Higher classification of Delphacidae

A Synopsis of the Higher Classification of Delphacidae

The higher taxonomy presented here follows that of Asche (1985a, 1990) as modified by Urban et al. (2010).  Emeljanov (1995) and Hamilton (2006) differ mainly in presenting only two or three subfamilies with the remainder reduced to tribes, but their arrangement is otherwise similar (although Emeljanov’s Asiracinae is paraphyletic with respect to Delphacinae).

This list should account for all extant and valid delphacid genera, I have recently added the type species to each genus (in original combination), the number of species (which is sometimes approximate), and an indication of where the genus occurs geographically, which is necessarily broad and vague.  Some junior synonyms may not be included, but many are present and I will add missing ones as I discover them.  New genera will be added as they come to my attention and as I have time.  For New World genera (plus genera otherwise of particular interest), I link the genus to the genus page on this website when that is applicable (these links should be complete, although possibly some do not work because the site has moved (twice).

Synonyms to tribes and higher taxa may not be complete.

A list of the New World taxa – links to tribes and genera – is here. I am developing an overview of order and family level phylogenetics here, but it is still incomplete.

Synoptic list (extant taxa)
Family Delphacidae Leach, 1815: 125
= Family Araeopidae Metcalf, 1938: 297 (key page 281); syn. by implication ICZN 1961.
= “Quadivision” Longinaures Amyot, 1847: 168.
= Asiracides Motschulsky, 1863: 108.
= Asiracidae Fieber, 1872: 5; sensu (e.g.) Kirkaldy 1907: 404.

Subfamily Asiracinae Fieber, 1872: 5 (as Asiracae) [see also Motschulsky 1863: 108]
Tribe Asiracini Fieber, 1872: 5 (6 genera)
Tribe Eodelphacini Emeljanov, 1995 (10 genera)
Tribe Idiosystatini Emeljanov, 1995 (3 genera)
Tribe Neopunanini Emeljanov, 1995 (1 genus)
Tribe Platysystatini Emeljanov, 1995 (4 genera)
Tribe Tetrasteirini Emeljanov, 1995 (1 genus)
Tribe Ugyopini Fennah, 1979 (6 genera)

Subfamily Vizcayinae Asche, 1990
Tribe Vizcayini Asche, 1990 (2 genera)

Subfamily Plesiodelphacinae Asche, 1985b
Tribe Plesiodelphacini Asche, 1985b (2 genera)

Subfamily Kelisiinae Wagner, 1963
Tribe Kelisiini Wagner, 1963 (2 genera)

Subfamily Stenocraninae Wagner, 1963
Tribe Stenocranini Wagner, 1963 (10 genera)

Subfamily Delphacinae Leach, 1815: 125 (347 genera) [genus count is now outdated]
= Araeopinae Metcalf, 1938: 299; syn. by implication ICZN 1961.
Tribe Saccharosydnini Vilbaste, 1968 (4 genera)
Tribe Tropidocephalini Muir, 1915: 269, 270 (36 genera)
= Subfamily Jassidaeinae Wagner, 1963
Tribe Delphacini Leach, 1815: 125 (307 genera, excluding Liburnia)
= Tribe Alohini Muir, 1915: 269.
= “Leialohae” Muir, 1916: 213.
= “Aloahae” Muir, 1916: 213.
= Tribe Araeopini Metcalf, 1938: 299; syn. by implication ICZN 1961.
= Subfamily Megamelinae Haupt, 1929: 1073
= Subfamily Stirominae Wagner, 1963
= Subfamily Achorotilinae Wagner, 1963
= Subfamily Chlorioninae Wagner, 1963


Higher classification, including genera (Link to page on this website, if present – I have only started to assign the links)

Family Delphacidae
Subfamily Asiracinae
Tribe Asiracini
Asiraca Latreille, 1796 (Type species Cicada clavicornis Fabricius, 1794; Palearctic, 7 named species, 1 definitely misplaced)
= Cercopis Latreille, 1796 (in part); synonym of Asiraca Latreille, 1796 by Latreille (1796).
= Boresinia Kato, 1933 nomen nudum, synonym of Manchookhonia Kato, 1933 by Dessart (1983: 318).
= Manchookhonia Kato, 1933 synonym of Asiraca Latreille, 1796 by Asche (1985: 116).
Copicerus Swartz, 1802  (Type species Copicerus irroratus Swartz, 1802; 4 species widespread in New World)
= Jerala Walker, 1858: 85 (Type species Jerala singula Walker, 1858: 85); syn. by Stål, 1862: 488.
= Holotus Guerin-Meneville, 1856: 180 (type species Holotus thoracicus Guerin-Meneville, 1856: 180); syn. by Stål, 1866: 175.
Elaphodelphax Fennah, 1949 (Type species Elaphodelphax nigropicta Fennah, 1949; 2 species, Africa)
Fennasiraca Asche, 1985 (Type species Asiraca congoensis Fennah, 1958; monotypic, Africa)
Kiambrama Donaldson, 1988 (Type species Kiambrama hylonoma Donaldson, 1988; 2 species, northeastern Australia)
Notuchoides Donaldson, 1988 (Type species Notuchoides montanus Donaldson, 1988; monotypic, New Caledonia)

Tribe Eodelphacini
Eodelphax Kirkaldy, 1901 (Type species Eodelphax serendiba Kirkaldy, 1901; 2 species, Indomalayan)
Hainanaella Qin and Zhang, 2007 (Type species Hainanaella lutea Qin & Zhang, 2007; monotypic, Taiwan)
Livatiella Fennah, 1956  (Type species Livatiella constellaris Fennah, 1956; 2 species, Caroline Islands)
Melanesia Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Melanesia pacifica Kirkaldy, 1907; 8 species, Indomalayan [Islands])
Ostama Walker, 1857 (Type species Ostama junctata Walker, 1857: 151; 2 species, Indomalayan [India, Borneo])
Paralivatiella Qin and Zhang, 2010 (Type species Paralivatiella serrata Qin & Zhang, 2010; monotypic, China)
Paranda Melichar, 1903  (Type species Paranda globiceps Melichar, 1903; monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Parapunana Chen and Hou, 2012 (Type species Parapunana liangi Chen & Hou, 2012; 2 species, China)
Prolivatis Emeljanov, 1995 (Type species Prolivatis gorochovi Emeljanov, 1995; 2 species, China, Southeast Asia)
Punana Muir, 1913 (Type species Punana brunnea Muir, 1913; 4 species, Indomalayan)

Tribe Idiosystatini  
Idiosemus Berg, 1883 (Type species Liburnia xiphias Berg, 1879; monotypic, south temperate South America)
Idiosystatus Berg, 1883 (Type species Delphax acutiusculus Spinola, 1852; 5 species, temperate South America)
Pentagramma Van Duzee, 1897 (Type species Liburnia vittatifrons Uhler, 1876; 7 species, widespread in New World)

Tribe Neopunanini
Neopunana Asche, 1983 (Type species Neopunana saba Asche 1983; 8 species, Caribbean)

Tribe Platysystatini
Equasystatus Asche, 1983 (Type species Punana breviceps Muir, 1926; monotypic, Ecuador)
Pentasteira Barringer and Bartlett, 2011 (Type species Pentasteira albifrons Barringer & Bartlett, 2011; monotypic, Ecuador)
Pichinchana Asche and Webb, 2013 (Type species Pichinchana gilletti Asche and Webb, 2013; monotypic, Ecuador)
Platysystatus Muir, 1930 (Type species Platysystatus brunneus Muir, 1930; 2 species, Brazil)

Tribe Tetrasteirini
Tetrasteira Muir, 1926  (Type species Tetrasteira minuta Muir 1926; 5 species, Neotropical)

Tribe Ugyopini
Canyra Stål, 1862 (Type species Delphax placida Stål, 1854; 8 species, Neotropical)
Melanugyops Fennah, 1956 (Type species Melanugyops erebea Fennah, 1956; ?Monotypic; Caroline Islands)
Notuchus Fennah, 1969 (Type species Notuchus risioides Fennah, 1969. 9 species, Australia, New Caledonia, Lord How Island)
Perimececera Muir, 1913  (Type species, Perimececera giffardi Muir, 1913, monotypic, Indonesia (Maluku province, as Ceram))
Serafinana Gebicki and Szwedo, 2000† (fossil) (Type species Serafinana perperunae† Gebicki & Szwedo, 2000, monotypic, Poland)
Ugyopana Fennah, 1950 (Type species Ugyopana cassia Fennah, 1950, monotypic, Fiji)
Ugyops Guérin-Méneville, 1834 (Type species Ugyops percheronii Guérin-Méneville, 1834, ~101 species, Widespread in tropics except absent in Africa)
= Bidis Walker, 1857: 88 (Type species Bidis notivena Walker, 1857)
= Cona White, 1879: 218 (Type species Cona caelata White, 1879: 526); unavailable, replaced by Micromasoria Kirkaldy, 1904.
= Consualia Distant, 1917: 304 (Type species Consualia robusta Distant, 1917).
= Eucanyra Crawford, 1914: 568 (Type species Eucanyra stigmata Crawford, 1914: 569)
= Epibidis Fowler, 1905: 131 (Type species Epibidis godmani Fowler, 1905).
= Hygiops Amyot and Serville, 1843: 511 (Type species Hygiops percheronii Amyot and Serville, 1843).
= Jugodina Schumacher, 1915: 140 (Type species Jugodina dictyophoroides Schumacher, 1915).
= Livatis Stål, 1859: 274 (Type species Delphax annulipes Stål, 1854).
= Micromasoria Kirkaldy, 1904: 279 (Type species Cona caelata White, 1879: 526); new name for unavailable Cona White, 1879.
Subgenus Paracona Fennah, 1965 (Type species Ugyops (Paracona) pelorus Fennah, 1965, 2 species, New Zealand)
Subgenus Livatis Stal, 1859: 274 (Type species Delphax annulipes Stal. 1859; inconsistently used; ?3 species, Australia, Mariana Is., Guam, Saipan)

