Genus Columbiana Muir, 1919

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Tropidocephalini Muir, 1915

Genus Columbiana Muir, 1919

Type species (in original combination): Columbiana lloydi Muir, 1919.


South America

Distribution of Columbiana

Distribution of Columbiana from FLOW (as of 18 Feb 2020, missing Colombia)

Recognized species

There are two species currently placed in this genus.

Columbiana carasi Fennah, 1963 – Peru
Columbiana lloydi Muir, 1919 [Metcalf 1943: 120] – Columbia

Plant associations

None reported – expected to be bamboo feeders, but also associated with arboresent grasses.

Economic Importance



This photo is of an undescribed Columbiana from Colombia that I took for Bartlett (2010).  Tropidocephalini lack teeth on the calcar and all the New World taxa have strongly asymmetrical genitalia. The Columbiana I have seen tend to be uniformly colored species, and both of the described species have ventral processes on the opening of the pygofer, which I understand to be a genus-level feature. Unlike Columbisoga, the lateral carinae of the pronotum curve laterally and do not reach the hind margin of the pronotum.

Columbiana sp. – an undescribed species from Colombia.

Columbiana sp. Columbiana sp.

Columbiana sp.

Columbiana carasi Fennah, 1963 (from Fennah, 1963)

Columbiana carasi Fennah, 1963

Columbiana lloydi Muir 1919 (from Muir 1919)

Columbiana lloydi Muir 1919

Molecular resources

There are no data on this genus in Genbank or BOLD.

Selected references

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