Genus Kelisoidea Beamer, 1950

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Kelisoidea Beamer, 1950: 132.

Type species (in original combination): Kelisoidea versa Beamer, 1950


USA: Florida.

Collecting localities : Ramrod Key, Homestead, Big Pine Key, Royal Palm St. Park, Fla. Dates July 12, March 3, Aug 10.

Distribution of Kelisoidea from FLOW

Distribution of Kelisoidea from FLOW (as of 25 Feb. 2020)

Recognized species

There is only a single species in this genus.

Kelisoidea versa Beamer, 1950: 132 – USA: Florida (Ramrod key [15 Mar 1947], Big Pine Key, Royal Palm State Park [16 Mar 1947], extreme southern Florida).

Plant associations


Economic Importance

Limited – this genus is represented by a single, rarely encountered species.  This species has apparently not been encountered since it was originally found by Beamer, except for one specimen labeled Florida, Monroe Co. Little Torch Ter., 5 May 1975.


Beamer’s (1950) comments and description (may be uncorrected OCR errors):

“Very close to Kelisia but may be distinguished by having a more pointed crown, a front which is widest near apical third, the first segment of the antennae longer than wide and the male genital capsule greatly expanded in caudal view.

This is a unique species externally resembling several species of Kelisia quite closely but easily distinguished by the above generic characters. Length [male] 2.2 mm.; [female] 2.7 mm.
Structure: Clypeus almost three times as long as greatest width which is slightly before apical third, narrowed toward each end more so toward base, definitely tricarinate; crown more than twice as long as basal width, definitely carinate, apex sharply angled; pronotum and mesonotum tricarinate, lateral carinae of pronotum straight reaching hind margin;  elytra reaching about one-third their length beyond abdomen, widest near basal fourth, tapered to sharp apices, veins raised with numerous raised puncts, semihyaline either side of fumous median line.
Color: General color stramineous, area between lateral carinae of clypeus, lateral fovea of crown, sides of pronotum and mesonotum, dorsum of abdomen except median line and median longitudinal stripe on wings more or less brown.
Genitalia: In lateral view: pygofer roundly triangular, widest on dorsal side; anal segment large with a pair of ventro-caudally curving processes arising near middle of caudal margin, right one about half as long as left; aedeagus widest at base; strongly narrowed on outer half to knobbed apex, outer third more or less covered with short retrorse teeth; styles widest at base, outer margin sinuate, apices with a sharp tooth. In caudal view: styles widest at base, margins sinuate, narrowed to sharp apices; aedeagal braces
broadly and angularly excavated ventrally. …

Types in Snow Entomological Collections.”

Paratype male

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa from Beamer 1950

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa (female, paratype)

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa (labels, paratype)

Paratype female

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisoidea versa (female)

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisiodea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisiodea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisiodea versa

Kelisoidea versa

Kelisiodea versa

Kelisoidea versa

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Molecular resources

None (not on Genbank or BOLD as of Sept. 5 2018).

Selected References

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Leach, W. E. 1815a. Entomology. The Edinburg encyclopedia; conducted by David Brewster 9: 57-172. (family Delphacidae here).

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