. (Cunoniaceae).
Nesosydne elatusCyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae), Bidens lantanoides A.Gray (Asteraceae), Freycinetia sp. (Pandanaceae)
Nesosydne lanistaWeinmannia sp. (Cunoniaceae), Sida sp. (fanpetals; Malvaceae)
Nesosydne latonaWeinmannia sp. (as Weinmannia parviflora – an unresolved name; Cunoniaceae).
Nesosydne linusFreycinetia sp. (Pandanaceae), Cyathea sp. (Cyatheaceae), Bidens lantanoides A.Gray (Asteraceae), Hibiscus tiliaceus L. (sea hibiscus; Malvaceae), Metrosideros collina (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) A.Gray (Myrtaceae).
Nesosydne melampusWeinmannia sp. (as Weinmannia parviflora – an unresolved name; Cunoniaceae).
Nesosydne oroandaMelochia umbellata (Houtt.) Stapf (as Melochia velutina Wall. ex Bedd.; Malvaceae).
Nesosydne siderionReynoldsia tahitensis Nadeaud (Araliaceae).
Nesosydne sorixMetrosideros collina (J.R.Forst. & G.Forst.) A.Gray (Myrtaceae).

Hawaiian Islands
Nesosydne acutaCyrtandra platyphylla A. Gray (‘ilihia; Gesnericaceae)
Nesosydne ahinahinaArgyroxiphium sp. (Silversword; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne akuCyanea tritomantha A. Gray (‘aku ‘aku; Campanulaceae)
Nesosydne amaumauSadleria sp. (Blechnaceae)
Nesosydne ancepsFreycinetia sp. (Pandanaceae).
Nesosydne argyroxiphiiArgyroxiphium sandwicense DC. (Hawai’i silversword; Asteraceae)
Nesosydne asteliaeAstelia menziesiana Sm. (as Astelia veratroides) (pua’akuhinia; Liliaceae).
Nesosydne boehmeriaeBoehmeria sp. (false nettle; Urticaceae).
Nesosydne bridwelliArgyroxiphium virescens Hillebr. (Greensword), Argyroxiphium sandwicense DC. (Hawai’i silversword), Dubautia sp. (All Asteraceae).
Nesosydne campylothecaeBidens sp. (as Campylotheca sp.; viper beggarticks; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne chambersiDubautia ciliolata (DC.) Keck (as Railliardia ciliolata DC.; lava dubautia; Asteraceae)
Nesosydne coprosmicolaCoprosma ernodeoides A.Gray (Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne cyathodisStyphelia tameiameiae (Cham. & Schltdl.) F. Muell. (Pukiawe; Epacridaceae).
Nesosydne cyrtandraeCyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae).
Nesosydne cyrtandricolaCyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae), Charpentiera obovata Gaudich. (broadleaf papala; Amaranthaceae)
Nesosydne dubautiaeDubautia plantaginea Gaudich. (Asteraceae).
Nesosydne eekeArgyroxiphium sp. (Silversword; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne fullawayiStyphelia sp. (Epacridaceae).
Nesosydne geraniiGeranium arboreum A. Gray Hawai’i red cranesbill Geraniaceae
Nesosydne giffardiCyrtandra grandiflora Gaudich. (largeflower cyrtandra; Gesnericaceae); Cyanea crispa (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma (as Rollandia crispa; Koolau Range rollandia; Campanulaceae)
Nesosydne giganteaPritchardia sp. (Arecaceae).
Nesosydne gouldiaeCyrtandra grandiflora Gaudich. (largeflower cyrtandra), Cyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae).
Nesosydne gunneraeGunnera petaloidea Gaudich. (haha; Gunneraceae).
Nesosydne haliaDubautia plantaginea Gaudich. (Asteraceae), Freycinetia sp. (Pandanaceae)
Nesosydne imbricolaCoprosma montana Hillebr. (alpine mirrorplant),
Nesosydne ipomoeicola – Polyphagous (reported Antidesma, Bermuda grass, Cibotium, Cyrtandra, Dolichos lablab, Gouldia elongata, Ipomoea bona-nox, Jussiaea villosa, “leafy cabbage’, Lythrum maritimum, Mucuna gigantea, Pipturus, Polygonum, potato, Rumex, Sadleria, Strongylodon lucidum, sweet potato).
Nesosydne koaeAcacia koa A. Gray (Koa; Fabaceae).
Nesosydne koae-phyllodiiAcacia koa A. Gray (Koa; Fabaceae).
Nesosydne kokolauBidens sp. (as Campylotheca sp.; viper beggarticks; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne kuscheiCyrtandra sp. (Gesnericaceae).
Nesosydne lanaiensisStyphelia sp. (Epacridaceae).
Nesosydne leahiLipochaeta lobata (Gaudich.) DC. var. lobata (shrubland nehe, as Lipochaeta calycosa A. Gray; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne lobeliaeLobelia hypoleuca Hillebr. (kuhi’aikamo’owahie; Campanulaceae).
Nesosydne longipesCyrtandra platyphylla A. Gray (‘ilihia, as Cyrtandra mauiensis Rock; Gesneriaceae).
Nesosydne mamakePipturus sp. (Urticaceae)
Nesosydne mauiensisCoreopsis mauiensis A.Gray (as Campylotheca mauiensis; Asteraceae), Lipochaeta integrifolia (Nutt.) A. Gray (Kure Atoll nehe), Raillardia menziesii A. Gray, Tetramolopium “artemisia” (all Asteraceae).
Nesosydne monticolaCoprosma montana Hillebr. (Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne montis-tantalaLobelia hypoleuca Hillebr. (kuhi’aikamo’owahie, Campanulaceae), Broussaisia arguta Gaudich. (kanawao; Hydrangeaceae).
Nesosydne naenaeDubautia sp., Raillardia sp. (Asteraceae).
Nesosydne neocyrtandraeGunnera petaloidea Gaudich. (as Gunnera mauiensis (Kroj.) H.St.John; Gunneraceae).
Nesosydne neoraillardiaeLipochaeta subcordata A. Gray (grassland nehe; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne neowailupensisCoprosma longifolia A. Gray (Oahu mirrorplant; Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne nephrolepidisNephrolepis exaltata (L.) Schott (Boston swordfern; Dryopteridaceae).
Nesosydne nesopeleAstelia menziesiana Sm. (pua’akuhinia; Liliaceae).
Nesosydne nigrinervisStyphelia sp. (Epacridaceae).
Nesosydne oahuensisCharpentiera obovata Gaudich. (broadleaf papala; Amaranthaceae).
Nesosydne olympicaLobelia sp. (Campanulaceae).
Nesosydne osborniRailliardia sp. (Asteraceae).
Nesosydne painiuAstelia menziesiana Sm. (pua’akuhinia; Liliaceae).
Nesosydne phyllostegiaePhyllostegia racemosa Benth. (Kiponapona; Lamiaceae).
Nesosydne piloCoprosma ernodeoides A.Gray (Rubiaceae).
Nesosydne pipturiPipturus sp. (Urticaceae).
Nesosydne pseudorubescensAcacia koa A. Gray (Koa; Fabaceae).
Nesosydne raillardiaeDubautia scabra (DC.) Keck (as Raillardia scabra), D. ciliolata (DC.) Keck, (as Raillardia ciliota) (Asteraceae), Rollandia sp. (Campanulaceae).
Nesosydne rubescensAcacia koa A. Gray (Koa; Fabaceae).
Nesosydne sharpiBroussaisia sp. (Hydrangeaceae), Boehmeria grandis (Hook. & Arn.) A. Heller (Hawai’i false nettle; as Boehmeria stipularis Weddell; Urticaceae).
Nesosydne stenogynicolaStenogyne kamehamehae Wawra (forest stenogyne; Lamiaceae).
Nesosydne sulcataCyrtandra sp. (Gesneriaceae).
Nesosydne tetramalopiiTetramolopium humile (A. Gray) Hillebr. (alpine tetramolopium; Asteraceae).
Nesosydne timberlakeiCyrtandra garnotiana Gaudich. (Hahala; Gesneriaceae), Cyanea truncata (Rock) Rock (Punaluu cyanea, Campanulaceae)
Nesosydne ulehihi Smilax melastomifolia Sm. (Hawai’i greenbrier; as Smilax sandwicensis Kunth.; Smilacaceae).
Nesosydne umbraticaCharpentiera obovata Gaudich. (broadleaf papala; Amaranthaceae), Clermontia sp. (Campanulaceae), Cyrtandra sp. (Gesneriaceae), Pipturus sp. (Urticaceae), Urera sandwicensis Wedd. (this name unresolved; Urticaceae); Stenogyne sp. (Lamiaceae).
Nesosydne viridisPhyllostegia sp. (Lamiaceae).
Nesosydne waikamoiensisCyanea aculeatiflora Rock (Haleakala cyanea; Campanulaceae), Pipturus sp. (Urticaceae)
Nesosydne wailupensisCyanea crispa (Gaudich.) Lammers, Givnish & Sytsma (Koolau Range rollandia; as Rollandia crispa Gaudich.; Campanulaceae).