Subfamily Vizcayinae
Tribe Vizcayini
Neovizcaya Liang, 2002 (Type species Neovizcaya sinica Liang, 2002; monotypic, China: Yunnan)
Vizcaya Muir, 1917 (Type species Vizcaya bakeri Muir, 1917; 9 species, Indomalayan)

Subfamily Plesiodelphacinae
Tribe Plesiodelphacini
Burnilia Muir and Giffard, 1924 (Type species Delphax pictifrons Stål, 1864; 6 species Neotropical and Japan)
Plesiodelphax Asche, 1985 (Type species Plesiodelphax guayanus Asche, 1985 by monotypy; northeastern South America)

Subfamily Kelisiinae
Tribe Kelisiini
Anakelisia Wagner, 1963 (Type species Ditropis fasciata Kirschbaum, 1868; 2 species, Palearctic)
Kelisia Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax guttula Germar, 1818: ~46 species, Holarctic)

Subfamily Stenocraninae
Tribe Stenocranini
Embolophora Stål, 1853 (Type species Embolophora monoceros Stål, 1855; 3 species, Africa)
= Liburnia Stal, 1855 (Type species Embolophora monoceros Stål, 1855)
Frameus Bartlett, 2009 (Type species Frameus simatus Bartlett, 2010; 5 species, Mesoamerica)
Kelisicranus Bartlett, 2006 (Type species Kelisicranus arundiniphagus Bartlett, 2006; Monotypic, central US)
Obtusicranus Bartlett, 2006 (Type species Obtusicranus bicarinus Bartlett, 2006; 2 species, western US, Northern Mexico)
Preterkelisia Yang, 1989 (Type species Stenocranus magnispinosus Kuoh, 1981; 2 species, China)
Proterosydne Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Proterosydne arborea Kirkaldy, 1907; Monotypic; Asia)
Stenocranus Fieber, 1866 (type species Fulgora minuta Fabricius, 1787; ~68-73 species, widespread, mostly north temperate)
subgenus Codex Hamilton, 2006 (Type species Delphax vittata Stål, 1862; Nearctic)
Stenokelisia Ribaut, 1934  (Type species Stenokelisia angusta Ribaut, 1934; monotypic, Western Europe)
Tanycranus Bartlett, 2009 (Type species Tanycranus elongatus Bartlett, 2010; monotypic, Neotropical)
Terauchiana Matsumura, 1915 (Type species Terauchiana singularis Matsumura, 1915; 2 species, Japan, temperate Asia)

Subfamily Delphacinae
Tribe Saccharosydnini
Lacertinella Rossi Batiz and Remes Lenicov, 2012 (type species Lacertina australis Remes Lenicov & Rossi Batiz, 2011; monotypic, South temperate South America)
= Lacertina Remes Lenicov and Rossi Batiz, 2011 (unavailable, nec Lacertina Meuschen 1778).
Neomalaxa Muir, 1918 (type species Neomalaxa flava Muir, 1918; monotypic, widespread in Neotropics)
Pseudomacrocorupha Muir, 1930 (Type species Pseudomacrocorupha wagneri Muir, 1930; monotypic, South temperate South America)
Saccharosydne Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Delphax saccharivora Westwood, 1833; 8 species, Neotropical except for 1 species eastern Palearctic [Japan, etc.), 1 species widespread)

Tribe Tropidocephalini
Arcifrons Ding and Yang in Ding et al., 1986 (Type species Arcifrons arcifrontalis Ding & Yang, 1986; monotypic, China)
Arcofaciella Fennah, 1956 (Type species Arcofaciella verrucosa Fennah, 1956; 2 species, China (Mainland and Taiwan)
Arcofacies Muir, 1915 (Type species Arcofacies fullawayi Muir, 1915; 8 species Indomalayan plus adjacent subtropical Asia)
Bambucibatus Muir, 1915 (Type species Bambucibatus albolineatus Muir, 1915, monotypic, Malaysia)
Bambusiphaga Huang and Ding in Huang et al., 1979 (Type species Bambusiphaga nigropunctata Huang & Ding, 1979; ~23 species, Indomalayan, China)
Belocera Muir, 1913 (Type species Belocera sinensis Muir, 1913, 6 species, China (mainland, Taiwan, Islands)
Carinodelphax Ding and Yang, 1987 (Type species Carinodelphax carinatus Ding & Yang, 1987; monotypic, China)
Carinofrons Chen and Li, 2000 (Type species Carinofrons maculatipennis Chen & Li, 2000; monotypic, China)
Columbiana Muir, 1919 (Type species Columbiana lloydi Muir, 1919, 2 species, Columbia and Peru)
Columbisoga Muir, 1921 (type species Columbisoga campbelli Muir, 1921; 8 species in 2 subgenera; Neotropical except for type species from India)
Subgenus Columbisodes Fennah, 1963 (Type species Columbisoga (Columbisodes) saracura Fennah, 1963; monotypic, Brazil).
Conocraera Muir, 1916 (Type species Conocraera acutipennis Muir, 1916; monotypic, Philippines)
Epeurysa Matsumura, 1900 (Type species Epeurysa nawaii Matsumura, 1900; 14 species, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Ryukyu Islands)
= Upachara Distant, 1906 (Type species Upachara stigma Distant, 1906, syn by Fennah 1975: 82).
Gufacies Ding, 2006 (Type species Gufacies hyalimaculata Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Haerinella Fennah, 1965 (Type species Haerinella saeva Fennah, 1965; Monotypic, New Guinea)
Holzfussella Schmidt, 1926 (Type species Holzfussella bitaeniata Schmidt, 1926, monotypic, Indonesia [Buru])
Jassidaeus Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax lugubris Signoret, 1865; Monotypic, Western Europe)
Lamaxa Bartlett & Kennedy 2018 (Type species Malaxa occidentalis Muir, 1926, 2 species, Neotropical)
Lanaphora Muir, 1915 (Type species Lanaphora bakeri Muir, 1915; 2 species, Philippines, Papua New Guinea)
Lauriana Ren & Qin, 2014  (Type species Lauriana senticosa Ren & Qin, 2014; Monotypic, China)
Macrocorupha Muir, 1926 (Type species Macrocorupha gynerii Muir, 1926; Monotypic, Ecuador)
Malaxa Melichar, 1914 (Type species Malaxa acutipennis Melichar, 1914; 11 species,  China, Indomalayan and adjacent subtropics)
Malaxella Ding and Hu in Ding et al., 1986 (Type species Malaxella flava Ding & Hu, 1986; 3 species, China)
Mirocauda Chen, 2003 (Type species Mirocauda albilineana Chen, 2003; Monotypic, China)
Mucillnata Qin and Zhang, 2010 (Type species Mucillnata rava Qin & Zhang, 2010; Monotypic China)
Neobelocera Ding and Yang in Ding, Yang and Hu, 1986 (Type species Neobelocera asymmetrica Ding & Yang, 1986; 6 species, China)
Neocarinodelphax Chen and Tsai, 2009 (Type species Carinodelphax hainanensis Qin & Zhang, 2005; Monotypic, China [Taiwan])
Orchesma Melichar, 1903 (Type species Tropidocephala incompta Muir, 1926, 4 species, Africa and Indomalayan)
= Afrosmara Fennah, 1988 (Type species Tropidocephala incompta Muir, 1926, subgenus?)
Paranectopia Ding and Tian, 1981 (transferred to Delphacini))
Platyeurysa Fennah, 1988 (Type species Platyeurysa nigropicta Fennah, 1988, 2 species, Africa)
Procidelphax Bartlett, 2010 (Type species Procidelphax depressa Bartlett, 2010; 2 species, Neotropical)
Pseudembolophora Muir, 1920 (Type species Pseudembolophora macleayi Muir, 1920; monotypic, western Australia)
Pundaluoya Kirkaldy, 1903 (Type species Delphax ernesti Kirby, 1891, Taiwan, Sri Lanka)
Purohita Distant, 1906 (Type species Purohita cervina Distant, 1906; 8 species, Indomalayian, South temperate Asia, Africa)
Smaroides Fennah, 1988 (Type species Smaroides phaedima Fennah, 1988, Monotypic, Africa)
Sogatopsis Muir, 1913 (Type species Sogatopsis pratti Muir, 1913, Monotypic, Philippines)
= Bambusaria Melichar, 1914 (Type species Bambusaria picta Melichar, 1914, syn of Sogatopsis pratti Muir, 1913)
Specinervures Kuoh and Ding, 1980 (Type species Specinervures nigrocarinata Kuoh & Ding, 1980, 2 species, China …)
Tropidocephala Stål, 1853 (Type species Tropidocephala flaviceps Stål, 1855, 51 species, Indomalayan, Africa, Mediterranean, Japan, Western Europe)
= Conicoda Matsumura, 1900 (Type species Conicoda graminea Matsumura, 1900) synonym of Tropidocephala Stål, 1853 according to Melichar (1902)
= Ectopiopterygodelphax Kirkaldy, 1906 (Type species Ectopiopterygodelphax eximius Kirkaldy, 1906) synonym of Tropidocephala Stål, 1853 according to Kirkaldy (1907)
= Smara Distant, 1906 (Type species Smara festiva Distant, 1906) synonym of Tropidocephala Stål, 1853 according to Muir, 1915
Xalama Bartlett & Kennedy 2018 (Type species Malaxa microstyla Muir, 1930, monotypic, Bolivia and Peru)
Yuanchia Chen and Tsai, 2009 (Type species Yuanchia maculata Chen & Tsai, 2009, Monotypic, China {Taiwan})

