Genus Neoperkinsiella Muir, 1926

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Neoperkinsiella Muir, 1926

Type speciesNeoperkinsiella williamsi Muir, 1926 (a junior synonym of Neoperkinsiella testacea (Fowler, 1905)).


Tropical northern South America and southern Central America (no map in FLOW).

Recognized species

There are two described species in this genus.

Neoperkinsiella guaduae Muir, 1926 – Ecuador
Neoperkinsiella testacea (Fowler, 1905) – Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama (Canal Zone)
= Goniolcium testaceum Fowler, 1905: 133; original combination.
= Stobaera testacea (Fowler, 1905); comb. by Crawford (1914: 576).
= Neoperkinsiella testacea (Fowler, 1905); comb. by Kramer 1973: 400.
= Neoperkinsiella williamsi Muir, 1926 ; syn. by Kramer 1973: 400.

There were  erroneous entries in FLOW “Neoperkinsiella bulli Fennah, 1979″ (Papua New Guinea – which is now fixed).

Economic importance


Plant associations

Muir (1926) reported Neoperkinsiella guaduae from Guadua sp. (Poaceae; Bambusoideae), a thorny bamboo, near Mera, Ecuador (Pastaza province).


An apparently uncommon genus, similar to Stobaera with the flattened antennae, but larger and with different genitalia (in Stobaera segment 10 has only a midventral process in caudal view and the shape of the parameres is quite different).  Stobaera is rare from South America (Stobaera occurs throughout Central America).  Kramer (1973) synonymized williamsi with guaduae.

I do have some specimens that appear to be Neoperkinsiella guaduae, although I have not confirmed this.  Size and shape are similar to testacea, but the frons pattern is quite different.

 Neoperkinsiella testacea


Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella testacea

Neoperkinsiella guaduae from Muir 1926

Neoperkinsiella guaduae from Muir 1926

Neoperkinsiella guaduae

Neoperkinsiella williamsi

Neoperkinsiella testacea (as N. williamsi) from Muir 1926

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Selected References

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