Plant names according to the PLANTS Database (, Tropicos, or The Plant List.

Economic Importance

Limited, although some species associated with rare plants may be threatened.


For Hawaiian species, see Zimmerman, 1948.

Nesosydne raillardiicoli from Polynesian Diversity by Kim Starr & Forest Starr.

Nesosydne umbratica

Nesosydne umbratica from Dimensions in Biodiversity (Focal lineages page) photo by Karl Magnacca (here, at least).

Nesosydne pipturi – Oahu; from Kari Goodman (UC Berkley)

Nesosydne pipturi 

Nesosydne pipturi

Nesosydne sp.  – Hawaii (big island) from Kari Goodman (UC Berkley

Nesosydne sp.

Nesosydne sp.

Nesosydne chambersi

Nesosydne chambersi

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy)

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy) from

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy)

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy) from

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy)

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy) from

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy)

Nesosydne ipomoeicola (Kirkaldy) from

Nesosydne has been investigated with respect to coevolution to the Hawaiian silverswords (Roderick 1997, Roderick and Metz 1997) as well as their diversification and evolution (Goodman et al. 2012, 2015).

Nesosydne Consensus-50-majority-rule

Figure 2. Consensus 50% majority rule Bayesian phylogram of the Hawaiian Nesosydne with islands denoted in colors and host plant families denoted with shapes (see inset legends). Posterior probabilities are near the nodes, and outgroup taxa are shown on the inset. (from Goodman, Kari Roesch. 2010.  Emerging Biodiversity: Diversification of the Hawaiian Nesosydne planthoppers.)

Molecular resources

Microsatellite markers are available for Nesosydne chambersi on Genbank (see Goodman et al. 2008).  BOLD has data for 3 speices in this genus.

Selected References

(see digital library for available pdfs here.)

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