Tribe Delphacini (New World Delphacini)
Abbrosoga Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951 (Type species Abbrosoga errata Caldwell, 1951, 2 species, Puerto Rico)
Acanthodelphax Le Quesne, 1964 (Type species Delphax denticauda Boheman, 1847; 5 species, Holarctic, a subgenus of Kosswigianella, status revised to genus by Della Guistina 2019)
Achorotile Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax albosignata Dahlbom, 1850, ~15 species total, subgenus with ~5 species, Holarctic; subgenus Criochora Anufriev & Emeljanov, 1980 [type species Achorotile (Criochora) caecianta Emeljanov, 1976, ~8 species, holarctic]; and subgenus Laccoscyta Anufriev & Emeljanov, 1980 (Type species Ditropis longicornis Sahlberg, 1871; 2 species, Palearctic)
Acrodelphax Fennah, 1965 (Type species Acrodelphax thimbron Fennah, 1965; Monotypic, Australia)
Aethodelphax Bartlett and Hamilton, 2011 (Type species Aethodelphax prairianus Bartlett & Hamilton, 2011; 8 species, Nearctic)
Afrocoronacella Asche, 1988 (Type species Afrocoronacella turneri (Muir, 1926); Monotypic, Africa)
Afrokalpa Fennah, 1969 (Type species Afrokalpa triquetra Fennah, 1969; 2 species, Africa)
Afrosellana Asche, 1988  (Type species Afrosellana ventrospina Asche, 1988, 2 species, Africa)
Afrosydne Fennah, 1969 (Type species Afrosydne lupias Fennah, 1969, monotypic, Africa)
Agrisicula Asche, 1980 (Type species Agrisicula ankistrofer Asche, 1980, monotypic, Western Europe (Italy))
Akemetopon Weglarz and Bartlett, 2011 (Type species Akemetopon inornatum Weglarz and Bartlett, 2011, 4 species, southwestern US and northern Mexico)
Akilas Distant, 1916 (Type species Akilas fasciatus Distant, 1916, monotypic, India, etc.)
Alketon Fennah, 1975 (Type species Alketon charcamis Fennah, 1975, monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Aloha Kirkaldy, 1904 (Type species Aloha ipomoeae Kirkaldy, 1904, 10 species, Hawaii)
Altekon Fennah, 1975 (Type species Delphacodes marpessa Fennah, 1956, 6 species, Indomalayan Islands, Japan)
= Taidelphax Yang, 1989 (Type Taidelphax chishanensis Yang, 1989], syn. by Ding 2006: 386)
Ambarvalia Distant, 1917 (Type species Ambarvalia pyrops Distant, 1917, monotypic, Seychelles)
Amblycotis Stål, 1853 (Type species Amblycotis laticeps Stål, 1855, 3 species, Africa)
Ampliphax Bartlett and Kunz, 2015 (Type species Ampliphax grandis Bartlett and Kunz, 2015, monotypic, Mesoamerica, Dominican Republic)
Anchidelphax Fennah, 1965  (Type species Megamelus albidens havanensis Crawford, 1914; 2 species, mostly Caribbean)
Anchodelphax Fennah, 1965 (Type species Anchodelphax olenus Fennah, 1965; 2 species, New Zealand, Australia)
Anectopia Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Anectopia mandane Kirkaldy, 1907, 2 species, Sri Lanka, etc.)
Aneuidellana Asche, 1988 (Type species Aneuidellana couturieri Asche, 1988; 2 species, Africa)
Aneuides Fennah, 1969 (Type species Aneuides ilaira Fennah, 1969, monotypic, Africa)
Antidryas Asche, 1998 (Type species Nesodryas antiope Fennah, 1964; monoypic, Africa & associated islands)
Aoyuanus Ding and Chen in Chen, Li and Ding, 2001  (Type species Aoyuanus furcatus Ding & Chen, 2001; 3 species, China)
Aplanodes Fennah, 1965 (Type species Criomorphus australiae Kirkaldy, 1907; Monotypic, Australia)
Araeopus Spinola, 1839 (Type species Cicada crassicornis Panzer, 1796; synonym of Delphax Fabricius, 1798 by ICZN (1961))
Asiracemus Asche, 1988 {Type species Asiracemus linnavuorii Asche, 1988, monotypic, Africa)
Asiracina Melichar, 1912 {Type species Asiracina punctovenosa Melichar, 1912; 5 species, Africa)
Astatometopon Campodonico, 2017 (Type species Astatometopon sakakibarai Campodonico, 2017; Monotypic, Chile)
Bakerella Crawford, 1914 (Type species Bakerella maculata Crawford, 1914; 13 species, Nearctic)
Bostaera Ball, 1902 (Type species Bostaera nasuta Ball, 1902; 4 species, Southern North America and the Mediterranean]
= Cochise Kirkaldy, 1907: 63 (Type species Cochise apacheanus Kirkaldy 1907: 64; syn with Bostaera according to Muir, 1913);
= Tricranoneura Horváth, 1922 (Type species Delphacodes bolivari Melichar 1901b; syn. by Muir 1925c)
Brachycraera Muir, 1916 (Type species Brachycraera albolineata Muir, 1916, monotypic, Philippines, Borneo)
Caenodelphax Fennah, 1965  (Type species Liburnia teapae Fowler, 1905, monotypic, widespread in New World, primarily Neotropical)
Calbodus Spinola, 1852 (Type species Calbodus pallidulus Spinola, 1852, 2 species, temperate South America]
Calisuspensus Ding, 2006 (Type species Calisuspensus bidentatus Ding, 2006, monotypic, China)
Calligypona Sahlberg, 1871 [Type species Calligypona albicollis Sahlberg, 1871] [Widespread Old World]
Cantoreanus Dlabola, 1971 (Type species Megamelus olorinus Dlabola, 1961: 270, 10 species, Palearctic)
Cemopsis Fennah, 1978 (Type species Cemopsis griphus Fennah, 1978, Monotypic, Vietnam)
Cemus Fennah, 1964 (Type species Cemus leviculus Fennah, 1964, 12 species, widespread Indomalayan, Africa, Australia)
Changeondelphax Kwon, 1982 (Type species Euidella velitchkovskyi Melichar, 1913, Monotypic, widespread Palearctic)
Chionomus Fennah, 1971 (Type species Delphacodes havanae Muir & Giffard, 1924, 3 species, widespread New World)
Chloriona Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax unicolor Herrich-Schäffer, 1835, ~32 species, Palearctic)
Chlorionidea Löw, 1885 (Type species Chlorionidea flava Löw, 1885, 5 species, Palearctic)
Clydonagma Fennah, 1969  (Type species Clydonagma molo Fennah, 1969, monotypic, Africa)
Conomelus Fieber, 1866  (Type species Delphax anceps Germar, 1821, 6 species, widespread Palearctic, adventive Nearctic)
Consociata Qin and Zhang, 2006 (Type species Consociata sinensis Qin & Zhang, 2006, Monotypic, China)
Coracodelphax Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Coracodelphax obscurus Vilbaste, 1968, Monotypic, East Palearctic)
Coronacella Metcalf, 1950 (Type species Delphacodes sinhalanus Kirkaldy, 1906; Monotypic, Indomalayan, Oceana, Australia)
Cotoya Anufriev, 1977 (Type species Cotoya galiae Anufriev, 1977; Monotypic, Japan, etc.)
Criomorphus Curtis, 1833 (Type species Criomorphus albomarginatus Curtis, 1833; 7 species, Holarctic)
Curtometopum Muir, 1926 (Type species Curtometopum turneri Muir, 1926; Monotypic, Africa)
Delphacellus Haupt, 1929 (Type species Liburnia putoni Scott, 1874; Monotypic, Mediterranean)
Delphacinus Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax mesomelas Fieber, 1866; 6 species, Palearctic)
Delphacodes Fieber, 1866 (Type species  Delphax mulsanti Fieber, 1866; ~10 species s.s., western Palearctic, esp. Mediterranean; but widespread Auctt., ~100-200 species s.l.]
Delphacodoides Muir, 1929 (Type species Delphacodoides ornata Muir, 1929; 2+ species, Africa)
Delphax Fabricius, 1798 (Type species Cicada crassicornis Panzer, 1796; 20-25 species, Palearctic)
Dianus Ding, 2006 (Type species Dianus testaceus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Dicentropyx Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Eurysa sublineata Emeljanov, 1964; monotypic?, Palearctic [Kazakhstan])
Dicranotropis Fieber, 1866 (Type species Dicranotropis hamata Boheman, 1847; ~34 species, Palearctic)
subgenus Leimonodite Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Dicranotropis beckeri Fieber, 1866; ~3 species, Palearctic)
Dictyophorodelphax Swezey, 1907 (Type species Dictyophorodelphax mirabilis Swezey, 1907; ~4 species, Hawaii)
Dingiana Qin, 2005 (Type species Dingiana nigrifacialis Qin, 2005; monotypic, China [Taiwan])
Diodelphax Yang, 1989 (Type species Diodelphax obstipus Yang, 1989; monotypic, China [Taiwan])
Distantinus Bellis and Donaldson 2015 (replacement name for preoccupied Matutinus Distant 1917) [Update in FLOW]
subgenus Matutinella Fennah 1972 (Type species Rhinodelphax ion Fennah, 1964; Monotypic, Madagascar)
