Genus Burnilia Muir and Giffard, 1924

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Plesiodelphacinae Asche, 1985

Tribe Plesiodelphacini Asche, 1985

Genus Burnilia Muir and Giffard, 1924

Type species (in original combination): Delphax pictifrons Stål, 1864.


Neotropical (and Japan).

Distribution of Burnilia from FLOW

Distribution of Burnilia from FLOW (as of 7 Feb 2020)



Recognized species

There are 7 species and 1 subspecies currently placed in this genus.

Burnilia belemensis Muir, 1926 – Venezuela , Brazil, ?Belize
Burnilia heliconiae Muir, 1926 – Guyana
Burnilia japonica Asche, Hayashi & Fujinuma, 2016 – Japan (Kyushu)
Burnilia longicaput Muir, 1926 – Guyana
Burnilia pictifrons (Stål, 1864) – Mexico, Belize, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Honduras
Burnilia spinifera spinifera Fennah, 1945: 429 – Dominica, St. Vincent, Trinidad, Guyana
Burnilia spinifera antillana Fennah, 1959: 251 – St. Vincent, Dominica
Burnilia williamsi Muir, 1926 – Brazil

There are  also numerous undescribed species.  Burnilia longicaput  belongs in Plesiodelphax; I had thought this transfer was already made and had previously indicated this on my website, but that does not appear to be the case.

Plant associations

Burnilia heliconiae and Burnilia spinifera antillana reported from Heliconia spp. (Heliconiaceae).

Burnilia japonica Alpinia intermedia Gagnep. (Zingiberales, Zingiberaceae) (Asche et al. 2016)

I have undescribed species from Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and Peru that I have collected from Heliconia.  I also have specimens from Martinique.  Nymphs and adults are found within rolls of young leaves.

Economic Importance



Undescribed Burnilia from Belize


Leg – Undescribed Burnilia from Peru

Molecular resources

There are data on this genus in Genbank  for Burnilia sp. (undescribed from Belize) for the genes 18S rDNA, 28S rDNA, wingless, and cytochrome oxidase I (from Urban et al. (2010).  BOLD has data for an undetermined species from Costa Rica.

Selected references

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