Genus Monorachis Uhler 1901

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Family Cixiidae Spinola, 1839

Subfamily Cixiinae Spinola, 1839
Tribe Pintaliini Metcalf, 1938
Genus Monorachis Uhler 1901
Type species (in original combination):

Monorachis sordulentus Uhler, 1901.

Synonyms: None.


Southeastern and southcentral US and Mexico.

Distribution of Monorachis from FLOW (May 2017)

Recognized species

There are 3 species in this genus:

  1. Monorachis saltans Emeljanov 2001:67 – Mexico (Tamaulipas)
  2. Monorachis sordulentus Uhler, 1901 [Metcalf 1936: 131] – USA: FL, GA, IL, KS, LA, MS, MO, NC, SC, TN; Mexico (Veracruz)
  3. Monorachis volans Emeljanov 2001:67 – Mexico (Veracruz)
Economic Importance:

Limited, members of this genus are infrequently encountered..

Plant associations:

None published; collecting record from Andropogon sp. (Poaceae).


Monorachis sordulentus (Photos by Kimberley Shropshire, University of Delaware)

The only brachypterous cixiid in the US.   Hind tibiae with spines, posterior margin of vertex quadrately or roundly incised; mesonotum with three longitudinal carinae, forewings at rest vertical in position with distal portions (when macropterous) broadly appressed; mesonotum convex in lateral view (vs. Pintalia); apical cells of forewing comparatively broad; frons with midlength and greatest width subequal.  Macropters are less common than brachypters.

Emeljanov (2001) characterized the genus as “The genus Monorachis Uhler is closely related to the genus Pintalia Stal, from which it differs in the thick, large lateral carinae of metope (Fig. 3). absence of marginal convexity of peripheral vein after claval apex (Fig. 1 ), and dilation of wrinkled peripheral vein between ends of veins Cui and Cu2 (Fig. 1).”

(figures provided below)

Monorachis sordulentus

Monorachis sordulentus

Monorachis volans

Monorachis volans from Emeljonov 2001

Monorachis volans

Monorachis volans from Emeljonov 2001

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I collected a series in Tennessee sweeping a wet, grassy depression at the edge of a woodlands.

Molecular resources: 

As of this writing (July 2018), there are no molecular data for this genus on Barcode of Life or Genbank.

Selected references:

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