Ditropis Kirschbaum, 1868 (Type species Delphax pteridis Spinola, 1839; 2 species, western Palearctic)
Ditropsis Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax flavipes Signoret, 1865; Monotypic, Palearctic)
Dogodelphax Lindberg, 1956 (Type species Dogodelphax nigropunctata Lindberg, 1956; 2 species, Africa)
Ecdelphax Yang, 1989 (Type species Dicranotropis cervina Muir, 1917; 4 species, Japan, China [Taiwan, etc.) [Update in FLOW]
Elachodelphax Vilbaste, 1965 (Type species Liburnia metcalfi Kusnezov, 1929 ; 4 species, Palearctic + 8 Species in Aschedelphax , Nearctic)
subgenus Aschedelphax Wilson 1992 (Type species Aschedelphax hochae Wilson, 1992; 8 species, Nearctic)
Emelyanodelphax Koçak, 1981 (Type species Verriculus molestus Emeljanov, 1976; Monotypic, Russia [Yakutian])  [Update in FLOW]
= Verriculus Emeljanov, 1976 (Type species Verriculus molestus Emeljanov, 1976; genus preoccupied according to Koçak, 1981)
Emoloana Asche, 2000 (Type species Kelisia emoloa Muir, 1917; 6 species, Hawaii)
Eoeurysa Muir, 1913 (Type species Eoeurysa flavocapitata Muir, 1913; Monotypic, Indomalayan)
Eorissa Fennah, 1965 (Type species Eorissa cicatrifrons Fennah, 1965; Monotypic, New Zealand)
Eripison Fennah, 1969 (Type species Kelisia snelli Muir, 1925 ; 2 species, Africa)
Eshanus Ding, 2006 (Type species Eshanus flavotestaceus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Euconomelus Haupt, 1929 (Type species Delphax lepida Boheman, 1847; Monotypic, widespread, Palearctic)
Euconon Fennah, 1975 (Type species Euconon astarte Fennah, 1975; Monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Euidastor Fennah, 1969 (Type species Euidastor milonius Fennah, 1969; 2 species, Africa)
Euidellana Metcalf, 1950 (Type species Euidellana carolinensis Metcalf, 1950; 4 species, Oceana, Indomalayan)
Euidelloides Muir, 1926 (Type species Euidelloides montana Muir, 1926; Monotypic, Neotropical [Ecuador])
Euides Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax basilinea Germar, 1821; ~15 species, widespread, polyphyletic)
= Euidella Puton, 1886 (Type species Delphax basilinea Germar, 1821)
Euidopsis Ribaut, 1948 (Type species Euidopsis truncata Ribaut, 1948; Monotypic, Mediterranean+)
Eumetopina Breddin, 1896 (Type species Eumetopina krügeri Breddin, 1896; 8 species, Indomalayan, Australia)
Eurybregma Scott, 1875 (Type species Eurybregma nigrolineata Scott, 1875; ~8 species Palearctic as now defined); 3 subgenera, the type subgenus, subgenus  Bregmodes Emeljanov, 1982 [type species Eurybregma pseudagropyri Emeljanov, 1966, Monotypic]; and subgenus  Priapyx Emeljanov, 1982 [includes Eurybregma  pygalis Emeljanov, 1973, 2 species])
Euryburnia Emeljanov, 2019 (Type species Megamelus magnifrons Crawford, 1914, 4 species, Nearctic) (Nearctic segregate of Eurybregma)
Eurysa Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax lineata Perris, 1897; ~18 species, Holarctic as currently defined); Subgenus Eurysera Della Giustina, 2019 (Type species Metropis forficula Horváth, 1908, 7 species, Mediterranean region); Subgenus Eurysa Fieber (4 species + 6 unplaced, Western Palearctic + Mediterranean )
Eurysacola Della Giustina, 2019 (Type species Eurysa etnicola Asche, 1994, Monotypic)  – Italy (Sicily)
Eurysanaea Della Giustina, 2019 (Type species Eurysa pyrenea Fieber, 1866, Monotypic) – France, Great Britain, Spain
Eurysanoides Holzinger, Kammerlander and Nickel, 2003 (Type species Liburnia douglasi Scott, 1870; 3 species, western Europe)
Eurysella Emeljanov, 1995 (Type species Metropis tridentatus Logvinenko, 1970; 3 species, Palearctic)
Eurysiana Della Giustina, 2019 (Type species Eurysa meridiana Asche, 1994, Monotypic) – Italy
Eurysula Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Eurysa lurida Fieber, 1866; monotypic, Palearctic)
Falcotoya Fennah, 1969 (type species Falcotoya aurinia Fennah, 1969; ~11 species, widely distributed but not Nearctic)
Fangdelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Fangdelphax gongshanensis Ding, 2006, Monotypic, China)
Ferganodelphax Dubovsky, 1970 (Type species Ferganodelphax crassiusculus Dubovsky, 1970, Monotypic, near east)
Flastena Nast, 1975 (Type species Delphax fumipennis Fieber, 1866, Monotypic, West Palearctic)
Flavoclypeus Kennedy and Bartlett, 2014 (Type species Liburnia andromeda Van Duzee, 1907; 8 species, Nearctic and North Neotropical)
Florodelphax Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Delphax paryphasma Flor, 1861; 3 species, Palearctic)
Formodelphax Yang, 1989 (Type species Formodelphax formodus Yang, 1989, 3 species, Taiwan)
Ganus Ding, 2006 (Type species Ganus pallicarinatus Ding, 2006, Monotypic, China)
Garaga Anufriev, 1977 (Type species Liburnia nagaragawana Matsumura, 1900 [unclear in FLOW]; 7 species, far eastern Palearctic) (Synonyms Nagara Vilbaste, 1968 (Preoccupied, and possibly nomen nudum), Cengizhania Koçak, 1981 (Replacement for Nagara)
Gelastodelphax Kirkaldy 1906 (Type species Gelastodelphax histrionicus Kirkaldy, 1906; monotypic, Australia) (Syn. with Eumetopina by Fennah 1965, restored by Bellis and Donaldson, 2015)
Glabrinotum Ding, 2006 (Type species Glabrinotum qitaiensis Ding, 2006; monotypic, China)
Gravesteiniella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Liburnia boldi Scott, 1870; 2 species, Palearctic)
Guidelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Guidelphax oligodontus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Hadeodelphax Kirkaldy, 1906 (Type species Hadeodelphax pluto Kirkaldy, 1906; returned to synonymy under Sardia Melichar 1903 by Bellis and Donaldson 2015)
Hadropygos Gonzon and Bartlett, 2008 (Type species Hadropygos rhombos Gonzon & Bartlett, 2007; monotypic, Neotropical)
Hagamiodes Fennah, 1975 (Type species Dicranotropis fuscicaudata Muir, 1917; 3 species, Indomalayan and far east, Australia)
Halmyra Mitjaev, 1971 (Type species Calligypona aeluropodis Emeljanov, 1964; Monotypic, Western Russia, southeastern Europe, Iran)
Hapalomelus Stål, 1853 (Type species Hapalomelus flavipes Stål, 1855; 3 species, Africa)
= Gadora Walker, 1858 (Type Gadora capensis Walker, 1858. syn. of a synonym of Hapalomelus flavipes Stål, 1855 by Stål (1862); genus synonym of Hapalomelus Stål, 1853 according to Muir (1915).
Haplodelphax Kirkaldy, 1907 (Type species Haplodelphax iuncicola Kirkaldy, 1907; 3 species, Australia)
Harmalia Fennah, 1969 (Type species Sogata thoracica Distant, 1916, 13 species, widespread in Old World tropics as usually contrived but Harmalia recently subsumed under Opiconsiva Distant 1917)
= Paracorbulo Tian & Ding, 1980 (Type species Sogata sirokata Matsumura & Ishihara, 1945) is a synonym of Harmalia by Yang, 1989: 198.
Harmalianodes Asche, 1988 (Type species Harmalianodes furcata Asche, 1988; monotypic, Africa)
Herbalima Emeljanov, 1972 ([described as a subgenus of Toya]; apparently type species is Liburnia mongolica Kusnezov, 1929, 2 species, east Palearctic)
Himeunka Matsumura and Ishihara, 1945 (Type species Unkana kushiana Matsumura, 1935; 1-2 species, east coastal Palearctic [Japan])
Hirozunka Matsumura and Ishihara, 1945 (Type species Hirozunka japonica Matsumura & Ishihara, 1945; monotypic, Japan)
Homosura Melichar, 1912 (Type species Homosura braunsi Melichar, 1912; Monotypic, distribution ?)
Horcoma Fennah, 1969 (type species Delphax colorata De Motschulsky, 1863; 2 species, Indomalayan, Australia)
Horcomana Asche, 1988 (Type species Horcomana brevispina Asche, 1988; Monotypic, Ivory Coast)
Horvathianella Anufriev, 1980 (Type species Horvathianella palliceps (Horváth, 1897), Monotypic, Palearctic) [update in FLOW]
Hyledelphax Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Delphax elegantula Boheman, 1847; Monotypic, widespread in Palearctic)
Idiobregma Anufriev, 1972 (Type species Idiobregma unicarinata Anufriev, 1972 ; Monotypic, far east)
