Genus Liburnia Stål, 1866

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Stenocraninae Wagner, 1963

Tribe Stenocranini Wagner, 1963

Genus Liburnia Stål, 1866a.

Type species (in original combination): Embolophora monoceros Stål, 1855.

Synonymy (and misspellings)

Eiburnia Valdes Ragues, 1910 wrong spelling of Liburnia Stål, 1866.

Liburnia is a junior synonym of Embolophora, see below and ICZN (2010).


Southern Africa.

Note: The genus Liburnia has a long history of being a taxonomic ‘junk’ genus in the Delphacini.  Much of the difficulty has related to correctly ascribing the proper type species.  Three type species designations had been proposed.  Recently, following a proposal to fix the type species of Liburnia as Embolophora monoceros (Stenocraninae; see Bartlett 2008), ICZN (2010) decided that “Liburnia Stål, 1866 was proposed by its author as a junior objective synonym of Embolophora Stål, 1853. Consequently, the type species for both is Embolophora monoceros Stål, 1855, regardless of Stål’s (1866) intentions”.

This statement has clarified that Liburnia is a junior synonym of Embolophora (Stenocraninae), and all species currently placed in Liburnia need to be reassigned to a genus in the proper tribe.

Recognized species

As Embolophora (see Asche, 1983):

Embolophora britmusei Asche, 1983 – South Africa, Angola
Embolophora monoceros Stal, 1855 – South Africa, Sudan , Zaire, Uganda, Nigeria
Embolophora theroni Asche, 1983 – South Africa

As Liburnia (all misplaced)

Most of these species are obscure.  Some are being moved to new genera within a manuscript in preparation.

New World

Liburnia mexicana (Crawford, 1914) [Metcalf 1943: 364] – Mexico
Liburnia paludata Fowler, 1905: 137 – Guatemala, Mexico
Liburnia williamsi (Muir, 1926) [Metcalf 1943: 371] (described in Sogata) – Ecuador
Liburnia breviceps – see Nothodelphax
Liburnia pseudoseminigra – see Syndelphax

Old World  (This list may include synonyms that I have missed)

Liburnia albovittata Matsumura, 1931 – China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan (See Metcalf, 1943: 371; perhaps = Terthron albovittatum (Matsumura, 1900); the problem of this entry in the Metcalf catalog has been solved, but I am not sure what the solution is).
Liburnia antennata Jacobi, 1910 – “Tanganyika Territory” (= Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania)
Liburnia astyanax (Kirkaldy, 1907) [Metcalf 1945: 351]- Australia: New South Wales (noted as Embolophora astyanax (Kirkaldy) in Bellis et al. 2013)
Liburnia atromaculata Distant, 1916 [Metcalf 1945: 351] – India
Liburnia centralis (Signoret, 1860) [Metcalf 1943: 353] – Madagascar, Ile of Bourbon (Indian Ocean), Somali land
Liburnia coracina Csiki, 1940 – Albania
Liburnia flavina (Melichar, 1914) [Metcalf 1943: 356] – Indonesia
Liburnia furca Bierman, 1898 [Metcalf 1943: 356] – Indonesia
Liburnia hemifusca (Melichar, 1914) [Metcalf 1943: 362] – Indonesia
Liburnia intrudens (Muir, 1930) [Metcalf 1943: 362]- Verlaten Island (East Indies)
Liburnia javana Bierman, 1910 [Metcalf 1943: 362]- Indonesia
Liburnia sancti-pauli Jeannel, 1947 – St. Paul Is.
Liburnia testacea deCarlini, 1895 [Metcalf 1943: 370] – Somali land
Liburnia transversalis (Melichar, 1914) [described under Sogata, Metcalf 1943: 370]- Indonesia
Liburnia typhlocyba Bierman, 1910 [Metcalf 1943: 370]- Indonesia
Liburnia vanreeneni (Muir, 1929) [Metcalf 1943: 370]- Indonesia

Plant associations

None for the species reported above.

Economic importance

Limited for the species reported above.


Species currently in Liburnia are a varied, unrelated collection of taxa.

Embolophora are long-headed African stenocranines.

Embolophora britmusei

Embolophora britmusei

Embolophora britmusei

Embolophora monoceros

Embolophora monoceros

Embolophora monoceros

Molecular resources

At this time, neither GenBank or BOLD list sequence data for any species in Embolophora (and do not include any sequence data for species misplaced in Liburnia).

Selected references

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