Genus Abbrosoga Caldwell, 1951

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Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815

Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815

Genus Abbrosoga Caldwell, 1951 (in Caldwell & Martorell 1951)

Type species: Abbrosoga errata Caldwell, 1951 (In Caldwell and Martorell, 1951)

Distribution: Puerto Rico

Recognized species

There are 2 species in this genus.  The known species of the genus are endemic to Puerto Rico

Abbrosoga errata Caldwell, 1951
Abbrosoga multispinosa Otero and Bartlett, 2019

Plant associations

None reported. Caldwell and Martorell (1951) reported that all specimens of A. errata were collected above 2000 ft. Abbrosoga multispinosa is from low elevations.

Economic Importance

Limited, rarely collected.


This genus may be related to Anchidelphax, but the male lacks the posterior-projected extensions of the lateral margins of the pygofer opening.  It is similar to Anchidelphax in coloration (pale, weak median vitta on mesonotum, etc.), general build, and some features of the genitalia.  In Abbrosoga, the aedeagus is curiously bifed (unlike Anchidelphax), with the main part strongly downcurved. Abdominal segment 10 (the anal tube) lacks processes.

Few specimens of this species are known and the genus has not been reported outside of Puerto Rico.  I have specimens that may be this genus from Costa Rica.

The genus is in some ways reminiscent of the Tropidocephalini, but the calcar has teeth.

Abbrosoga errata

From Caldwell and Martorell, 1951

Abbrosoga errata

Abbrosoga errata from Caldwell Martorell 1951

Abbrosoga errata habitus

Abbrosoga errata habitus

Abbrosoga errata terminalia

Abbrosoga errata

Abbrosoga multispinosa

Abbrosoga multispinosa habitus

Abbrosoga multispinosa habitus

Abbrosoga multispinosa terminalia

Abbrosoga multispinosa habitus


Online resources

None are all that informative.  Abbrosoga on…

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Molecular resources


Selected references

Caldwell, J. S. and L. F. Martorell. 1951 [dated 1950]. Review of the Auchenorynchous [sic] Homoptera of Puerto Rico. Part II. The Fulgoroidea except Kinnaridae. Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico 34(2): 133-269.

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Ortero, M. and C. R. Bartlett. 2019. A new species of Abbrosoga (Hemiptera: Fulgoroidea: Delphacidae), An endemic Puerto Rican planthopper genus, with an updated checklist of the Delphacidae of Puerto Rico. Zootaxa 4563 (2): 372–386.

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