Ilburnia White, 1878 (Type species Liburnia ignobilis White, 1878; ? species [Hawaian taxa transferred mostly to Nesosydne], Saint Helena, Oceania)
Indozuriel Fennah, 1975 (Type species Indozuriel samiator Fennah, 1975; 2 species, Sri Lanka [etc.?])
Ishiharodelphax Kwon, 1982 (type species Delphacodes matsuyamensis Ishihara, 1952; 2 species, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, etc.)
Isodelphax Fennah, 1963 (Type species Liburnia basivitta Van Duzee, 1909; 4 species, Nearctic)
Isogaetis Fennah, 1969 (Type species Isogaetis thymoma Fennah, 1969; Monotypic, Sudan)
Issedonia Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Calligypona cochlearis Emelianov, 1964, Monotypic, Palearctic)
Iubsoda Nast, 1975 (Type species Liburnia stigmatica Melichar, 1897; 5 species, western Europe, Mediterranean)
Izella Fennah, 1965 (Type species Izella triopas Fennah, 1965; Monotypic, New Guinea)
Javesella Fennah, 1963 (Type species Fulgora pellucida Fabricius, 1794; ~23 species, Holarctic)
Subgenus Haffnerianella Wagner 1966 (type species Delphacodes stali Metcalf 1943, replacement name for the unavailable Delphax bohemani Stål, 1858, nec. Stål, 1854; apparently monotypic; all other species in Javesella s.s. by implication or explicit placement)
= Weidnerianella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Fulgora pellucida Fabricius, 1794; syn. by Wagner 1966: 91
Jinlinus Ding, 2006 (Type species Jinlinus albocarinatus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Kakuna Matsumura, 1935 (Type species Kakuna kuwayamai Matsumura, 1935; 6 species, far east Asia, coastal Indomalayan)
= Parametopina Yang, 1989, a synonym of Kakuna Matsumura, 1935 according to Ding (2006: 404).
Kartalia Koçak, 1981 (replacement name for preoccupied Zuleika Distant, 1912 nomen praeoccupatum by Kartalia Koçak, 1981; Type species Zuleika bengalensis Distant, 1912, ~2 species [?], Sri Lanka, Japan, etc.)
Kazachicesa Koçak and Kemal, 2010 (Type species Calligypona venustula Emeljanov, 1964; Monotypic, Kazakhstan)
= Dicromina Mitjaev, 1971 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Kazachicesa Koçak & Kemal (2010:153).
Kelisoidea Beamer, 1950 (Type species Kelisoidea versa Beamer, 1950; Monotypic, USA: Florida)
Keyflana Beamer, 1950 (Type species Keyflana hasta Beamer, 1950, Monotypic, east coast USA)
Kormus Fieber, 1866 (Type species; Kormus artemisiae Fieber, 1866: 523; 3 species [polyphyletic], widespread)
Kosswigianella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax exigua Boheman, 1847; Holarctic, 6 species in subgenus Kosswigianella).  Subgenus Acanthodelphax Le Quesne, 1964 (type species Delphax denticauda Boheman, 1847) revised to full genus by Della Giustina 2019).
Kusnezoviella Vilbaste, 1965 (Type species Liburnia dimidiatifrons Kusnezov, 1929; 5-6 species, Holarctic)
Laccocera Van Duzee, 1897 (Type species Laccocera vittipennis Van Duzee, 1897; 10 species, Nearctic)
Laminatopina Qin and Zhang, 2007
Laodelphax Fennah, 1963 (Type species Delphax striatella Fallén, 1826; 2 species, Palearctic plus North tropical Indomalayan)
Laoterthrona Ding and Huang in Ding et al., 1980 (Type species Laoterthrona flavovittata Ding & Huang, 1980; 3 species, China, Japan)
Latistria Huang and Ding in Huang et al., 1980 (Type species Latistria testacea Huang & Ding, 1980; 4 species, Widespread Indomalayan and Australia)
Leialoha Kirkaldy, 1910 (Type species Aloha naniicola Kirkaldy, 1910; ~13 species?, Hawaii)
Lepidelphax Remes Lenicov, 2013 (Type species Lepidelphax pistiae Remes Lenicov & Walsh, 2013, Monotypic, Argentina [being considered for release as weed control agent])
Leptodelphax Haupt, 1927 (Type species Leptodelphax cyclops Haupt, 1927; ~3 species, Africa, Middle East)
Leptoeurysa Fennah, 1988 (Type species Leptoeurysa monticola Fennah, 1988; 6 species, Africa)
Leucydria Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Leucydria dulcis Emeljanov, 1972; Monotypic, Mongolia)
Liburnia Stål, 1866 (invalid genus; Jr. synonym of Embolophora, but unplaced species remain in this genus; type species Embolophora monoceros Stål, 1855)
Liburniella Crawford, 1914 (type species Delphax ornata Stål, 1862, Monotypic, widespread in Nearctic, especially east)
Lisogata Ding, 2006 ((Type species Lisogata zhejianensis Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Litemixia Asche, 1980 (Type species Litemixia pulchripennis Asche, 1980; Monotypic, France, Germany)
Litochodelphax Asche, 1982 (Type species Litochodelphax aliakmon Van Stalle, 1990; Monotypic, Greece)
Loginovia Emeljanov, 1982 (Type species Loginovia mariannae Emeljanov, 1982; Monotypic, Mongolia); subsumed under Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963 by Holzinger et al. 2003 367, 371.
Longtania Ding, 2006 (Type species Longtania picea Ding, 2006; 2 species, China)
Luda Ding, 2006 (Type species Luda dianica Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Luxorianella Asche, 1994 ((Type species Calligypona isis Linnavuori, 1958; Monotypic, Egypt)
Macrotomella Van Duzee, 1897 (Type species Macrotomella carinata Van Duzee, 1907; monotypic, Florida, Mesoamerica, Greater Antilles)
Mahmutkashgaria Koçak and Kemal, 2008 (Type species ? Sulculus sulcatus Ding, 2002; 2 species, China)
= Sulculus Ding & Chen, 2002 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Mahmutkashgaria Koçak & Kemal, 2008: 15
Makarorysa Remane and Asche, 1986 (Type species Makarorysa canteca Remane & Asche, 1986. 4 species, Spain: Canary Islands)
Malaxodes Fennah, 1967 (Type species Malaxodes farinosus Fennah, 1967; 2 species, Africa)
Maosogata Ding, 2006 (Type species Maosogata rottboelliae Ding, 2006; Monotypic; China))
Marquedryas Asche, 1998 (Type species Marquedryas laodice Asche, 1998; 2 species; French Polynesia (Marquesas))
Matsumuramata Xing & Chen, 2014 (Type species Stenocranus sacchari Masumura, 1910; replacement name for unavailable Numata Matsumura, 1935; 5 species, Africa, Australia, Indomalaya, East Palearctic, Oceania)
Matsumuranoda Metcalf, 1943 (replacement name for Noda Matsumura, 1935; Type species Noda karfutona Matsumura, 1935; monotypic, Russia: Sakhalin)
= Noda Matsumura, 1935 [nec Schellenberg, 1803], preoccupied, a synonym of Matsumuranoda Metcalf, 1943 according to Metcalf (1943: 157).
Matutinus Distant, 1917 (was here; junior homonym, replaced by Distantinus Bellis and Donaldson 2015)
Megadelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax sordidula Stål, 1853; 10 species, Palearctic, 9 species in subgenus Megadelphax)
Subgenus Polytropa Emeljanov, 1982 (nec. Swainson 1840) (Type species Megadelphax vilbastei Emeljanov, 1982; monotypic, Russia).
Megamelanus Ball, 1902 (Type species Megamelanus bicolor Ball, 1902; Monotypic, western USA)
Megamelodes Le Quesne, 1960 (Type species [probably] Delphax quadrimaculata Signoret, 1865; 2 species, Palearctic)
Megamelus Fieber, 1866 (Type species Delphax notula Germar, 1830; ~29 species, Holarctic and Neotropical)
Melaniphax Bartlett 2019 (monotypic, Melaniphax suffusculus Bartlett, 2019, Costa Rica)
Mengdelphax Ding in Ding and Zhang, 1994 (Type species Mengdelphax neimengensis Ding & Zhang, 1994; Monotypic, China)
Meristopsis Kennedy, Bartlett and Wilson, 2012 (Type species Meristopsis rhamphis Kennedy et al. 2012; 2 species Nearctic and Mesoamerica)
Mestus Motschulsky, 1863 (Type species Mestus morio De Motschulsky, 1863; 3 species Indomalayan [Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China])
Metadelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax propinqua Fieber, 1866; 5 species, cosmopolitan, est. tropics and warm temperate)
Metroma Ding, 2006 (Type species Metropis achnatheri Emeljanov, 1964; Monotypic; Note Metropis achnatheri Emeljanov, 1964  is a junior synonym of Metropis (Metropidius) songinitus Dlabola, 1957 according to Emeljanov (1972: 208), which is the type species of Metropis (Metropidius) Emeljanov, 1972.
