Genus Canyra Stål, 1862

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Asiracinae Motschulsky, 1863: 108.

Tribe Ugyopini Fennah, 1979

Genus Canyra Stål, 1862e: 7.

Type species (in original combination): Delphax placida Stål, 1854.


Neotropical (most species reported from Brazil).

Recognized species

There are 8 species currently placed in this genus. [Metcalf 1943: 35]

1 Canyra cylindricornis (Fabricius, 1803) – “South America”.
= Delphax cylindricornis Fabricius, 1803: 83.
= Asiraca cylindricornis (Fabricius, 1803), comb. by Latreille, 1807: 168.
= Araeopus cylindricornis (Fabricius, 1803) comb. by Schaum, 1850: 69.
= Canyra cylitidricornis (Fabricius, 1803), comb. by Stål, 1869: 95.

2 Canyra obscuripennis (Stål, 1854) – Brazil.
= Delphax obscuripennis Stål, 1854: 245.
= Canyra obscuripennis (Stål, 1854); new comb. by Stål, 1862e: 7 (by implication).

3 Canyra placida (Stål, 1854) – Brazil.
= Delphax placida Stål, 1854: 245.
= Canyra placida (Stål, 1854); comb. by Stål, 1862e: 7.

4 Canyra retrahens (Walker, 1858c) – Brazil.
= Asiraca retrahens Walker, 1858c: 327.
= Canyra retrahens (Walker, 1858c); new comb. by Muir, 1919: 6.

5 Canyra revertens (Walker, 1858c) – Brazil.
= Asiraca revertens Walker, 1858c: 327.
= Canyra revertens (Walker, 1858c); new comb. by Stål, 1862b: 488.

6 Canyra strigulosa (Walker, 1858b) – Brazil.
= Asiraca strigulosa Walker, 1858b: 84.
= Canyra strigulosa (Walker, 1858b); new comb. by Stål, 1862b: 488.

7 Canyra tenensis Muir, 1926 – Ecuador.

8 Canyra vittifrons (Walker, 1858a) – Unknown (not reported).
= Asiraca vittifrons Walker, 1858a: 44.
= Canyra vittifrons (Walker, 1858a); new comb. by Muir, 1919: 6.

Plant Associations

None reported.

Economic Importance

Limited – all species poorly known.


The Ugyopini include only Ugyops and Canyra in the New World, but separation of the genera is a problem. Canyra is defined as having the first antennal segment sulcate above, median carinae of the frons may be forked, veins of forewing not granulate, Sc+R forked basad of cubital fork, and the absence of a distinct pterostigma (Metcalf 1938a). Presumably, species of Ugyops do not possess this combination of features, but Ugyops is broadly defined, and no feature (including the sulcate antennae) uniformly separates Canyra from New World Ugyops (Barringer & Bartlett 2011); however, this may be the result of misassignment of Canyra species to Ugyops.  Most specimens of New World “Ugyops” appear to have sulcate, or at least non-terete, antennae, including U. stigmata and U. godmani (contrary to Crawford, 1914), suggesting that Epibidis and Eucanyra might actually belong to Canyra (assuming Canyra is distinct from Ugyops).

Canyra placita (syntype #137); Thanks to Gunvi Lindberg (Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden) for the photos.

Canyra placita - syntype  Canyra placita - syntype Canyra placita holoypeCanyra placita holotype

Canyra placita (syntype #138); Thanks to Gunvi Lindberg (Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden) for the photos.

Canyra placita - syntypeCanyra placita - syntypeCanyra placita - SyntypeCanyra placita syntypeCanyra placita - syntype Canyra placita - syntypeCanyta placita holotype


Molecular resources

There is no data on this genus in Genbank or BOLD.

Selected references

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