Metropis Fieber, 1866 (Type species Metropis mayri Fieber, 1866; 13? species in 3 subgenera, Widespread in Palearctic)
= Atropis Kirschbaum, 1868 synonym of Metropis Fieber, 1866 by Fieber (1872)
Subgenus Metropis Fieber, 1866 (Type species Metropis mayri Fieber, 1866; 11? species; Palearctic)
Subgenus Cormidius Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Metropis nigrifrons Kusnezov, 1929, Monotypic, Palearctic [Check status])
= Stiropis Ding, 2006 (Type species Metropis nigrifrons Kusnezov, 1929, Monotypic, Mongolia) [syn. of Cormidius Emeljanov, 1972]
Subgenus Metropidius Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Metropis achnatheri Emeljanov, 1964; Monotypic, Palearctic) [Update in FLOW]
= Metroma Ding, 2006 (Type species Metropis achnatheri Emeljanov, 1964; Monotypic, Palearctic)
Micistylus Guo and Liang, 2006 (Type species Micistylus triprocerus Guo & Liang, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Micreuides Fennah, 1969 (Type species Micreuides verres Fennah, 1969; Monotypic, Sudan)
Mirabella Emeljanov, 1982 Type species Liburnia albifrons Fieber, 1879; Monotypic, Western Palearctic)
= Lauterodelphax Asche & Remane, 1983 (Type species Liburnia albifrons Fieber, 1879)
Miranus Chen and Ding in Chen, Li and Ding, 2001 (Type species Stenocranus varians Kuoh, 1981; 5 species, China)
Monospinodelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Indozuriel dantur Kuoh, 1980; Monotypic, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan)
Muellerianella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax fairmairei Perris, 1857; 7 species, Holarctic)
Muirodelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax aubei Perris, 1857; ~12 species, widespread in Holarctic)
= Delphacinoides Vilbaste, 1965 (Type species Delphacinoides altaius Vilbaste, 1965); syn. by Emeljanov 1977: 111.
= Pinodoxa Anufriev, 1991: 144 (Type species Pinodoxa pinanorum Anufriev, 1991); syn. by Hamilton & Kwon 2010: 422.
= Kosswigianella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax exigua Boheman, 1847); syn. by Ding, 2006: 627 (error).
= Uncertain affinity? Paradelphax Vilbaste, 1980 (type species Liburnia nigrostriata Kusnezov, 1929); type species treated as Muirodelphax by Ding (2006: 627) and possibly by others.
Nanotoya Fennah, 1975 (Type species Liburnia alboguttata Melichar, 1903, Monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Nataliana Muir, 1926 (Type species Nataliana lineata Muir, 1926, Monotypic, Natal)
Nazugumia Koçak and Kemal, 2008 (Type species Crispina tortuosa Kuoh, 1982; Monotypic, China)
= Crispina Kuoh, 1982; nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Nazugumia Koçak & Kemal, 2008.
Necodan Fennah, 1975 (Type species Necodan zimara Fennah, 1975; Monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Nemetor Fennah, 1969 Type species Nemetor sabinus Fennah, 1969; 2 species; Australia, New Caledonia, Japan)
Neoconon Yang, 1989 (Type species Neoconon incensa Yang, 1989; Monotypic; Taiwan)
Neodelphax De Remes Lenicov and Brentassi 2017 (Type species Neodelphax sakakibarai Remes Lenicov & Brentassi; 3 species, Temperate South America)
Neodicranotropis Yang, 1989 (Type species Neodicranotropis tungyaanensis Yang, 1989; 2 species; Taiwan, China)
Neogadora Fennah, 1969 (Type species Neogadora nitens Fennah, 1969; Monotypic; Sudan)
Neomegamelanus McDermott, 1952 (Type species Megamelanus lautus Metcalf, 1923; 5 species, east coast, North America)
Neometopina Yang, 1989 (Type species Neometopina penghuensis Yang, 1989; 2 species, China)
= Laminatopina Qin & Zhang, 2007 synonym of Neometopina Yang, 1989 according to Hou et al. (2013: 98).
Neoperkinsiella Muir, 1926 (Type species Neoperkinsiella williamsi Muir, 1926; 2 species, Neotropical)
Neoterthrona Yang, 1989 (Type species Neoterthrona spinosa Yang, 1989; 3 species, China, Taiwan)
Nesodryas Kirkaldy, 1908 (Type species Nesodryas freycinetiae Kirkaldy, 1908; 2 species?; Hawaii)
Nesorestias Kirkaldy, 1908 (Type species Nesorestias filicicola Kirkaldy, 1908; 2? species; Hawaii)
= Nesopleias Kirkaldy, 1910 (Type species Nesopleias nimbata Muir, 1915)
Nesorthia Fennah, 1962 (Nesorthia paronychiae Fennah, 1962; monotypic, Desventuradas Islands)
Nesosydne Kirkaldy, 1907 (type species Nesosydne koae Kirkaldy 1907; 121 species Hawaii and Pacific island)
Nesothoe Kirkaldy, 1908 (Type species Nesothoe fletus Kirkaldy, 1908; 22 species named in the genus, but genus in the strict sense only Hawaii)
Neunkanodes Yang, 1989 (Type species Neunkanodes formosana Yang, 1989; Monotypic, Taiwan)
Neuterthron Ding, 2006 (Type species Neuterthron hamuliferum Ding, 2006; 4 species, China)
Nicetor Fennah, 1964 (Type species Dicranotropis brunnea Muir, 1926; 2 species, Neotropical)
Nilaparvata Distant, 1906 (Nilaparavata greeni Distant, 1906: 473, a junior synonym of Delphax lugens Stal, 1854; 17 species, pantropical and (warm) temperate).
= Kalpa Distant, 1906 (Type species Kalpa aculeata Distant 1906); syn. by Muir 1919: 7-8.
Niphisia Emeljanov, 1966 (Type species Niphisia candens Emeljanov, 1966; Monotypic, Mongolia)
Nothodelphax Fennah, 1963 (Type species Liburnia foveata Van Duzee, 1897; 16 species, Holarctic plus south temperate)
= Tyrphodelphax Vilbaste, 1968 synonym according to Anufriev & Averkin (1982: 137 )
Nothokalpa Fennah, 1975 (Type species Nothokalpa salome Fennah, 1975; Monotypic, Sri Lanka)
Nothorestias Muir, 1917 (Type species Nothorestias badia Muir, 1917; 2 species Hawaii)
Notogryps Fennah, 1965 (Type species Notogryps melanthus Fennah, 1965′ 2 species Australia, New Zealand)
Notohyus Fennah, 1965 (Type species Notohyus erosus Fennah, 1965; monotypic, New Zealand)
Numata Matsumura, 1935 (Type species Stenocranus sacchari Matsumura, 1910; preoccupied, replaced by Matsumuramata Xing & Chen, 2014)
Numathriambus Asche, 1988 (Type species Numathriambus biflagellata Asche, 1988; monotypic, Africa)
Numatodes Fennah, 1964 (Type species Numatodes antricauda Fennah, 1964; Monotypic, Madagascar)
Nycheuma Fennah, 1964 (Type species Dicranotropis capensis Muir, 1926; ~9 species, Africa, Australia, Oceania, East Palearctic)
Oaristes Fennah, 1964 (Type species Chloriona snelli Muir, 1929; 4 species, Africa and associated islands)
Oncodelphax Wagner, 1963(Type species Delphax pullula Boheman, 1852; 3 species in 2 subgenera as below; Palearctic)
Subgenus Oncodelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax pullula Boheman, 1852; 2 species, Palearctic)
Subgenus Ceranisa Emeljanov, 1982 (Type species Oncodelphax (Ceranisa) improvisa Emeljanov, 1982; Monotypic, Mongolia)
Onidodelphax Yang, 1989 (Type species Onidodelphax serratus Yang, 1989 type species; Monotypic, Taiwan)
Opiconsiva Distant, 1917 (Type species Opiconsiva fuscovaria Distant, 1917; ~22 species
= Corbulo Fennah, 1965 (Type species Delphax dilpa Kirkaldy, 1907); synonym of Opiconsiva Distant, 1917 according to Asche (1988)
= Paracorbulo Tian & Ding, 1980 (Type species Sogata sirokata Matsumura & Ishihara, 1945; genus synonym of Harmalia Fennah, 1969 according to Yang (1989: 198))
= Harmalia Fennah, 1969 (Type species Type species Sogata thoracica Distant, 1916;  synonym of Opiconsiva Distant, 1917 according to Huang et al. 2017)
Orcaenas Fennah, 1969 (Type species Orcaenas juterna Fennah, 1969 ; 2 species, Africa [Sudan])
Orientoya Chen and Ding in Chen, Li and Ding, 2001 (Type species Orientoya orientalis Chen & Ding, 2001; Monotypic, Japan)
Palego Fennah, 1978 (Type species Palego simulator Fennah, 1978; 3 species China, Vietnam)
= Parathriambus Kuoh, 1982 (Type species Parathriambus spinosus Kuoh, 1982), syn by according to Qin (2005: 857)
Paraconon Yang, 1989 (Type species Paraconon membranacea Yang, 1989; 4 species, Indomalayan, Australia)
Paracorbulo Tian and Ding in Tian, Ding and Kuoh, 1980 (Type species Sogata sirokata Matsumura & Ishihara, 1945); junior synonym of  Harmalia Fennah, 1969, in turn synonymized with Opiconsiva Distant, 1917)
Paradelphacodes Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax paludosa Flor, 1861; ~5 species, Holarctic but mostly Paleatctic)
Paraliburnia Jensen-Haarup, 1917 (Type species  Paraliburnia jacobseni Jensen-Haarup, 1917: 2, a junior synonym of Delphax concolor Fieber, 1866b and Delphax adela Flor, 1861; ~5 species, Holarctic)
Paramestus Ding, 2006 (Type species Metropis nigroclypeus Ding & Wang, 1996; Monotypic, China)
Paranectopia Ding and Tian, 1981 (Type species Paranectopia lasaensis Ding & Tian, 1981, Monotypic, China)
Parasogata Zhou, Yang & Chen, 2018 (Type species Parasogata binaria Zhou, Yang & Chen, 2018, 2 species, southwestern China)
Paratoya Ding, 2006 (Type species Paratoya picina Ding, 2006, Monotypic, China)
Pareuidella Beamer, 1951 (type species Pareuidella spatulata Beamer, 1951; 5 species, widespread in southern Nearctic, Mesoamerica, Caribbean and into South America)
Parkana Beamer, 1950 (Type species Parkana alata Beamer, 1950, 7 species in 3 subgenera; New World [Nearctic + Mesoamerica)]; subgenus Parkana with 5 species, subgenus Furcoparca Bartlett, 2014; Type species Parkana (Furcoparca) chico Bartlett, 2014; Monotypic, Mexico; subgenus Litoparca Bartlett, 2014; type species Parkana (Litoparca) costa Bartlett, 2014; Monotypic, Costa Rica)
Partoya Asche, 1988 (Type species Toya camena Fennah, 1969, Monotypic, Africa)
Pastiroma Dlabola, 1967 (Type species Calligypona odessana Dlabola, 1958, a junior syn of Eurysa clypeata Horváth, 1897; 3 species, Palearctic)
Peliades Jacobi, 1928 (Type species Platybrachys platypoda Bierman, 1910; 3 species, Japan, Taiwan, Sri Lanka)
= Platybrachys Bierman, 1910 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Peliades Jacobi, 1928 by Jacobi (1928: 43).
Penepissonotus Beamer, 1950 (Type species Penepissonotus bicolor Beamer, 1950; Monotypic, widespread in the eastern USA)
Peregrinus Kirkaldy, 1904 (Type species Delphax maidis Ashmead, 1890; 2 species, cosmopolitan in tropics and warm temperate regions)
= Hagamiella Fennah, 1958 synonym by Fennah (1969: 35)
Perkinsiella Kirkaldy, 1903 (Type species Perkinsiella saccharicida Kirkaldy, 1903; ~38 species, Old World tropics [esp. Papua New Guinea], adventive New World; found everywhere sugarcane is grown]
Araeopides Ribaut, 1948
Phacalastor Kirkaldy, 1906 (type species Phacalastor pseudomaidis Kirkaldy, 1906; 2 ? species; old world tropics)
Phrictopyga Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951 (Type species Kelisia contorta Muir, 1926; 10 species, Neotropical to south temperate)
Phyllodinus Van Duzee, 1897  (Type species Phyllodinus nervatus Van Duzee, 1897; 5 names but only the type correctly placed; Nearctic)
= Jamiphax Matsumura, 1940 (Type species Jamiphax kotoshonis Matsumura, 1940); synonym of Phyllodinus Van Duzee, 1897 according to Ishihara (1949): 73
Pissonotus Van Duzee, 1897 (Type species Pissonotus marginatus Van Duzee, 1897; ~43 species, New World [mostly Nearctic];
= Phyllodictus Ball, 1926: 18-19 (Type species Phyllodictus tessellatus Ball, 1926); syn. by Morgan and Beamer, 1949: 97; Bartlett and Deitz, 2000: 13.
Plagiotropis Emeljanov, 1993 (type species Plagiotropis misandros Emeljanov, 1993, Monotypic, Ethiopia)
Platycorpus Ding, 1983 (Type species Platycorpus nadaensis Ding 1983, Monotypic [?], China)
Platypareia Muir, 1934 (Type species Platypareia albipes Muir, 1934; Monotypic. India, Vietnam)
Platytibia Ding, 2006 (Type species Platytibia ferruginea Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Porcellus Emeljanov, 1972 (Type species Delphacinus griseus Emeljanov, 1972, Monotypic [?], Mongolia)
Prasliniana Asche, 1998 (Type species Prasliniana pandanae Asche, 1998; Monotypic, Seychelles)
Prodelphax Yang, 1989 (Type species Prodelphax formosanus Yang, 1989; Monotypic, Taiwan)
Prokelisia Osborn, 1905 (Type species Megamelus marginatus Van Duzee, 1897; 5 species Nearctic [mostly coastal]; adventive Europe)
= Prokelisoidea McDermott, 1952; (Type species Kelisia salina Ball, 1902) synonym of Prokelisia Osborn, 1905 by Wilson (1982)
Proscopus Emeljanov, 1982 (Type species Delphacodes fenestratus Emeljanov, 1972; Monotypic, Mongolia); subsumed under Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963 by Holzinger et al. 2003 367, 371.
Pseudaraeopus Kirkaldy, 1904 (Type species Araeopus lethierryi Mulsant & Rey, 1879; 3 species, Mediterranean)
Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax flaviceps Fieber, 1866; 3 species, Palearctic)
= Loginovia Emeljanov, 1982 (Type species Loginovia mariannae Emeljanov, 1982; Monotypic, Mongolia); subsumed under Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963 by Holzinger et al. 2003 367, 371.
= Proscopus Emeljanov, 1982 (Type species Delphacodes fenestratus Emeljanov, 1972; Monotypic, Mongolia); subsumed under Pseudodelphacodes Wagner, 1963 by Holzinger et al. 2003 367, 371.
Pseudosogata Ding, 2006 (Type species Sogata vatrenus Fennah, 1975 ; Monotypic, Indomalayan)
Pygospina Caldwell in Caldwell and Martorell, 1951 (Type species Pygospina spinata Caldwell, 1951, 5 species, Neotropical)
Pyrophagus Remes Lenicov & Varela, 2014 [nomen nudum in 2005] (Type species Pyrophagus tigrinus de Remes Lenecov and Varela, 2014; Monotypic, temperate south of South America)
Qianlia Ding, 2006 (Type species Qianlia citristriata Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Queenslandicesa Koçak and Kemal, 2010 (Replacement name for Thymalops Fennah 1965: 20 (junior homonym of Thymalops Iablokoff-Khnzorian 1962) (Type species Dicranotropis anderida Kirkaldy, 1907; 3? species, Australia, Indomalayan)
= Thymalops Fennah, 1965 nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Queenslandicesa Koçak & Kemal, 2010 by Koçak & Kemal (2010: 129)
Ramidelphax Qin and Zhang, 2006 (Type species Ramidelphax albistriata Qin & Zhang, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Rectivertex Guo and Liang, 2006 (Type species Rectivertex saccatus Guo & Liang, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Remanodelphax Drosopoulos, 1982 (Type species Remanodelphax cedroni Drosopoulos, 1982; 3 species, Africa and the Mediterranean)
Rhinodelphax Muir, 1934 (Type species Rhinodelphax hargreavesi Muir, 1934; Monotypic, Africa)
Rhinotettix Stål, 1853 (Type species Rhinotettix fuscipennis Stål, 1855; 2 species, Africa)
Rhombotoya Fennah, 1975 ((Type species Delphacodes pseudonigripennis Muir, 1918; 3++ species, widespread in Old World tropics and warm temperate)
= Maculidelphax Asche, 1982 synonym of Rhombotoya Fennah, 1975
Ribautodelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax collina Boheman, 1847: 51; ~30 species, Holarctic).
Subgenus Altostana Emeljanov 1982 (Type species Ribautodelphax bogdul Dlabola, 1968; 2 species?, Palearctic)
Rotundifronta Beamer, 1950 (Type species Rotundifronta lutea Beamer, 1950; Monotypic, southern Florida)
Salinesia Campodonico & Coccia, 2019 (Type species Salinesia atacamensis Campodonico & Coccia, 2019, Monotypic, Chile)
Sardia Melichar, 1903 (Type species Sardia rostrata Melichar, 1903; 9? species, widespread in Old World tropics)
= Hadeodelphax Kirkaldy, 1906 synonym of Sardia Melichar, 1903 according to Kirkaldy (1907) [this synonym subsequently refuted, then restored]
Scolopygos Bartlett, 2002 (Type species Scolopygos pallida Bartlett, 2002; Monotypic, southeastern Canada)
Scotoeurysa Fennah, 1988 (Type species Eurysa nigrocacuminis Muir, 1926; 2 species, Africa)
Scottianella Anufriev, 1980 (Type species Liburnia dalei Scott, 1870; 2 species, Palearctic)
= Lamprodelphax Fennah, 1982 (Type species Liburnia dalei Scott, 1870); synonym of Scottianella Anufriev, 1980 according to Webb & Wilson (1986): 283
Sembrax Fennah, 1969 (Type species Sembrax demades Fennah, 1969; 2 species, Africa)
Shadelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Calligypona eforiae Dlabola, 1961; 2 species, eastern Palearctic)
Shijidelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Shijidelphax albithoracalis Ding, 2006; Montypic, China)
Sibirodelphax Vilbaste, 1980 (Type species Liburnia sibirica Kusnezov, 1929; Montypic, [eastern] Palearctic)
Sinolacme Fennah, 1978 (Type species Dicranotropis huensis Fennah, 1956; 3 species, southwest Asia)
Sinoperkinsiella Ding, 1983 (Type species Sinoperkinsiella sacciolepis Ding, 1983; Monotypic, China, Indomalayan)
Smicrotatodelphax Kirkaldy, 1906 (Type species Smicrotatodelphax perkinsi Kirkaldy, 1906; 7 species; Old World tropics[?])
Sogata Distant, 1906 (Type species Sogata dohertyi Distant, 1906; ~7 species, Indomalayan, etc.)
= Hosunka Matsumura, 1935 (Type species Hosunka pallidula Matsumura, 1935) synonym of Sogata Distant, 1906 according to Fennah (1971: 579).
Sogatella Fennah, 1956 (Type species Delphax furcifera Horvath, 1899; ~15 species, pantropical and warm temperate)
= Chloriona (Sogatella) Fennah, 1956a: 471 (type species, by original designation, Delphax furcifera Horvath, 1899: 372); status (genus) by Fennah 1963b: 48.
= Sogatodes Fennah, 1963a: 71; Type species (by subsequent designation by Fennah, 1963b: 166), Sogatodes molinus Fennah, 1963a: 72. Syn. by Asche and Wilson 1990: 5.
Sogatellana Kuoh in Huang et al., 1980 (Type species Sogatellana marginata Kuoh, 1980; ~3 species, Indomalayan, etc.)
Sparnia Stål, 1862 (Type species Sparnia praecellens Stål, 1862; 3 species, Neotropical)
Spartidelphax Bartlett and Webb, 2014 (Type species Delphacodes penedetecta Beamer, 1950; 3 species [one of doubtful status], Nearctic)
Spinaprocessus Ding, 2006 (Type species Spinaprocessus triacanthus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Spinidelphacella Asche, 1988 (Type species Delphacodes hargreavesi Muir, 1929 ; Monotypic, Africa)
Stiroma Fieber, 1866 (Type species Stiroma affinis Fieber, 1866; ~4+ species, Palearctic)
subgenus Anachoroma Emeljanov 1976 (Type species Stiroma (Anachoroma) staminata Emeljanov, 1976; Monotypic, Russia [Magadan])  [Update in FLOW]
Stiromella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Criomorphus obliqua Wagner, 1948; 6 species, Palearctic)
Stiromeurysa Dlabola, 1965 (Type species Stiromeurysa vitoshaensis Dlabola, 1965; Monotypic, west Palearctic)
Stiromoides Vilbaste, 1971 (Type species Eurysa maculiceps Horváth, 1903; Monotypic, Palearctic)
Stobaera Stål, 1859 (Type species Delphax concinna Stål, 1854; ~11 species, mostly Nearctic)
= Goniolcium Fowler, 1905 (Type species Goniolcium granulosum Fowler, 1905 ); synonym of Stobaera Stål, 1859 according to Van Duzee (1909)
Stolbax Fennah, 1969 (Type species Stolbax callisto Fennah, 1969; Monotypic, Africa)
Strophalinx Fennah, 1969 (Type species Strophalinx echo Fennah, 1969; Monotypic, Africa)
Struebingianella Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax lugubrina Boheman, 1847; ~3 species?, Palearctic)
= Paraliburnia (Struebingianella) Wagner, 1963 previous combination of Struebingianella Wagner, 1963 according to Le Quesne (1964)
Sulix Fennah, 1965 (Type species Sulix vetranio Fennah, 1965; 4 species, New Zealand)
Syndelphax Fennah, 1963 (Type species Delphax matanitu Kirkaldy, 1907; ~13 species, Widespread)
Synpteron Muir, 1926  (Type species Synpteron brazilensis Muir, 1926 Monotypic, Neotropical)
Tagosodes Asche and Wilson, 1990 (Type species Dicranotropis cubanus Crawford, 1914, ~7 species, Pantropical)
Tainosia† Szwedo & Stroinski, 2001 [Type species Tainosia quisqueyae† Szwedo & Stroinski, 2001]
Tarophagus Zimmerman, 1948 (Type species Megamelus proserpina Kirkaldy, 1907 , 3 species, Old World tropics, Adventive to New World)
Temenites Fennah, 1965 (Type species Temenites ancon Fennah, 1965 , Monotypic, Australia)
Terthron Fennah, 1965 (Type species Delphax anemonias Kirkaldy, 1907, ~6 species?, Far East, Oceania, Australasia)
Terthronella Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Liburnia basalis Matsumura, 1915, Monotypic, Far east)
Thrasymemnon Fennah, 1965 (Type species Delphax kaha Kirkaldy, 1907, Monotypic, Australia)
Thriambus Fennah, 1964 (Type species Dicranotropis stramineus Muir, 1929; ~16 species, Africa)
Thymalops Fennah, 1965 (Type species Dicranotropis anderida Kirkaldy, 1907); nomen praeoccupatum replaced by Queenslandicesa Koçak & Kemal, 2010 by Koçak & Kemal (2010: 129)
Thymobares Fennah, 1964 (Type species Delphacodes longispina Muir, 1929; 3 species, Africa)
Thymodelphax Asche, 1988 (Type species Thymodelphax acuta Asche, 1988; Monotypic, Africa)
Toya Distant, 1906 (Type species Toya attenuata Distant, 1906; ~45 species, Widespread)
Toyalana Asche, 1988 (Type species Toyalana spinosa Asche, 1988; Monotypic, Africa)
Toyoides Matsumura, 1935 (Type species Toyoides albipennis Matsumura, 1935; 2 species, Taiwan, etc.)
Tragediana Campodonico, 2017 (type species Tragediana chusqueae Campodonico, 2017 , monotypic, Chile)
Trichodelphax Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Trichodelphax splendidus Vilbaste, 1968; 5 species, Palearctic)
Triloris Fennah, 1969 (Type species Triloris alcanor Fennah, 1969; 3 species, Africa)
Tsaurus Yang, 1989 (Type species Tsaurus dentatus Yang, 1989; Monotypic, Taiwan)
Tumidagena McDermott, 1952 (Type species Tumidagena minuta McDermott, 1952; 3 species, East coast USA)
Ulanar Fennah, 1975 (Type species Megamelus muiri Metcalf, 1943; 3 species, Indomalayan)
Unkanodella Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Unkanodella ussuriensis Vilbaste, 1968; Monotypic, east Palearctic)
Unkanodes Fennah, 1956 (Type species Unkana sapporona Matsumura, 1935
= Elymodelphax Wagner, 1963 (type Liburnia excisa Melichar, 1898); synonym of Unkanodes Fennah, 1956 according to Dlabola (1965: 86)
Subgenus Chilodelphax Vilbaste, 1968 (Type species Unkanodes (Chilodelphax) silvaticus Vilbaste, 1968: 24 [check original combination]), 1 species, East Palearctic)
Subgenus Kwonianella Anufriev, 1988 (Type species Liburnia albifascia Matsumura, 1900, 2 species, Japan and S. Korea)
Subgenus Unkanodes Fennah, 1956 (Type species Unkana sapporona Matsumura, 1935; ~4 species, )
Subgenus Kwonianella Anufriev, 1988 (Type species Liburnia albifascia Matsumura, 1900; 2 species. Japan, Korea)
Veo Fennah, 1978 (Type species Veo loxias Fennah, 1978; Monotypic, east Vietnam)
Wuyia Ding, 1991 (Type species Wuyia miaowensis Ding, 1991; 2 species, Japan, etc.)
Xanthodelphax Wagner, 1963 (Type species Delphax flaveola Flor, 1861; 6 species, Palearctic)
Xinchloriona Ding, 2006  (Type species Xinchloriona hainanica Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Yalia Ding, 2006 (Type species Yalia jiangxiensis Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Yangdelphax Bellis and Donaldson 2015 (Type species Yangdelphax jihyuetanica Bellis and Donaldson 2015, replacement name for Hadeodelphax pluto sensu Yang 1989: 284 (misidentification); 2 species, China, Taiwan)
Yangsinolacme Ding, 2006 (Type species Sinolacme terrea Yang, 1989 ; Monotypic, Japan and vic.)
Yanunka Ishihara, 1952 (Type species Yanunka miscanthi Ishihara, 1952; 2 species, Japan, Taiwan, etc.)
Yichunus Ding, 2006 (Type species Yichunus brachyspinosus Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China)
Yukonodelphax Wilson, 1992 (Type species Yukonodelphax kendallae Wilson, 1992; 3 species, northern Nearctic)
Zanchetrius Fennah, 1978 (Type species Zanchetrius murgiso Fennah, 1978; Monotypic, Vietnam)
Zhuangella Ding, 2006 (Type species Zhuangella nanningensis Ding, 2006; Monotypic, China and Ryukyu islands)
Zhudelphax Ding, 2006 (Type species Zhudelphax qiongensis Ding, 2006 ; Monotypic, China)
Zuleika Distant, 1912; nomen praeoccupatum, replaced by Kartalia Koçak, 1981; Type species Zuleika bengalensis Distant, 1912, ~2 species [?], Sri Lanka, Japan, etc.)

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